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Cloth Diaper Patterns, Fabric & Sewing Tips & Links

Posted by on Mar. 7, 2009 at 9:37 PM
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Cloth Diaper Fabric & Related Terms

Birdseye Fabric - A gauzy material. Can be used for the inner material of all diaper sorts and for making prefolds.

Hemp - Hemp is a course fiber made from the inner bark of the hemp plant. It is becoming increasingly popular for use in diapers because of its durability, absorbency and natural anti-microbial properties.

Hemp French Terry - Made with absorbent hemp which has the feel of soft terry cloth.

Bamboo - A new fabric for the diapering world. It is made from Bamboo trees and is known for is velvety softness and environmental friendliness.

Cotton fleece - This fabric is super soft and comparable to polyester variety, but is made from 100% cotton. Hemp fleece is another popular variety.

Flannel - A soft, loosely woven twill weave with a slightly napped surface. Fibers tend to be cotton or wool.

Merino - A type of wool that originates from pure-bread Merino sheep.

Polyester - A manufactured fiber known for crease resistance, quick drying, shape retention in garments, high strength, abrasion resistance and minimum care. Polyester is a fiber easily blended with other fibers. In diapers, polyester can be blended with another material (like cotton) to add more durability.

PUL - Polyurethane Laminate – PUL is fabric with a waterproof laminate applied to the back. This makes for an extremely thin, soft fabric that is waterproof and easy to care for.

Terry Cloth - A typical uncut pile weave fabric. This fabric is formed by using two sets of warp yarns. One set of warp is under very little tension, and when the filling yarns are packed into place, these loose yarns are pushed backward along with the filling yarns, forming loops. Typical uses include towels and robes.

Stretch Knit Terry - A stretchy terry material that is often used for the inner layer of diapers - very absorbent and soft.

Wool - Probably the oldest of the natural fibers. Most often comes from a variety of sheep, but can also include camel, angora, alpaca, and vicuna. It is spun into a very large variety of weights and fabrics. Its water repelling properties and breathability are what make it popular for use as a diaper cover. It is often lanolized to increase its water repellent properties.

Sherpa - A heavier weight Stretch Knit Terry with one side brushed to be very soft and fleece like.

Suedecloth - Has the appearance of regular suede but is much easier to care for. It does not easily stain and washes beautifully. Suedecloth is commonly used for the interior of diapers due to its ease of care and wickability.

Microfleece - A lightweight, double-sided micro-fiber fleece noted for its outstanding low pill velour face, stretch, and chamois-like softness. It is commonly used for the interior portion of diapers because of its softness.

Velour - A medium-weight, closely-woven fabric with a thick pile. It can be made using either a plain weave or a satin weave construction. It resembles velvet, but has a lower cut pile.

Burley Knit Terry - A long looped terry cloth that is extremely popular for use in soaker pads and doublers.

 Windpro - A polar fleece designed to repel wind and water yet retain breathability. It is commonly used to create All-in-One diapers or diaper covers because of its waterproof capabilities. 200 wt. and 300wt. fleece are also used for these purposes.

Free Cloth Diaper Patterns
Make Your Own Cloth Diaper Pattern Instructions - It is easier than you think.
Convert Prefolds to Contours  - How to Make Contour Diapers from Prefolds.
Ottobre Diaper Pattern  - A pdf file with the Ottobre pattern.
Mama Bird Diaper Pattern -   Mama Bird fitted and AIO patterns.
Preemie Pattern & Training Pants Pattern  -  Free patterns from Grace of Goodness Gracious.
One Size Fits Most -Will fit an 8 1/2 lb. baby on up to toilet training.

Free Diaper Cover & Related Patterns
Crochet longies and pants
Baby Bum Sweaters - Make your own soakers "just like Grandma used to make!" Practical, economical and a pleasant alternative to plastic covers. Wool soakers draw moisture away . . . help prevent diaper rashes . . . remain dry outside.
Fleece Pull-On Cover  - Instructions for Sewing a Pull-on Fleece Cover
Hand-knit Diaper Soaker Pattern - An earlier version of the soaker pattern sold by Fern and Faerie.
Full baby layette including soaker
Knitted Diaper Liner
Wool soakers and nursing pads Fitted diapers from recycled material- Make fitted diapers from old clothing and other household linens!
Prefold Diapers from Recycled Materials
Faux Fuzzi Bunz Diaper Pattern
Comfy T-shaped Diaper Pattern

Cloth Diaper Sewing Instructions
Fitted Cloth Diapers on the Cheap
Pocket Diaper Instructions
Homemade pillowcase style pocket diapers
Trimming Your Prefolds
Pull on fleece cover
Fleece Diaper Cover Tutorial - Instructions for sewing a fleece diaper cover - it is sew simple! - Yes, you can sew your own cloth diapers and covers. All you need is a sewing machine and a little creativity.  
Confessions of a Diaper Fanatic  -  On this site you will find detailed directions, along with pictures, for sewing your own diapers.
Turn prefolds into fitteds
Diaper Sewing Tutorials
Another Diaper Sewing Tutorial
Ottobre knit wool wrap

Sewing Instructions and Tutorials:

Sewing Cloth Diapers - Tutorials, fabric information and pictures, co-op information, embroidery, and much more.

Diaper Sewing N More Tutorials  -   Here you'll find a list of 'tutorials' below that will walk you, step by step with pictures and directions through the process of making diapers, covers, and various other related items! - Yes, you can sew your own cloth diapers and covers. All you need is a sewing machine and a little creativity. 

Make Your Own Cloth Diaper Wipes 

DiaperKit - Complete kits for you to sew and resell.

Diaper Sewing Supply Stores:

The Diaper Shop


Malden Mills Online  - Buy Malden Mills Fleece


Places to Buy Snaps and Snap Presses:

The Snap Store

Snap Happy

Make it Snappy



Places to buy Hook & Loop (Velcro):




Many cloth diaper fabric stores also carry these items!


Places to buy Thread:



Woolly Nylon

YLI Embroidery Threads

Madeira Embroidery Thread


Places to Buy Labels or Tags for Your Diapers:

Luscious Labels

Custom Woven Clothing Labels - Custom labels for your diapers


Fabric and Supply Co-ops:

ComfyCreations - Items purchased varies from month to month, but generally this group co-ops supplies for cloth diapers and pajamas. Here you'll find co-ops for prefold diapers, PUL, cotton printed knits, ribknits, Jiffy grip, sherpa, velour, patterns and various notions.

Diaperfabricscoop - Items purchased varies from month to month, but generally this group co-ops Malden Mills fleece, PUL, suedecloth, elastic, aplix, scissors, rotary cutters, mats and various other notions.

Sewingsupplycoop - When it comes to fabric, you can probably get it here. Common co-ops are for fold over elastic, PUL, lastin, fleece, flannel, sherpa, velour, jerseys, interlocks, knits, wovens, snaps, thread, and various other notions.

TheJoyofSewing - Common co-ops are for Malden Mills fleece, Huntington Mills fleece, Denim and Jersey prints, terry, panne, ribknits, flannels, Chamoise, Burts Bees products, patterns, Dharma dyes, Jiffy grip, and various other notions.

ThreadandMore - Common co-ops are for Malden Mills fleece, 100% polyester thread, Burley Knit Terry, and various other notions and supplies.

Check out our Directory for more co-ops!


Embroidery Design Links: - Some FREE

AnntheGran - Some FREE

Thread Sketches

Smart Needle

Free Embroidery Stuff


You might also like the following Links:

Dharma Trading  - Buy blanks to dye and get the ever popular Dharma dyes to dye your diapers every color imaginable.

American Sewing Guild - Join and get many member benefits including a Joann's Fabric Discount Card

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