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Anastasia Island / The Lighthouse

Near St. Augustine,  3 known spirits: one of a small girl who was hit by a train and killed there around 1900; one of a man who hung himself (when, not known), and one unidentified spirit in the basement of the keeper's house. During the 1980's, when the keeper's house was being restored, workers spent the nights in the place to protect it from vandals. They would wake up in the middle of the night to see a small girl in old-fashioned clothes watching them. She would then vanish. The workers would also sense things during their work and would look up to see an apparition of a man hanging from a rafter. The spirit in the cellar has never been seen, but workers at the lighthouse all report an uneasy feeling when they're down there alone, especially at closing time when the place is very quiet.  There have also been stories of footsteps on the lighthouse stairs when there's no one around. The guides there are very open about the ghosts. There are many good reasons for the lighthouse and keeper's house to be haunted: the man who hung himself, the little girl who was killed by the train, a lightkeeper who fell to his death while painting the former lighthouse (very close to the newer one), and 13 executed pirates who were buried behind the lighthouse. Also, there has been some form of a lighthouse on the site since Ponce De Leon in the 1500's.

Amelia Island / Old Jail

Luc Simone Aury was the bastard son of a pirate named Luis Aury.  He was a renowned scoundrel and wanted for many crimes such as murder, rape, and robbery to name a few.  Upon his capture, Aury was sentenced to hang in the gallows behind the jail.  As word spread, a huge crowd gathered to witness the execution of this famous criminal.  The night before the hanging however,  Aury managed to slit his own throat in effort to deprive the city of his humiliating spectacle.  A surgeon was summoned to crudely stitch him up just enough to keep him alive until  the execution.  With his collar buttoned to hide the wound, he was drug up the steps on his appointed day.   When the trap was sprung, the stitches ripped open, nearly decapitating him.  Blood spewed into and all over the crowd.  Women fainted, men screamed, and children were trampled as the crowd fled in terror.  Aury can be heard moaning where the old gallows used to be.  On rare occasions, his ghost will appear with a gaping slash across his neck covered in blood.

Alachua / Newnansville Cemetery

On certain nights, ghostly figures will walk throughout the cemetery.

Anna Maria Island / Bali Hai Beach Resort

Late nights on Anna Maria Island are eerie and still. The whistle of the wind, blowing sand and the occasional crashing of waves heard in the darkness of night make the perfect setting for a ghost story. A spirit is rumored to walk along the shoreline of Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island ... the ghost of Bali Hai. An urban legend says a newlywed couple was staying at the Bali Hai Beach Resort, 6900 Gulf Drive N. The bride lost her husband to the sea, and now she can be seen walking the beach in her wedding gown. She only appears in August.

Apalaicola / Gibson Inn HWY 98 / Room #128

This place is haunted by a man who died there on hes stay wth anmona. He haunts the rooms there and the bar and dining room you hear footsteps late at night and no one there piano has started playing in the bar at night when its closed and no ones there. he apears to the workers there and guest he pull there blankets off them at night and moves your shoes and stuff in a neat place hes a good ghost doesn?t bother anyone but be careful not to trash he room 128 or hell destroy your things and hell mess wth you the whole stay.the workers there well tell you the stories and you always feel someone watching you at night.

Apopka / Orange Blossom Trail 

A Native American warrior in loin cloth crosses the road after prey, looks at you, then disappears.

Apopka / Townsend's plantation

According to a local radio station that did a bit there lights were seen in the middle of the night, sounds, and temp. Changes were noticed. September 2004 update: The radio station was at the Plantation that year because they were having a haunted house there for Halloween. Workers there report hearing loud bangs in the attic where no one is allowed to go, and feeling someone brush up against you when you are alone.

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Pensacola - Cazenovia Seville Quarter - The man who died at Seville Quarter was named Wesely. He fell in the beer cooler and hit his head, knocking himself out and he died of hypothermia.


Pensacola - Dorr House - There is a floor to ceiling mirror in the 'Formal' sitting room... when a female visitor stands in its sights, if they have on a short skirt, they report feeling a 'tugging' as if someone is trying to make the skirt longer. Many visitors and guides have reported smelling Roses (fresh cut) at intervals followed by an EXTREMELY COLD spot. Roses were Mrs. Dorr’s favorite flower. Visitors have reported hearing soft crying coming from the sick room/sewing room. A word of warning to all who visit, MIND YOUR MANNERS... Mrs. Dorr doesn't allow rudeness and has been known to 'make sure' the perpetrator doesn't stay or wants to leave posthaste. This ex-Docent has seen first hand that Mrs. Dorr is still the 'LADY' of the house.


Pensacola - Fort Pickens - Visitors feel presences in certain rooms; it seems like someone is watching you.


Pensacola - House on Alcaniz Street - The Gray House on Alcaniz Street, which faces the Dorr House across Seville Square is said to be haunted. The ghost of a sea captain named Thomas Moristo who lived there in the 1700s is believed to still reside there. When the home is vacant, a man has been seen peering through the windows. Many people who have lived there have reported that they will turn on the stove, go upstairs, then come down and find the stove turned off. On one incidence, a resident was painting the house and left the paint inside the front foyer. The next morning he found all the paint had been moved outside. - The house was once in a bad fire, and it is believed the ghost does these things attempting to prevent another fire. Many people have become too frightened and refused to live in this house, and some residences have claimed to see apparitions of the old man while inside the house.


Pensacola - Light House - There is a story about the light house on the navy base (NAS) being haunted by the former keeper. People have felt cold spots while touring the light house.


Pensacola - New World Inn - The Inn and bar are said to be haunted by the previous owner. Several employees have reported seeing him.


Pensacola - NAS Whiting Field - Branch Medical Clinic - The ghost of a navy corpsman killed while stationed there reportedly roams the hallway between the lab and X-ray departments. He always is seen carrying something in his hands and wears a tech jacket.


Pensacola - Original Sacred Heart Hospital - There is a hallway that is about where the nuns would cross to go to the chapel of the hospital. It is been reported that there is the kind old spirit of one of the sisters that frequents the hallway and corridor. She will often tap people on the shoulder from behind, much as she did in life.


Pensacola - Seville Quarter - About ten years ago there was a man who would visit the bar at Seville Quarter frequently. He would visit so much, that he was offered a bartending job there. He worked there for a while and everyone loved him. He died in the bar one night (not exactly sure how) but people have reportedly seen his ghost in the bar area


Pensacola - St. Michael’s Cemetery - This is a large cemetery that was started when Pensacola was settled. This cemetery contains famous people and people that helped to shape Florida in history, politics, and commerce. People say they have seen lights circling gravestones. They have also heard voices inside the cemetery at night.


Pensacola/ Dasanai - Crampton Brewery - In this building sightings are expected because they happen like clockwork. Many people have said to see an elderly man walking the halls with an old lantern, he speaks in another language. He is said to appear in a mist and vanish in a bright flash of blue light. When the people see him, they are not afraid because he is not an evil spirit, but instead he is kind and helpful. Some workers in the building said that if they knock something off the wall or shelf he will catch it hand place it back where it was, they say that he even helps them clean messes and junk.


Perry - Their was a family that lived in this house back in the early 1900's and they often had bad fight's that resulted in her death. And it was never lived in for year's it has only recently been renovated and families have lived in it on and off. Because she still stands her ground. Everyone that has ever lived in it has had problems with fighting. If you have a fight she will haunt you till you move, although she has never hurt anyone. Wanting only to let them know that there will be no more fighting in her once owned home. She will turn lights on and off and turn on the water and plug up the sinks to let them over flow, and she move object's around in the day while no-one is home. Families don't stay living there long.


Pine Island - Capt n' Cons - There is a lot of strange occurrences, such as, the dumpster lid slamming up and down, as well as sightings, voices, and loss of breath.


Polk - Polk City - Fantasy of Flight Aircraft Museum - Owner collects WW1 and WW2 military aircraft. Most of the aircraft were found after being shot down. Voices, footsteps, cold spots can be experienced. A Pilot has been reported as being seen hanging in a cockpit of a crashed plane that is exhibited exactly as found. On 9/11/01 employee reported seeing 2 men dressed in ww2 uniforms walking on tarmac and entering one of the hangars.


Port Charlotte - Restlawn Memorial Gardens (Cemetery) - The first house ever built in Port Charlotte is located adjacent to the cemetery. The house is said to have been owned by a farmer who murdered his wife. After the structure fell into a state of disrepair, the county decided to condemn the old shack. Since that time, many have reported hearing eerie noises coming from the area that the house is located in. Also, a ghostly figure has been spotted roaming around the cemetery late at night. Also, the sound of swarms of bees has plagued neighbors around the area for years.


Ponce de Leon - Corinth Church - This church is believed to be haunted. The story behind the church is that back in the late 60s early 70s and young boy was playing in the church at the time, an escaped convicted was hiding in the back pew, and brutally murdered the little boy. In the church can be found blood handprints all over the walls and ceiling, small enough to belong to a young child. Among walking in the church you will encounter cold spots and scratching noises on the left hand wall if entering from the side doorway.


Port St. Lucie - Oak Hammock Park - When you walk down the trail it gets very cold. Weird noises come from the girls bathroom. It sounds like someone slamming the stall door. When you go in there no one will be there. Weird things appear in pictures.


Port St. Lucie - Oak Hammock Park - The Devil Tree - Oak Hammock Park is a local hangout for fishermen and boaters along the C-24 Canal. On January 8th, 1973, long before the park was built, the deranged serial killer beat, raped, hung, then buried 2 girls beneath the "Devil Tree". Over the next few days he returned to commit lewd acts to the bodies. In January 1977, almost 4 years to the day that the murders were committed, two fishermen discovered the skeletal remains of the two bodies, and the hanging ropes were also found. Over the years people have reported hearing screaming, and seeing hooded figures walking around the woods. In 1993 an exorcism was held, and a cross was erected, after two boys claimed to have seen a Satanic ritual taking place near the tree, and being chased away by the Satanists who yelled that they wanted their blood. Before the park was built, they were going to cut down the tree, but their chainsaws kept malfunctioning in the area surrounding the tree. They tried to cut down the tree manually with a two-man saw, but the teeth of the saw broke off, so they left the tree where it was.


Port St. Lucie - Sanctuary Apartments - noises in the club house numerous reports of ghost sightings.


Quincy - Quincy Leaf Theatre - Numerous spirits haunt this building in downtown Quincy. There are several in the balcony and upstairs area, some in the backstage area, and some on the main floor in the seating area. None seem to be malevolent as there are many theatre productions that go off without a hitch.


Riviera Beach - Suncoast High School - In the schools auditorium there is said to be a phantom ghost on top of the rafters that frequently makes noise and startles the drama students. The ghost is speculated to be the ghost of a boy who was buried on the schools campus


Rockledge - Ashley's restaurant - has a ghost that will often "play" with employees and guests. The building is right on the railroad tracks it's rumored that a woman was killed by a train there. - December 2003 Update/addition: It is said that Ashley's Restaurant was built over a train stop which had caught fire and burned down. The train stop, it is also said, was built over an Indian Burial spot.


Safety Harbor - The Safety Harbor Spa Resort - Several housekeepers tell of hearing their name called from the woman's bath area of the spa-and nobody is there. During a renovation in the mid-90's, the front desk would receive phone calls from empty guestrooms in the dead of night. When security would investigate, they could hear voices in the totally empty building.


Sanford - New Tribes Mission - Former hotel is now home to missionaries from New Tribes Mission. In the East Wing there have been disturbances of many kinds including poltergeist activity and cold spots. To date there has been no formal paranormal investigation due to fear of bad press, but an informal check shows that something is going on there.


Sanford - Shiloh Cemetery - this cemetery dates back to the 1700's & is the largest in the city it covers approx. four city blocks.


Sarasota - Palms of Sarasota - There's an abandoned Mental Hospital in Sarasota near the Interstate, there at night you can hear people swimming in the pool but the pool is filled in with rocks, you also hear screaming and sometimes laughter, sometimes people even see shadows and strange things show up when you take pictures. - December 2003 update: The Palms of Sarasota was bulldozed earlier this year! Nothing but a few sewage drains remain on the property.


Sarasota - Ringling School of Art and Design - The Old Women's Dormitory - has been haunted for decades by a ghost named Mary. It used to be a hotel in the 20s and she committed suicide in the stairwell between the second and third floors. It is now an unused fire escape. She has been observed walking the corridors (out of the corner of the eye, turning a times, a resident would enter her room and her paintbrushes would be slowly swirling in the water of the rinse cups as if someone had just spun them around and let go.


Sarasota - Ritz Carlton Sarasota - formerly known as Ringling Towers - built in the early 1900 this hotel housed the richest of the rich, presidents, movie stars. After it's demise[date unknown]satanic worship and black masses were known to be held there. The stairs still had red carpet on them but no railings. The top penthouse floors have various cold spots. freezing room temp. in the summer. Feelings of being watched. in the lobby there is a very evil feeling. - - May 2005 Update: it's been demolished and a new building occupies the site.


Sarasota - Timberchase Apartments - In 1992 a young woman was stabbed to death in her apartment on N. Briggs (Timberchase). A neighbor who lived directly across from the victim was leaving and noticed her friend’s front door slightly opened. The neighbor thought her friend accidentally left her door open so she went over to confirm. She found her friend on the floor stabbed multiple times. To this day there is not a suspect. Reports of eerie feelings & apparitions of a young woman. - May 2005 update: The Ringling Towers where demolished in 2003 and the Ritz Carlton now stands in this spot.


Sebring - Harder Hall - Harder hall is a large hotel that was first built in the 1920's. It has changed hands MANY times, and every owner has died under extremely strange circumstances, most of the time, right in the hotel. There have been many accidents in the hotel, and all of which had at least 1 fatality. Some of the accidents include: fire, flood, floor collapse, innumerable suicides, murders, and others. Witnesses see lights inside and hear music. Most anyone can see the people peering out from the windows, and/or see the multitude of people roaming around in the courtyard, searching for something. - August 2004 update: they are remodeling it and there are rumors of them making it into a museum.


Sebring - Kenilworth Lodge - The stairs definitely have an eerie feeling to them. Many guests have reported doors opening and closing on their own accord.


Shalimar - End of Garniers Buyou - Many Indians Used to live in this area. Some nights on full moons shadows of Indians appear in the fog over the swampy land. Sometime depicting scenes of Indians being slaughtered by white men taking there land.


Silver Springs - Silver Springs "Bridal Chamber" - apparition of 2 people in an embrace seen in the water.


Silver Springs - Old Six Gunn Territory Property - Once the land, which now is filled partially by a shopping center, was the location of "Six Gunn Territory" a attraction which lasted many years. On this site 2 tourists were killed, both accidentally. It is said at certain times screams are heard and upon investigation, nothing is found. Some remains of the rail-road which visitors would ride can still be located among a heavily wooded area. The rail car was a factor in one of the deaths. The park was closed in the early 80's.

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Spring Hill - Hungry Howies - formerly 7-11 - In the early 1980's in the town of Spring Hill which is outside the city of Brooksville there was a 7-11 convenience store which took in most of this towns business. And since it sat along the towns main road it was easy to access Highway 19 to the west about 3 miles away, or the longer haul 7 miles to the east. At one point during the night in the late 80's a drunk male came into the store to buy a case of beer. But the clerk decided out of his own good will to not sell the case feeling the man was drunk enough already and did not want him to drive back to the store later on. The man became angry yelling and cursing so on and so fourth. So instead of buying beer he decided he wanted a pack of cigarette’s. After the purchase the clerk turned his back toward the man to grab some cleaning stuff from under the counter. At this point the man revealed a .357 revolver and shot the clerk in the back of the head killing him instantly. Now the 7-11 has since moved and now it is a Hungry Howies pizzeria, and as the night moves further on more this will happen. The saloon doors to the kitchen will swing open, cups and utensils will fall off the tables and onto the ground. The hanging lights will start swinging back and fourth and the lights and arcade games will suddenly shut off. The strangest occurrence happened one night when one worker left the store one night after setting up for a new promotion and came back a few hours later to help the owner for the early shift and found all the pictures and posters laying on the ground or on the counters directly under where they were placed and the security camera tape was blank but yet still recording.


Sorrento - Al Capone's house - There is a still standing, beautiful Victorian style home, that residents still believe is Capone’s home. Many, many people have tried to live in this home, but no one lasts. They are frightened by pots and pans banging at night (as if someone is cooking in the kitchen), by lights going on and off, voices of what is believed to be deceased notorious gangsters, and what feels very much like a body crawling into bed with the people who reside there.


St. Augustine - Abbot Mansion - haunted by 2 spirits, Miss Lucy and The Captain.


St. Augustine - Anastasia Island - The Lighthouse - near St. Augustine, many spirits are here; one of a man who hung himself (when, not known), and one unidentified spirit in the basement of the keeper's house. During the 1980's, when the keeper's house was being restored, workers spent the nights in the place to protect it from vandals. They would wake up in the middle of the night to see a small girl in old-fashioned clothes watching them. She would then vanish. The workers would also sense things during their work and would look up to see an apparition of a man hanging from a rafter. The spirit in the cellar has never been seen, but workers at the lighthouse all report an uneasy feeling when they're down there alone, especially at closing time when the place is very quiet. There have also been stories of footsteps on the lighthouse stairs when there's no one around. The guides there are very open about the ghosts. There are many good reasons for the lighthouse and keeper's house to be haunted: the man who hung himself, the little girl who was killed by the train, a light keeper who fell to his death while painting the former lighthouse (very close to the newer one), and 13 executed pirates who were buried behind the lighthouse. Also, there has been some form of a lighthouse on the site since Ponce De Leon in the 1500's. - Update about the little girl spirit, it is believed that there are 2, They were daughters of the lighthouse keeper and of the foreman when the new lighthouse was being built further up on the island. They used to play on the train-carts that were used to haul supplies from the water to the new location of the lighthouse. According to the local historical society that provides tours of the area, the girls were playing on a cart with the daughter of the foreman. Apparently, the brake was loosened, sending the cart hurtling toward the inlet below. Three of the 4 girls (2 of the keeper's daughters and the foreman's daughter) were not saved in time and drowned when the cart flew into the water. Occasionally, you can hear girls giggling in the vicinity of the lighthouse, and the girl that appeared to the workers was also one of the daughters that is more active than the others.


St. Augustine - Augustin Inn - Saw the ghost of a man wearing a white suit with white hair walking through my fully restored ground floor guest room (first room off the ground floor parlor). He simply walked through the room and through the door. It was daylight.


St. Augustine - Casa Monica Hotel -There are many employees that can recall hearing strange noises, almost as though someone is trying to say words but the wind carries their voice off into the distance.


St. Augustine - Casablanca Bed and Breakfast - Some have witnessed a light of a lantern flashing in the night.


St. Augustine - Casablanca Inn at 24 Avenida Menendez- This beautifully restored Inn is known to be haunted by an elderly lady that once owned it during the 1920's. She too ran it as in Inn. The lady was a key player in helping booze smugglers during the prohibition by going up on the widow's walk of the building and waving a lantern back and forth. This was to let smugglers know the coast was clear and since the house is located right on the bay front, this was most useful. People have claimed to still see the lantern light from atop the house to this day, especially those out at sea and in the harbor. She has also been known to appear inside of the Inn. Guests have reported seeing an apparition in the hallways and stairway, feeling cold spots, and complaining about items disappearing from their rooms and reappearing later on in strange places. The lady is buried in the nearby Huguenot Cemetery.


St. Augustine - Castillo de San Marcos - Some of the most unusual occurrences include the "Battle Echoes" heard by visitors. By placing an ear to the wall, it is said you can hear the echoes of cannon fire and yelling. There is also telling of a young solder that can be seen leaning on the outside wall facing the bay after sundown.


St. Augustine - Flagler College - Ponce de Leon Hall - once Ponce de Leon Hotel, has numerous ghost stories, most of which are in Ponce de Leon hall, the girls' dormitory. One such story is how the mistress of Henry Flagler haunts the 4th floor where she hung herself. The room is boarded up, but some students venture up to peek in the keyhole still. Also believed, When Flagler died; his funeral was held in the front hall of the college (the one with the tile floor). They had all the windows open so his spirit could "fly away" instead of being trapped in the hall forever. As a janitor was passing by during the funeral, he noticed that all the windows and doors were open, so he closed them. People felt a big gust of wind, supposedly Flagler’s spirit. It had not made it in time, all the windows and doors where shut. It is said that his spirit hit a window and bounced back and landed in one of the tiles. So to this day, you in a certain tile to the left of the doors and towards the back of the hall, there is the face of Henry Flagler.


St. Augustine - Florida School for the Deaf and Blind - Gregg Hall Dormitory - There is one ghostly figures that wander around the 1st floor east wing, a boy, in his teens, he is almost solid and you notice him clearly, he has blonde hair and wears really old fashioned clothes sticks to the bathroom only he never comes out and girls using the bathroom late at night, are met by a horrific sight, he’s dangling from the shower rods and his neck is nearly severed and he gets down and walks in to the wall with his head hanging on his neck and disappears and a trail of blood follows him and he’s laughing in a really weird high pitched voice and suddenly a fierce wind starts blowing and pins u up against the wall and the doors slam shut and 2 big pairs of red eyes looms out towards you.. And you hear a really high pitched cackling afterwards then all of a sudden it stops the lights go back on again and you fall on the floor and it all looks normal as if nothing ever happened. Upon research nothing has been found on any type of murder on the premises.


St. Augustine - Fort Castillo De San Marco - The night watchman of the fort has witnessed a young woman in a white dress wandering about the fort grounds and vanishing behind trees and walls. Young Spanish soldier also spotted looking for a ring on the outer grounds of the fort. History tells of him being killed by a cannon ball while searching for this ring.


St. Augustine - Huguenat Cemetery - Photos have been taken that show orbs and what looks to be a spirit in the trees.


St. Augustine - Old City Gates - As the story goes, at the time an epidemic of Yellow Fever was going around and a little girl about 13 or 14 years old wearing a white dress was found dead by the City Gates. No one claimed her. But sometimes around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning you may see her dancing on the Old City Gates. - October 2004 update: her name is believed to be Elizabeth.


St. Augustine - Old Jail - This jail was built at the turn of the century by Henry Flagler because the jail across from his magnificent hotel was offensive to his "newport clientele" It is located north of the old town on San Marco. Tour guides and tourists alike have experienced the sound of shuffling feet, the smell of putrid unwashed bodies and sanitary facilities(a bucket for 4 prisoners), cold spots and even a shadow entity of an extremely large man- sheriff Perry ( the first sheriff) was over 6'5" tall. Students have even seen a man in a "funky plaid suit" in the main cell block.


St. Augustine - Old Lighthouse - It is said to be haunted by the old light keeper. Shadows have been seen moving and talking has been heard coming from the top steps.


St. Augustine - Spanish Military Hospital - now that it is a tour, people have seen ghosts and flashes. The ghost is known as a one-legged man that roams around the back room.


St. Augustine - St. Francis Inn - There has been reports of doors slamming ,lights flickering, and once a man woke up and found himself wedged under a bed, the fire department had to be called to free him. The incident is blamed on a ghost of a servant girl.


St. Augustine - the Florida school for the deaf and blind - several apparitions are seen on campus and in the dormitories. These sightings have been witnessed for years and most of the staff and children are not alarmed by the strange noises, smells and cold spots allover this beautiful school.


St. Cloud - Hunter Arms Hotel - This hotel believed to be haunted by 'Vivian.' If you ask the owner of the hotel, she could probably tell you more about Vivian. Guests staying in it have reported strange noises, sudden coldness, and doors slamming and water turning on, if my memory recalls correctly.


St. Cloud - The Old Cannery - This old cannery was used during W.W.II. The building was burned down a number of years ago and sat empty for quite some time. Recently, a group of school kids started restoring it into a museum. Strange noises and sightings have been reported.


St. Cloud - Narcoossee - It is said that at the end of Jones Road there is a haunted creek. A little boy died in it several years ago. He was swinging on a rope attached to a tree that hung over the creek. The rope broke, and the boy feel on some rocks in the middle of the creek and died. If you go to the creek you can hear the little boy. He's very angry and doesn't like people to come back there. The creek is in the middle of woods so it's usually always dark.


St. Leo - St. Leo's College - A young lady has been witnessed walking through walls.


St. Petersburg - Ft. Desato State Park - Voices can be heard around the old fort at night. Also footsteps can be heard in the southern most powder room.


St. Petersburg - Boatyard Village - One couple report visiting the museum to old warplanes sit. “One day, we went to see the planes and there was a B52 bomber with a man sitting inside it. He smiled at me and waved and I told my fiancée to take a picture. We thought it was great they put on a show with men dressed the part like soldiers of the war. As we left, we told the keeper what a great idea that was. He didn't know what we were talking about; telling us no one sits in any of the planes. We ran back to look again but there was no one there. When the pictures were developed, there was only a bright light where the man was sitting, as if the sun reflected off the window.” - May 2004 Additional information: this area is no longer accessible to the public. The area is completely blocked off. The buildings are no longer there either.


St. Petersburg - Don Cesar Resort - Reported sightings of the now deceased owner.


St. Petersburg - Haslam's Book Store 2025 Central Ave. - A book-store since 1933. Apparition seen, books moved, employees feeling someone else is there after closing.


St. Petersburg - The Don CeSar Beach Resort and Spa - The Don CeSar Resort was once the private residence of Thomas Rowe. He had studied in London during his youth and fell in love with a girl named Lucinda. Her parents sent her away however, so when Thomas returned home, he never saw her again. He built the castle to look like the one where they met. His ghost can be seen walking hand-in-hand with a beautiful dark-haired woman along the shore.


St. Petersburg - Florida Sunshine Skyway Bridge - This bridge was the scene of a tragic accident during the early 1980's. The bridge was struck by a boat and collapsed, killing a great deal of people. The ghost that haunts the bridge seems to be unrelated to the accident. He is a hitchhiker that will climb into peoples' cars at the bottom of the bridge. By the time the unlucky individual gets to the other side, the hitchhiker is gone. Also, There is a woman dressed in a nightgown that appears usually around 12am at the top of the bridge and hitches a ride with oncoming cars. One semi truck had his story printed in the paper where he said he picked up a young woman, dripping wet and she told him to drop her off on other side of bridge but as soon as he got there, she was gone. There were many sightings of this woman on the bridge who locals believe was a suicide victim, one of many jumpers on the bridge. The Skyway Bridge is 200 feet tall and connects St. Petersburg to Sarasota. - May 2004 Correction: This is a correction to the story already listed. a long time resident of St. Petersburg and knows for a fact that the spectral hitchhiker of the Skyway is not male, but instead female. She is a young blonde woman who has been seen wearing a tight t-shirt and jeans. I have never heard of a male hitchhiker who disappears after being picked up. In addition, they have never heard of the woman in a nightgown, only of the woman in the t-shirt/jeans.

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St. Petersburg - Royal Palms Apartments - Residents have reported feeling a tugging on their pillow, a very hard tugging. Felt like the pillow would come out from underneath their head. Seeing a man standing by their beds, being paralyzed, as well as strange incidents with water coming from no where.


St. Petersburg - Rutland Manor - October 2004 UPDATE: This is now private property. NO TRESPASSING - around the 1950s a servant was taking a bath when her radio fell in and killed her. also, prior to that event, a murder was committed inside the estate. footsteps can be heard inside house, along with lights and faces in the windows on several accounts during the late evening to early morning.


St. Petersburg - St. Petersburg High School - This school is said to be haunted by students that have had some tragic death while attending the school. Teachers and students have said to hear strange noises and sightings of strange movements on the third floor of the main buildings. Some of the late night workers have even said to have seen hauntings in the auditorium where the old gym use to be.


St. Petersburg - Vinoy Hotel - A Major league ball player stated that he was visited at night by a spirit that; While asleep in his room, someone pressed on his back and awakened him. At which time he looked at a man in a top hat and long coat standing beside his bed. When he refocused his vision, the man was still there. He rolled over to turn on the over head light, and when he turned around, the man was gone. He stated this actually happened and has several major league ballplayers say the same thing happened to them while staying at the Vinoy hotel.


St. Petersburg - Weeden Island - Reported 4 men in a vehicle where driving on a road, the driver almost hit a woman in the road, swerved and got killed, the 3 other passengers witnessed the event coming out of the wreck unscathed, the woman was never found.


Sunnyside - Sunnyside House - Just a flat out, freaky place. Not known if anyone lives there. But green lantern like lights has been seen inside.


Tallahassee - Florida State University - Teenage cadets of the famed West Florida Cadet Battalion. Still drill on the ROTC parade ground on the campus where they once drilled during the civil war.There have been numerous reports of electricity going off in individual rooms during showers. When the person gets out of the shower to investigage, the lights mysteriously turn back on and the mirror appears fogged up with the letters "TB" drawn out on it. Another incident involves a nude, hairy, figure appearing next to women walking on the outskirts of campus in the late evening hours, usually just before midnight.


Tallahassee - Florida State University - Cawthon Hall Dormitory- According to a story reported in the University newspaper, The Florida Flambeau during the summer of 1971, numerous students have related encounters over the years with a poltergeist in an old dormitory. According to the report, several years prior to the University's becoming coed in 1949, a female student was sunbathing on a balcony on the roof of the shadowy gothic building. As is typical in Florida, a sudden and particularly violent thunderstorm arose to the east of the building, and welled up ominously over the campus. Although the sky directly above the dormitory was blue, a freak lightning bolt snaked across the sky, curling over the building's turrets striking a sunbathing female student, killing her instantly. Since that time, subsequent occupants of the room she occupied have reported mysterious object movements, unexplained sounds in the room at night, and at times an overwhelming sense of another individual present in the room. Sometimes students would find that common items, such as stacks of books or pictures, would be moved around during the day, with no apparent rhyme or reason, other than perhaps a restless spirit seeking to maintain her link with the world of the living.


Tallahassee - Florida State University - The head master's building - An apparition of a young woman is said to be seen walking around the halls at night.


Tallahassee - Jefferson Correctional Institution - Inmates and guards all report late at night you can see in the dorms kids playing and, One night a girl thought that the officer was tapping her to get up and then when she looked up there was no one there this went on for a month or so. Found out it happened to others in the dorm as well. Another inmate also saw a big 8 foot angel in dorm g. officers said they heard keys hit the bars in lock up when there was no one there and a little girl haunts lock up crows sits outside. Reports of a man on a horse outside at night. The prison was built on a graveyard.


Tallahassee - Leon County Jail - The new Leon County Jail was constructed in the early 1990's. It was built on the same location that the old jail was built. (Ted Bundy was housed there for some time.) According to locals, the site it is built on is an air field. Corrections Officers and medical staff claim to have seen a woman in period clothing walking the halls crying, late at night, in the medical department. Also shadows seen and the feeling of not being alone.


Tallahassee - The Lively Building - The Lively Building, located at the SW corner of Monroe Street and College Avenue, was the location of The Leon Bar. It operated from 1892 to 1904, and was a gathering spot for the roughest sort of element. Many shootings occurred there, as well as murders. The City passed an ordinance in 1904 that outlawed the sale of alcohol within the city limits, effectively putting The Leon out of business. Today, there is rumor that some of the "Crackers" (slang for the cowboys who frequented the bar, so named for the whips they used to corral the cattle) are still hanging around the corner where The Leon was once located.


Tallahassee - Oak Lawn Cemetery - A man by the last name of Phillips built a 20ft Mausoleum for himself so that he could go there to die. He also placed a Cherry Wood coffin in it and gave a friend a key to close it up after he died. People have reported feeling eerie feelings after leaving this site.


Tallahassee - Oshman's Supersports - It is believed that a ghost haunts this building. There have been numerous unusual occurrences such as motion sensors going off when no one is around, shoe boxes being thrown to the ground, and other flying objects during non business hours.


Tallahassee - Sunnyland Hospital - It used to be a hospital for people with T.B, back when there was no immunization, and people would go crazy. Then it became a hospital for mentally insane people or mentally challenged people that families didn't want to take care of. It was closed down several years ago (at least 15) . The place has had all the windows and doors busted out, but beds still remain made with hospital paraphernalia lying around. The weirdest thing is that the third floor - (some say it is the fourth floor) - has always remained locked and no one has ever been able to get in there. If you go to the hospital late at night you can here shuffling and whispering coming from up there. And the sound of things being dropped .

April 2007 Update - Sunnyland has been demolished, and new contruction has begun.


Tallahassee - Tallahassee Community College - Reports of a strange light that moves around in circles.


Tallahassee - Velda Mound Park - Old Indian Village. Sometimes at night, you can see visions of Indian’s keeping warm by a fire, but in a split second, they're gone. There is sometimes said that there is a white wolf that glows that can be seen there, and neighbors often say that they can hear it howling throughout the night.


Tampa - Britton Cinema - Doors in the ladies room are reported to shut and lock and toilets flush when no one is in the restroom is in there (except for the frightened customer). Also, multiple ghosts have been reported by managers past in the upstairs theaters that used to be one large balcony. Voices have been heard in the hall near auditorium #5 late at night when no one was in the building. An usher once heard someone call his name in auditorium #3 late at night when no one was around. And, last, an assistant manager once told me she had been followed up the hall by a shadow figure on the wall that was not hers.


Tampa - Fun Lan Drive-in theater - Built in 1950. A witness reports seeing a woman who was 6 feet tall walk in the door. She had long dark hair and as she walked in, she was looking down at the floor. The witness turned to look at her, but when they did she vanished.


Tampa - Howard W. Blake High School - The site of Blake High school was a hospital many years ago. When walking in hallways, it will be normal temperature. Once in a classroom, especially in the E building(theater) or B building, temperature will drop drastically, even if the air conditioning is broken, giving you hospital conditions. It is believed by the students that the B building was where the mortuary was.


Tampa - Howard W. Blake High School - Auditorium - Years ago a teacher died in the auditorium (area 1) of a heart attack during a pep rally. A cold spot can be felt while walking into the auditorium for every pep rally.


Tampa - Howard W. Blake High School - Library - the library where another teacher died. Near the tables in the back of the library you can feel a strange chill rise up your spine.


Tampa - Howard W. Blake High School - Main Theatre - To roll with the typical "all theatres have their ghosts" you can see strange lights in the wings, music, and occasional whistling. Things seem to go wrong during every show staged in that theatre.


Tampa - Falk Theatre - Believed to be haunted by Bessie Snavely. In her time, it was the Park Theatre. Bessie Snavely was an actress whose dressing room was on the third floor of this theatre. She hung herself there.


Tampa Hillsbrough - Haynes services - Reports of seeing a child ghost.


Tampa - Old Tampa Theater - It is an old theater that is very intricately detailed inside and has a particularly haunted look to it anyway. A young man in the 1940's started working there, his job running the projector. He loved his job and continued to work there until his death. Now employees have said that they occasionally hear footsteps and chains in deserted hallways behind the stage and have spotted someone in the projecting room even though there was no one up there at the time. Also reports of smell rancid smells, such as vomit and garbage, drafts of icy air, reports of something grabbing workers by the neck.


Tampa - University of Tampa - This place used to be a hotel over a hundred years ago. Theodore Roosevelt even stayed in it once. The second floor is blocked off and said to be unsafe because of age. Tour guides report seeing apparitions from the windows outside.


Tampa - University of Tampa - Frank Theater - A building owned by the University, actually off campus called the Falk theater is said to be haunted by a women who used to be an actress there. For some reason she hung herself and her apparition has been seen as well as strange voices.


Tarpon Springs - Brooker Creek Elementary - There has been ghosts looking like he is jumping off the balcony.


Tarpon Springs - Former winter home of Al Capone- The "Manors"-Known for hundreds of sightings. Screams in the dead of night. Faces appearing in windows. Also known for women in white, on roof looking over the edge. - December 2003 update/addition: this building has been torn down. about a month ago only the bottom floor of the entire building was left now it appears to be cleared ground.


Tarpon Springs - Rose Cemetery - Rose Cemetery dates back to the early 1900's and, during the days of segregation, was available for African Americans from New Port Richey to Clearwater.  Today, it still remains a final resting place for hundreds of black residents. There are many graves here that have never been identified.


Titusville - Emma Parrish Theater - As entering the attic noises have been heard while no one else is in the building


Treasure Island - The bridge at John's Pass - reported to be haunted by the spirits of two farmers who were pro-union during the Civil War. They were murdered by local rebel militiamen and buried on the south end at the mouth of the pass. On nights of the new moon, some have seen the two walking near the bridge or even silently sailing by in their boat trying to return home, some say the rotten stench of decaying flesh accompanies the apparitions.


Umatilla - Stanna's Restaurant - In the early 1900's, a young woman hanged herself on the third floor above the restaurant. Several workers and customers have had experiences with her ghost. People have claimed to see shadows of her in a long dress and wicker baskets falling off the women's bathroom wall. Several customers have complained of cold spots and strange laughing accompanied by piano playing.


Umatilla - Umatilla Cemetery - The Umatilla Cemetery in the city of Umatilla. Many people have heard strange noises and sometimes what sounds like the faint sound of a woman screaming. Other times You will hear what sounds like a woman’s voice calling for help. Many orb and ecto pictures have been taken in that cemetery. Sometimes You just plain get an eerie feeling when in the Umatilla Cemetery. There are four cemeteries that are either in or around the city of Umatilla. Well actually only two of them are really in the city limits but the one spoken of is located off Golden Gem road in Umatilla. The cemetery is on either side of the street but most of the activity seems to come from the older section in the back. The newer section of the cemetery is on a hill that goes down to a lake the older section where most of the activity is reported is surrounded by orange groves on all three side of it. This can certainly be verified by quite a few people. NOTE: it is not a good idea for inexperienced ghost hunters or kids looking for a cheap thrill to go there at night. The Spirit(s) that are hear are not benevolent, and it could be dangerous. You should have experience and have permission to be in there after hours as we did but even then it is advise them to be cautious.

by Group Owner on May. 20, 2010 at 11:33 PM


Venice - Pelican Alley Restaurant - Believed to be haunted by the previous owner, staff members hear foot steps, feel odd presences, watch the door open and close by itself and thing move around by themselves.


Wauchula - CVS pharmacy - Before the Pharmacy was built, there was a green house at the corner of bay street and US HWY 17 that people say was haunted. The house was unoccupied for years. Sometimes people who went in say they saw something with a green face chase them out. We have received no reports since the Pharmacy was built.


Wauchula - Popash School - Located on SR 64, this condemned school building has been known to have sounds of children playing in it when no one is in it. People have also been spotted in the windows.


West Palm Beach - Burger King - a young man haunts this store. He has been seen by numerous employees.


West Palm Beach - Our Lady Queen of Peace Cemetery - Strange fogs have been reported, described as looking like individual strands of something moving within the fog. Appearing and disappearing. The mist seems to form in to something, very dense. You could see it moving all different directions. Noticeable temperature change, uneasy feelings, and feelings of felt like someone was right behind you. Then it feels like whatever it this is trying to grab your arm. upon developing the film one of the pictures one witness took had an orb in it. only taken 4 pictures that night and the one picture that had an orb in it was the picture taken right by this grave. The orb is located right next to the flower arrangement.


West Palm Beach - Palm Beach Atlantic University - The library, built many years ago is claimed to be haunted by an old janitor. He worked there for many years and then mysteriously disappeared. He is claimed to be heard rummaging through the old janitors closet that has been locked up ever since the day of his odd disappearance.


West Palm Beach - St. Juliana Catholic School - The walls rattle during school and especially at night.


Williston - A small old cemetery - A historian going there to do research felt "a very alarming wave of panic while in the cemetery." She fled and never returned.


Winter Garden - Dead Man's Tree - A figure of a man can be seen hanging from the tree occupancies by a chill in the air.


Winter Haven - JPV Woods - Every 13th of August it is said that when you go into the woods and walk along the old dirt trail, about 11:30 to 12:30 you can hear children screaming and crying for help and the little hairs on the back of your neck will rise without intention. - January 2007 Update: was torn down early 2006.


Winter Haven - Scotty's Distribution Center - There was said to be a man of Brian Foreman who once worked there as a forklift driver. Workers say that his head was completely amputated by a forklift because of the mistake done by a trainee. The trainee continued to work there but mysteriously disappeared. It is said that you can see a headless man driving a forklift every 4th of March.


Winter Park - Alabama Hotel - Built when Winter Park was founded, several guests were murdered on opening night. They have been seen walking the halls and blamed for murders that occurred in the fifties. It has been abandoned until 1998, when it was converted into a personal mansion. - February 2007 Update / Correction: The Alabama isn't now nor never was a private mansion. It was a seasonal hotel, only open during the winter, then it was closed for a time, then in the '70s it was converted to retirement condominiums.


Winter Park - Annie Russell Theatre - Annie Russell is widely believed to haunt this theatre named for her in the early 1930's. She was a teacher and director at Rollins College. She has been seen and even spoken to by numerous people. There are stories of former students who had encounters with Annie while working in the theatre on audition pieces, sets, or lights. One story in particular that sticks in my mind is there was a guy who was working alone in the theatre on the light grid. Suddenly he fell off the ladder. He was all alone in the theatre and lay there for a few minutes. Someone came in a few minutes later and saw him laying there. The person immediately went to call an ambulance and was told that they had already been called and one was on it way. A minute later, an ambulance appeared and took the injured boy to the hospital. There was no one in the theatre when that boy was initially injured. There have been other stories of people seeing Annie's statue (a bust of her head) moving across the theatre. Also, Annie had a seat that she always sat in when she watched rehearsals- that seat has often been heard banging up and down, pulled down when no one was sitting in it, and clapping has been heard coming from that area of the theatre.


Winter Park - Rollins College - Ann Russell Theater - Ghost of Anne Russell comes out sometimes during rehearsals. She has been seen sitting in prop rocking chair or seeing her walking around at night wearing a purple dress. There have also been reports of ghosts appearing in the theater balcony.


Winter Springs - Tuskawilla Country Club - Every Last Friday of the month, there is a young male, about 22 years old who can be seen cleaning the bar table. No one knows who he could have been, or why he was there. But there have been witnesses that say he tries to attack the people that see him.

by Group Admin on May. 21, 2010 at 12:21 AM

your awesome vanna.. ty for finishing for me, i suck.

by Group Owner on May. 21, 2010 at 12:31 AM

 lol nah... i just have too much time on my hands..

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