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Ovulation strips, temping, preg tests.....please fit me for a straight jacket!

Posted by on Aug. 4, 2016 at 8:20 PM
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I had never been so happy as when I found out I was pregnant in December. I was only 13 weeks when I lost my son but we saw him on the ultrasound stretching and moving and that hurts. My due date just passed and it was okay but I have finally been cleared to try again and now I cant seem to ovulate. I should mention that I was pregnant again for a month after I miscarried without knowing. Within two days of finding out I find out I was losing that baby too. As people around me keep popping out babies I struggle to find the strength and faith to understand why I am where I am at... 

by on Aug. 4, 2016 at 8:20 PM
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by Member on Aug. 7, 2016 at 8:40 PM
So sorry I lost my baby at 10 weeks.Baby stopped growing at 8 did u know it was a boy
by Steph on Aug. 8, 2016 at 8:22 AM
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I have never tracked to see if I were ovulating, but perhaps you are ovulating earlier than you know. Try to relax and enjoy things and not focus too much on all the temps, OPK's and tests. I understand your desire- and nothing can stop it- just remember to enjoy things and not make it your job to do the deed when everything lines up.

My suggestion would be to start DTD around cycle day 5, and  do it every other day.  Sperm can live for a few days under the right conditions, so DTD doesn't have to happen everyday.

by on Aug. 9, 2016 at 12:20 PM
I'm sorry for your losses. It's always hard and emotional hearing other ladies stories.
The added stress of finding out if your ovulating and doing the tests and trackings may make it harder on your body. Last year, DH and I started TTC around Oct. a few months passed and I'd cry every time I'd get my monthly. So we stopped tracking everything. Well in April, I had to go on BC because of a couple masses on my thyroid lobes. Then I turns out I got pregnant in May. We find out when I was 7-8wks but only 3 days later I found out the she hadn't made it passed 6wks.
So it wasn't until we actually stopped "trying" that we actually got pregnant.
by New Member on Aug. 10, 2016 at 10:01 PM
This is from fertility Dr Sher
He has a great website with a question and answer forum
Dr. Geoffrey Sher - July 17, 2016 reply
It is important to know that the onset of the LH surge precedes ovulation by about 38-42 hours. It only becomes detectable in the urine about 10-12 hours after the rise in LH starts.However, since the earliest that such a rise will be detectable in the urine (by the OPK) is about 10-12 yours later. Morerover LH will remain detectable for up 24 hours after it reaches its peak and thus ovulatrion might already have occurred by then. This could be problematic because because the cervical mucous (at the entrance to the uterus) becomes impermeable to sperm immediately after ovulation has occurred. This means that for pregnancy to occur intercourse or vaginal insemination should take place immediately prior to ovulation, which makes it imperative to detect the rise in LH as early as possible so as to time intercourse or vaginal insemination optimally.
Here is how I advise my patients to use and intedrprett the OPK results so as to optimally time intercourse or insemination: Commencing at least 17 days before the expected menstrual period (i.e.; usually about 10 days following the initiation of menstruation), urine should be collected twice daily and tested for the onset of the spontaneous luteinizing hormone (LH) surge. The initiation of the LH surge usually precedes ovulation by 8 to 36 hours. In order to detect the onset of the LH surge accurately, an early morning urine specimen is needed. Ideally, the bladder should be emptied first thing in the morning, upon awakening. About one half-hour later urine is collected (only a very small amount is required) and tested using an over-the-counter LH – kit (obtainable over the counter, at a drug store). AS soon as the earliest color change is indicative of the onset of the surge, intercourse/vaginal insemination should take place.
Geoff Sher

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