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 Please allow me to introduce you to some calorie-free indulgence … OK, so we’re going to splurge a little, but after all, AVON is like a box of chocolates … you never know what you’re going to get! Oh, and by the way, it’s been said that if you share chocolate in the company of a friend, the calories simply don’t count! So, enjoy!

C is for “CASH” (how we earn $$ in AVON) You can benefit from 6 main avenues of income:

Traditional Representative – this is how AVON became a worldwide name, one-on-one service with customers. There are also no sales quotas, minimums, or inventory to carry!

Beauty Advisor – increase your sales by offering expert advice on skin care and cosmetics. This is a 3 phase training course where you also learn how to perform complete makeovers.

Leadership – earn bonuses for recruiting and training new representatives. Commissions are paid directly to you from the company. They can even be direct deposited!

E-Representative (Online) – have customers visit your web site and browse the brochures, learn new about new products, find helpful articles and tips, and place orders.

Fundraising – earn money while helping groups and organizations raise the funds they need.

Licensed Beauty Center – operate your own AVON Beauty Center kiosk in the mall.

You can choose one, all, or any combination of these career paths so your business is yours. You determine what areas interest you most and you determine your future.

We are the highest paid direct selling company and because of our 100% Guarantee, customers are never ‘stuck’ with an item they don’t want. We are also not confined to selling just skincare and makeup. Our product line has something for everyone!

If I could show you how, would you be interested in earning some extra spending money? ( ) YES ( ) NO

Would you be excited about paying yourself what you’re worth? ( ) YES ( ) NO

H is for “Hours” (flexibility)

In AVON, you decide how many hours YOU want to work and when you want to work them. Most of the women in our sales force work another full or part-time job and have children at home as well. There are no home parties to schedule and arrange for a babysitter unless you would like to do them. The choice is yours.

Do you have enough time with your family, doing the things you enjoy? ( ) YES ( ) NO

Do you feel you are paid well enough for the hours you currently work each week? ( ) YES ( ) NO

O is for “OPPORTUNITY” (unlimited)

You get to enjoy the benefit of being your own boss. Although you are in business FOR yourself, you are never BY yourself. Ultimately, you make all of your own business decisions with the entire corporation behind you to support and provide you with benefits! AVON is listed as one of the 10 best companies for women to work for in the United States. AVON is also a Fortune 500 Company. You can achieve a top management position in as little as 4 months.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to know that you could control your own future? ( ) YES ( ) NO

Would this kind of self-promotion motivate you to work? ( ) YES ( ) NO

C is for “CAR” (no specific color or type-YOU can get whatever you want!)

Instead of a certain type or color of car, you can earn a $400/car bonus in the Leadership Program. But what if you already have a car? You don’t have to spend the bonus on just that. Some people have used the money for home improvements and other items they wanted. This is a reward you can choose for yourself on even a part-time basis.

If someone else made your monthly car payment, would you be inclined to take it? ( ) YES ( ) NO

Which vehicle would you select? ( ) A sports car, ( ) A Minivan or SUV, or ( ) A Luxury Car?

O is for “OODLES OF FUN”

LIVE, LOVE, and LAUGH is one of my favorite philosophies! We literally make money while we “play makeup”.

In AVON, P&L statements stand for PEOPLE and LOVE, not profit and loss!

Could you be interested in having a career you loved so much you’d do it for FREE? ( ) YES ( ) NO

Do you have a giant inside you, SCREAMING to get out? ( ) YES ( ) NO

Is your current J-O-B, fun, fun, fun? ( ) YES ( ) NO

Are you completely satisfied there? ( ) YES ( ) NO

L is for “LOVE” (spirit of sharing)

I truly LOVE what I do. It’s so much more than earning extra money. The changes some men and women make in their lives by joining AVON are truly incredible. And there are so many different career paths you can choose in AVON that really makes your business YOURS.

AVON’s vision is “to be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and self-fulfillment needs of women globally. Our dedication to supporting women touches not only beauty – but health, fitness, self-empowerment and financial independence.

Does your current employer have a vision such as this? ( ) YES ( ) NO

Is personalized service a quality that appeals to you? ( ) YES ( ) NO

Are you a “team player”? ( ) YES ( ) NO

A is for “AWARDS” (and recognition)

We recognize and reward everything you do in your business, whether it’s stepping out of your Comfort Zone and trying a new idea, to reaching your goals however big or small they may be. Success isn’t always just measured in dollar amounts. The AVON Opportunity can enrich your life in so many ways!

When you do reach certain levels in both sales and leadership, awards are given both at the local level, and the national level (at convention).

When was the last time you were given a prize or a round of applause, just for doing your job? ____________

Could you get motivated by gifts, including elegant jewelry and fabulous trips? ( ) YES ( ) NO

How would you feel if you never had to make another car payment? ____________________

T is for “TAX ADVANTAGES” (small business)

As a small business owner, you may take advantage of many in home tax deductions. In AVON, there are no sales quotas or territory rules to follow. Also, there is no inventory that must be stored in specific environments. This is truly a “no pressure” business. You may be eligible to write off a portion of your mortgage, utilities, telephone, office expenses, travel, car expenses. etc.

Could you get excited about the benefits for you and your family if you were able to reduce your income tax payable each year? ( ) YES ( )NO

Approximately how much do you feel that you spend on your family’s cosmetic, bath, and gift items each year? $_______

E is for “ESTEEM” (personal growth)

In AVON, we build up your self-esteem through step-by-step education and support, which gives you the confidence you need to grow a profitable business.

Would you be interested in receiving education that is equal to college level courses in marketing, communications, and small business management? ( ) YES ( ) NO

Would you be inspired to “earn while you learn?” ( ) YES ( ) NO


Which letter is YOUR favorite?_____ Why?______________________________________________________

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being not interested and 10 being very interested in what you read today, where would your interest level be relative to choosing AVON as a part-time or full-time position for yourself?

Please do not choose 5, it is an “on the fence” answer … J

If you chose 6 or higher, could we get together over coffee, or could I have my Unit Leader call you to more thoroughly explain the AVON Opportunity and answer any questions you may have, with absolutely no obligation to you?

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Talk to other moms, share advice, and have fun!

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