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 Hello :) I'm new(ish) here. And already feeling very out of place.

I used to be a very healthy person. Raised on a small farm, grew our own food, frequented farmers co-ops, made our own cleansers, etc, etc.

Then I left California and let me tell you- life is different on the east coast! Also, I grew up, so that was part of it :)

I am a married-yet-doing-it-myself mom to 2 girls. I am trying to get us ALL into a healthier lifestyle. I try to feed them well, but we are *ahem* very low income. I do what I can and it seems to be going fairly well. I learned a few lessons the hard way and I'm sure I will again. But I learn. And I'm willing to be taught.

My DESIRE is to raise a healthier family. My bottom line is cheap, though.

How do you reconcile the two?

by on Jun. 22, 2010 at 1:30 PM
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by on Jun. 24, 2010 at 9:34 PM

 LOL my hubby is the EXACT same way!  But I made a decison that I was cooking healthy food, and he could either eat it, or not!  He caught on really fast and started eating healthy when I cooked it.  I've been sick and pregnant for 4 months now, so I haven't really been cooking.  Sigh, him and my son have been eating SOOO many frozen boxed food, mac n cheese like everyday from the little microwavable cups... it just really sux.  But, I'm not cooking, so he eats what ever he wants.  I did start getting frustrated and started having him buy my son turkey instead of ham, and whole wheat bread which he's slipping back into the not so healthy bread faze again... just little things I've tried to change now.  I made him buy vegetables (he's been grocery shopping too because I often feel faint and stay inside most of the time) so my son has gotten a little broccoli in his system this week.  My husband now thinks he can eat how ever he wants to, and honestly, as long as he can afford a healthy diet for me and my son, then he can be unhealthy all he wants to.  But my son and myself... that's a no go!  LOL Anywho girly, I would just say cook healthy for you and your girls, and he can either eat or be hungry.  He will get tired of running to mc donalds after dinner, or either run out of the extra funds for it.  Lol good luck girly!

Quoting emhain:

 This is all great information. Thanks.

I do have some questions, though. Actually, let's just call them what they are- hurdles.

My husband is a carnivore (according to him). He will cope with chicken but he wants red meat more often than not. Dinner without meat is not dinner for him. If I cook w/o meat, I know for sure he is running to McDonalds later. I can't afford all that.

He is not interested in being healthy. At all. He is so stubborn that mules don't like him. As an example- he smokes and does not believe that secondhand smoke is bad for people. WILL NOT believe it. Says it is a conspiracy. You see what I'm up against here? He also believes that all the vitamins he could possibly need come in his multivitamin. It is not necessary for him to eat vegetables. He is a gym rat and believes he is the healthiest person on earth because of it.

He has also been hospitalized twice for severely low potassium levels. Go figure.

Anyway... he is my problem. (In so many ways, but let's stay on topic, lol). Has anyone else had to deal with an unsupportive family member in this area? Aside from selling him on eBay, how can I deal with him?



by on Jun. 24, 2010 at 9:50 PM

The best advice I can give you is to buy local and in season--you're not paying for preservatives or shipping.  Make changes slowly, start with things that DH might not notice or care about so much, like buying food without high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils.

Make meat a side dish, not the entree.  If you are cooking and shopping then you are in control of the portion sizes.  Don't cook enough for seconds of meat, but make extra of the other foods.  If he's spending money on crap like McDonald's take his debit card away.  I did that when DH was spending almost $40 a month on Rockstar energy drinks and other unhealthy food. 

I sneak veggies into my cooking.  If you steam cauliflower until it's soft you can mix it in with mashed potatoes.  I grate carrot and/or chop spinach into our taco meat, homemade meat balls, enchiladas, etc.  

by on Jun. 24, 2010 at 9:57 PM

making stuff from scratch helps. also, shop the bulk section. you can buy beans, lentils, rice, cereals, dried fruit and nuts much cheaper that way. plant a garden, get your kids involved they love that kind of stuff and it's so much fun to eat what you grow. i dont know what is around you but i love trader joes for fruit, nuts, organic condiments and snacks, yogurt, cheeses.. they are not all organic but use no gmo, trans fats, artificial ingredients, etc. whole foods also has good sales but you have to go in with an open mind and see what the deals are. their brand, 365 organic often is very cheap compared to some name brand stuff at the regular store. 

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