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I had a culture that went bad and am having a harder time than normal finding a culture.  It seems people want to sell a whole "kit" which I don't need.

I have also read that keeping a bottle raw kombucha (Forget the brand but its national) will produce a baby after a few weeks.  Has anyone tried this?

by on Oct. 8, 2012 at 7:59 AM
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by on Oct. 9, 2012 at 3:17 PM

okay, cool! I'm totally excited.  Thanks for the tips and info.  I'm still scared but i'm not afraid to at least try.  ;-)

Quoting matreshka:

Cool!  I know the scoby grows faster in warmer weather than cooler weather.  Some people even make "sweaters" for the mason jars growing kombucha when its cold.  I just wrap a towel around it, keep the lid covered with cheesecloth and a rubber band to keep everything thing out.

Kombucha is always going to have a smell, like vinegar, but stronger.  If it in any ways smells like mold hor some other awful smell  or something like that ditch everything.  That ususally results from washing the containers and not rinsing every nanospec of soap out (even dr. bronners, which I use), which is what I think happened to me.

Quoting Alyson121:

My pleasure! ;-)  You've inspired me to stop being afraid to make my own.  I think i may give it a try.  My local grocery sells kombucha on tap as well.  Let us know how it turns out too. 

by on Oct. 9, 2012 at 3:20 PM

Quoting mypbandj:

Oh man that's one thing I know I'll never drink. LOL

I first learned about it ten years ago. I just can't get past the thing that floats on top.

Yeah for the longest time i couldn't drink the bacteria either, i'd just drink the tea out and leave the other part for hubby.  Now, i don't even notice it.  I even feel cheated if my kombucha doesn't have it.  LOL

by on Oct. 9, 2012 at 3:24 PM
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aawww . . . I try.  "Ms. Alyson" . .you just brought me back 15 years, that's what my students used to call me (memories).

Yeah, it does take a bit getting used too.  I could have been the flavor or brand you had  as well.  I started out drinking the super fruity ones and went from there.  Now i drink just about any i get my hands on. LOL!

Quoting SabrinaLC:

Ms. Alyson is so helpful!

I've only had Kombucha one time.  I didn't care for it but it may have been because I wasn't prepared (?) for it.  I plan to try it again oneday, though I doubt I'll make it myself.

by on Oct. 9, 2012 at 3:28 PM

Yupe! My hubby pretty much has many people in our family drinking kombucha as well.  It's great for overall health.

Quoting matreshka:

There are a variety of health claims.  I tell you what I notice it helping me with and the give a list of the other claims.

For me it elminated my eczema, controls my pms zit outbreaks, helps reduce water weight, has helped me in the past with weigh loss, helps a bit with my joint stiffness, helps with my digestion and is a good natural energy boosting drink.

Other claims are

Statistics from a Kombucha survey

This "Benefits of Kombucha" list was compiled by Bev Ferguson, owner of Kombucha Manna International. These results are from a survey she posted over the Kombucha Mailing List. The Kombucha mailing list is a group of over 600 people from all over the world who share their experiences with Kombucha on a daily basis. These benefits are based on their own experiences.

  • 1. Great beverage
  • 2. Sense of well-being
  • 3. Helps to relieve congestion in airways
  • 4. Thicker hair (whoopee!)
  • 5. Energy boost
  • 6. Straightened my hair out!
  • 7. Helps osteo arthritis
  • 8. Great conversation piece! :)
  • 9. Licked Calcifying tendonitis
  • 10. Helps with asthma
  • 11. Has brought me into contact with some very caring people.
  • 12. Stress buster
  • 13.Very calming
  • 14. Increase sex drive
  • 15. Regulates Intestines.
  • 16. Cured Candida Overgrowth.
  • 17. Aides digestion - especially on top of diary.
  • 18. Addictive taste.
  • 19. Eliminates or reduces heat rash.
  • 20. Improved circulation/controlled venous stasis in shins
  • 21. Clears and Improves skin
  • 22. Makes a good hair rinse
  • 23. Redundant 'Momma's make good brass cleaners!
  • 24. Helped take the "scales" from a friends Skin disorder
  • 25. Makes a wonderful, soothing foot soak.
  • 26. Shrinking large fatty tumor.
  • 27. Flattening and fading old age carotene patches on the face.
  • 28. Stops severe menstrual cramps
  • 29. Makes a wonderful facial.
  • 30. Made me much more mobile with my gout.
  • 31. Oncoming headlights do not bother me as much.
  • 32. Reduces / stabilizes blood pressure.
  • 33. Prevents and helps heal bladder infections
  • 34. Eases carpal tunnel syndrome
  • 35. Heals boils and staph infections on skin.
  • 36. Prevents oral canker sores
  • 37. Prevents eczema and psoriasis
  • 38. Household Cleaner: cuts grease, cleans stoves, bathroom tiles, windows, copper
  • 39. Hair and nails grow faster
  • 40. I can see the pupils of my eyes again without glasses.
  • 41. More energy
  • 42. Clears nail fungus
  • 43. Improves the sense of well being for people with liver Cancer
  • 44. Helps an older woman feel and look younger
  • 45. Helps Arthritis sufferers
  • 46. Cleanses toxins from the system
  • 47. Soothes burns and sunburn
  • 48. Takes the sting and swelling away from Bee Stings
  • 49. Good underarm deoderant
  • 50. For some people; eliminates desire for alchohol, & helping to relax
  • 51. Smashes flus and colds
  • 52. Significant progress healing chapped lips from topical application of KT
  • 53. Kombucha Colony makes a great poultice
  • 54. Removes rust
  • 55. Returns grey hair to it's natural color for some people
  • 56. Improved eyesight
Quoting Kat940:

I have to ask. What is it used for??

by on Oct. 9, 2012 at 4:35 PM
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