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It seems like so many people I know have been getting the shingles lately.

I was talking w/ a friend, who happens to be a nurse, and she says that she has been seeing shingles on the rise. But WHY?

She says that as adults (who have already had the chicken pox) are exposed to kids w/ the chicken pox (an airborne disease so you can be exposed just by going to walmart) that you are basically getting a "booster" to your natural immunity, therefore suppressing shingles.

But now that kids are being vaccinated against chicken pox and rarely getting it, adults are missing their "boosters" and then at a higher risk of getting shingles.

Have you ever heard that?

by on Nov. 9, 2012 at 11:25 PM
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by on Nov. 13, 2012 at 10:04 PM

Ah, well, I think it's probably a matter of inexact science.  Even scientists don't know everything and they don't always agree with each other, especially when it comes to infectious disease.  At any rate, Shingles, suck balls.  

My mom had it and she is very stoic and it put her down for a few days. She has a compromised immune system due to medications for an auto-immune disorder.  

I have a friend who has it now, and also has a MRSA infection (the MRSA came first).

I was on an immunosuppressant for auto-immune disorders for the better part of 2 years and was plagued with cold sores (also a Herpes Zoster virus).

All three of these scenarios brought on my hypothesis that a compromised immune system could wake up (for lack of a better phrase) the Herpes Zoster.

Like I said, totally anecdotal, but still makes sense to me. 

Quoting mypbandj:

no- probably mine. LOL

Quoting cleanaturalady:

Are you talking about my CDC link?  I would think the Centers for Disease Control would have accurate information.  

Quoting LindaClement:

Unfortunately, the authors of that article are mistaken. In an imaginary immune system way.

It's how some immunities work (like having rubella or measles around when your immune system is strong can 'boost' your immunity), but not the ones (like all forms of herpes) that live in your body forever.

Your immune system has nothing to do with shingles, which are simply the living virus that travels along nerves from the spine outward. Your immune system can't fight the virus in your spine, nor does it have any effect at all on the blisters along the nerve. 

It doesn't matter if you're exposed to chicken pox every year of your life for 67 years. If it did, it would have been rare in the population of people over the age of 60, in the 60s. And it wasn't. It's not even rare in the nursing population.

Quoting mypbandj:

I'm not sure what you mean. Or else I didn't word it correctly - but that is right, once you have the chicken pox, the virus does live in you. What this lady was saying to me was, that by being exposed to the virus again and again (from kids who have it) won't give you the chicken pox again, but it will trigger your bodys immune system and give your body a natural booster shot. And since the invention of the chicken pox shot, less kids are actually having chicken pox so adults aren't being exposed as often as they were before - so no more natural booster shots - and more shingles.

heres an article I found that expains it far better than I can. LOL

Quoting cleanaturalady:

I haven't read all the responses, so forgive me if this has already been mentioned.  I've always heard that it's the opposite, in that if you have had Chicken Pox in the past, the virus lives inside you, in a dormant state, and can come back as shingles (another Herpes [Varicella] Zoster virus) later in life. 

Okay, here is a link from the CDC.


by on Nov. 14, 2012 at 11:31 AM

Sounds plausible to me

Quoting cleanaturalady:

My opinion of why we are seeing a rise in incidences of the virus (no research, just my opinion, so no one jump on me and tell me I'm wrong) is that there are a lot of toxins in our air, we eat a lot of processed food, etc., which weakens the immune system because it's working overtime to rid our bodies of crap that it shouldn't have to deal with.  Plus we have a lot of stress (for whatever reason) in our lives, which leaves us vulnerable to this type of virus, and also a host of auto-immune disorders. 

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