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 I have been on Cymbalta since April of this past year and my doc increased it from 60 mg a day to 120 mg a day.  I didn't realize what side effects it could cause. 

I have chills all the time.  My scalp started breaking out causing me to scratch and bleed and some of them got infected.  My legs got very swollen and developed blisters on my legs and toes and ankles.  My toenails and fingernails started to get fungus-y.  I knew something was wrong with me but I never thought it was Cymbalta.  I just Googled the side effects and I couldn't believe how many people have the same complaints and some of the side effects could be life-threatening. 

My psychiatrist took me off of Wellbutrin in April because of an apparent seizure that landed me in the hospital for four days.  Wellbutrin shouldn't be given to people with head injuries as it could cause seizures.  I had numerous head injuries from being a victim of domestic violence a few years ago.  I was getting some relief from Wellbutrin and it was the only med that actually made some type of a difference in my depression but I can no longer be on Wellbutrin and now I can't be on Cymbalta either. 

I am relieved that now I know the reason for my horribly itchy head and for my blistering peeling feet, arms and legs.  I was on Cymbalta back in 2008 and I didn't get any relief at all but I thought I would try it again since I had to come off of the Wellbutrin. 

So now I am just on Ritalin and Xanax and I am not sure what antidepressant my doctor will put me on next as I have been resistant to every one I have ever been on in my life.  Hopefully, the situations that are making me so depressed and upset will improve and then the depression will improve as well.  That is what my doctor said would happen.  It's just a waiting game for now, still, I should say.

Anyway, anyone else on Cymbalta and having either good results or experiencing any side effects?  I want to go back on Wellbutrin but it can cause seizures in head injury patients so my doc won't put me on it again.

Maybe I will start to feel a little better soon.  I kept having chills and my head is so itchy and feeling as though I have a billion bugs digging into my scalp and crawling all over my head.  Then when I scratch it only gets worse and infected.

Thanks for listening. 



Posted by Anonymous on Oct. 13, 2012 at 2:08 AM
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by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Oct. 20, 2012 at 11:09 AM

 The Wellbutrin worked the best for me but my doctor will not put me back on.  He told me, "We cannot risk another seizure...." so I am sure he will work really hard, as he has all the years I have known him, and find me something else that may work just as good or better.  He mentioned Effexor but I have been on that before and it really didn't do much at all but maybe I will give it another shot if he recommends it.  I know I need something in conjunction with the RItalin and the Xanax.  As long as I don't gain weight I will try anything he recommends. 

Thanks so much.

Quoting lyrick24:

 you dont want to go back on the wellbutrin. there are other things you can try. if you have had head injuries wellburtrin is not the drug for you. im sorry the cymbalta gave you so many side effects. i would get him to try something else and see if i can tolerate it.


by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Oct. 20, 2012 at 11:17 AM

 Thanks  so much.  I am going to call my psychiatrist Monday and get an earlier appointment.  Maybe I will try zoloft.  I don't think I ever tried it.  I'm always afraid of what the effects could make me feel like but I need help really badly.   I just really need something for the depression but I am also so explosive and just really mean and never think about the mean hurtful words that are about to come out of my mouth.  I really need to get that under control.  I am really trying to work on it and I am actually doing a bit better but not as much as I need to.  I can't stand breaking my little boys hearts when I am so upset.  I hate myself for being like this.  I am really working hard on it, as I said, and am really working on taking a breath before I say anything.  I'm about 75% or so there but it's not near enough. 

Mean words hurt more than bruises and they hurt forever.  I am this way because of how my mother treated me.  I am trying so hard to stop the cycle before my little ones get damaged and continue the cycle.  I can't let that happen and the sooner I get another med started the better. 

I am so ashamed of how I am and rightly so.  All I can do is keep working to improve.  The shame is killing me though.  It really is. 

I'm so sad all the time and so angry at myself. 

Thanks again.  Sorry for rambling. 


Quoting Trikittyluv:

Cymbalta works for me, but I have been on many different meds over the years. I have to change the antidepressants out every two years or so. Anyways, sounds like your side effects are way worse than the benefits of the drug, Sweetie :(

As far as I know, the antidepressant with the very least side effects at all is Zoloft. It also has the added benefit of being an antidepressant/anti-anxiety combo.
Maybe you should look into that one.


by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Oct. 20, 2012 at 12:59 PM
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 Thank you so much for the idea about the reminders with the signs.  I am going to do that right now.  When I read it my eyes filled with tears.  It is such a rotten feeling and such a hard cycle to break.  I think it has me for life but I am going to get some help by joining the gym and doing things for me.  I tell my doctor how explosive I am but I really can't tell anyone else.  I already lost my kids for domestic violence and CPS already knows I have a temper plus add "mental illness" in there and they are waiting for me to really mess up so they can take my kids forever.  I was through that so many times and I feel like a huge target and very paranoid but I have reason to be.  I can't even trust my own daughter who is 18 and has called CPS on me more than once in the past.  I really have to stop before it's too late and I really am afraid of myself when I get so volatile.  I have worked on time out and my daughter is the one who started it with the boys and so far it works so much better than screaming and hitting.  Not 100% but it's a lot better solution. 

Thanks again for the ideas.  I also want to get started with crocheting again which helps me as well as I really want to join the gym alone, no daughter, just me. I need some time alone.  I think it would help me so much when the boys are in school.

Nice to talk to you.  I will see you around here again I hope.  You are such a good support.


Quoting Trikittyluv:

Quoting Anonymous:
i am so glad you notice the cycle and want to stop it!
I had a similar life. I also have the same temper issues (and have a diagnosis of BiPolar, but believe a lot of the violent tendencies might be learned behavior from youth, idk). Anyways, I have a couple coping strategies I would like to share to help you in a pinch.

Take some time and get three colors of paper- red, yellow, and green- make signs and door hanger with these
On the green signs, draw a big smiley face and the words " I am having a great day today! "
On the yellow, draw a face with a straight mouth, and the words, " my day isn't so well, please help me out and try help out around the house"
On the red, draw a sad face, and write the words, " I am having a bad day today. It's not your fault. Please be quiet, and watch tv, play in your room, etc...."
Post these around the house for the kids to see- its like a red light green light, and will help them understand and behave according to your mood.

The second coping strategy is in extreme circumstance and only works if you have family or friends willing to help. If you do, then have them remove kids from you, no questions asked, before anxiety kicks in. I have had to do this a few times. I have found that I would rather inconvenience someone rather than risk my child's emotional health. It's bad enough my child has to grow up with a "crazy mom." I don't want it to affect her personally , kwim?

Last, when you see your Dr., ask him about a possible mood stabilizer. I take two. A mood stabilizer will even you out.

Good luck!


by on Oct. 20, 2012 at 1:17 PM

I am now on Effexor 225mg, Klonepin .5mg, nortriptyline 50mg, and topamax 150 mg.  The effexor has been great and has actually been better, I think.

Quoting Anonymous:

 Oh they are really bothersome and worry me so much more than anything else.  I do think I should weigh the pros and cons but according to the Cymbalta website those side effects I am experiencing could be life-threatening and as much as I do not enjoy living most of the time I really do NOT want to die until I am very old and maybe by then I will be able to say I had a good life after all of the debilitating depression I am experiencing.

Thanks again.  I really don't want to start another med but I think I need to talk to my doc ASAP.

By the way, what meds are you on now, if you don't mind sharing?  If you would rather not, I definitely understand.  Dealing with depression and all the things that go along with it are so difficult. 

Have a nice weekend.

Quoting anotherandree:

I was on Cymbalta for years and it seemed to work for me (until my situation majorly changed and I needed my meds completely revamped).  However, the entire 4 years I was on it, at 60mg, I never had any of those crazy side effects you had mentioned!  That is aweful!


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