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Opal's Journey to a Healthy Weight, One Less Spoonful at a Time

Posted by on Jan. 31, 2013 at 7:12 PM
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I was one of those kids in HS who was thin and in my arrogance, I said that I would NEVER be fat.  SMH  I did not know how wrong I was or how hard it really is for some people to lose weight.  I would say things like, "Well, if they just put down the fork or push away from the table...."  *eyeroll*  Yeah, we all think we know EVERYTHING in HS, don't we? 

So, here I am 22 years after graduation and I weigh the most I have ever weighed in my life.  I know it down to the pound, as I weighed in at Medi Weight Loss today, it's 327 pounds.  How the hell did I get to 327 pounds?  My waist is 52 inches around.  When they measured my BMI and body fat composition, I have more weight in fat, than I do in muscle, organs, bones, etc- COMBINED!  It's not by too much, only a few points, but WTH happened to the girl who said she would never be fat?  Oh, I think I ate her.  I mean at that weight, I have to lose a WHOLE OTHER PERSON.  That is how much weight I need to lose.  It's shocking. 

I can tell you all about my motivations: kids, DF, liking to breathe as I walk, wanting the seatbelt to fit right again, not hurting every moment of every day- there are so many.  The reality is this one thing- I am unhappy, unhappy that nothing looks good even if it does fit, unhappy that I have to buy BBW boots because I have cankles, unhappy that tieing shoes means holding my breath and grunting and nearly passing out from lack of oxygen, unhappy about getting dizzy when I stand up because the fat has cut off the circulation to the lower part of my body, unhappy with being looked at like I didn't need to eat- when out at a restaurant, just so much unhappiness associated with being this heavy.  THAT is the real reason WHY I am taking fat burners and eating 800 calories per day of meat for a week.  I get to look forward to having vegetables next week.  WOOHOO! 

I know this sounds unhealthy, it really is on some levels, but I was a lot more unhealthy getting to 327 pounds, so some sacrifice is needed at this point.  The best thing about Medi, is they help you change your eating patterns and help you to learn and develop healthy eating patterns. 

Sleeping patterns too, the nurse was very insistent that I find a way to sleep at least 8+ hours a night, in a row, no less.  O.o  I haven't been able to do that with ANY regularity in years.  I am used to working nights and living on 4 hours of restless day sleep.  I am a SAHM and student now, but the patterns have stuck with me.  I rarely get anything CLOSE to 8 hours and hardly ever in a row.  SIGH 

by on Jan. 31, 2013 at 7:12 PM
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by on Jan. 31, 2013 at 7:34 PM

Day 1:

Wt: 327 pounds

BMI: 48.3

BMR: 2221 kcal

Fat%: 50.7%

Fat Mass: 166 lbs

FFM: 161 lbs (everything else besides fat)

Food Journal:

Grilled Chicken Breast 11 am, 8ozs, 280 kcal

Tuna 3:30 pm, 5ozs, 175 kcal

Reduced Fat Olive oil Mayo for Tuna 3:30 pm, 1Tbsp, 45 kcal

Pork Tenderloin 7 pm, 3ozs, 165 kcal

Vodka 10pm, 2ozs, 125 kcal  (nurse said No, but I don't want to chance going into detox and having a seizure, so this is only for a few days to prevent that, I even told her that I drink 6-8 ETOH beverages a day and she didn't even blink, sorry- I am not chancing it)

2% Cottage Cheese, 11pm, 1/2 cup, 90 kcal

Total kcal for the day: 880

Talked with sister, who gave me crap about the vodka and repeatedly asked me if I was an alcoholic.  I told her there is a difference between alcoholism and alcohol dependence.  I am dependant physically, but not much and not for long.  Sister also said that is why I am fat.  OK, I'll give her that one.  It definitely contributed to it.  I need to make some changes, that's for sure.

Mood: Irritated at sister and hopeful that this is the right program for me. 

by on Feb. 1, 2013 at 1:52 AM
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I was the fat kid in high school. I've always been big for as long as I can remember. However, we learn to live that we won't change unless we MAKE ourselves change.

You got this. The first few days are the toughest. I'm still sore from jus starting (I started my weight loss journey this last Sunday) and counting calories and such has been slightly getting better and better. I can't wait to weigh myself on Monday to see if I have had any loss.

Good luck, can't wait to see your progress.
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by on Feb. 2, 2013 at 3:27 PM

Day 2:

Food Journal:

Egg Whites 9am, 3, 55 kcal

Turkey Sausage Patties 9am, 2, 100 kcal

Turkey Sausage Crumbles 9am, 1/4 cup, 35 kcal

Egg 9am, 1/2 egg, 40 kcal

Tilapia w/Lemon Juice 12pm, 4ozs, 140 kcal

Tilapia w/Lemon Juice 2:30pm, 3ozs, 105 kcal

Turkey Smoked Sausage 4:30pm, 3ozs, 160 kcal

Cottage Cheese 2% 10:30pm, 1/2 cup, 90 kcal

Vodka 10:30pm, 2oz, 125 kcal

Total kcal for the day: 850

I tried the appetite suppressants and they seem to make me more hungry, but that could just be 2nd day diet talk.  I did not take the second fat burner today and I won't be taking anymore, I realised that I am allergic to them today.  Great!

Mood:  Hungry and irritable

by on Feb. 2, 2013 at 4:15 PM

Day 3:

Food Journal:

Egg Whites 12pm, 3 count, 55 kcal

Egg 12pm, 1 egg, 75 kcal

Turkey Sausage Links 12pm, 2 links, 90 kcal

Lean Turkey Burger 3:30pm, 2 ozs, 150 kcal

Lean Turkey Bacon 3:30pm, 2 slices, 55 kcal

Lean Turkey Burger 6:45pm, 2 ozs, 150 kcal

2% Cottage Cheese 10:30pm, 1/2 cup, 90 kcal

Vodka 11pm, 2 ozs, 125 kcal

Total kcal for the day: 790

I did not sleep well last night, even though I was supposed to- per orders.  I did go to bed at 3am and sleep until 11am, so I am getting the hours, just not at night time.  I am not considering that a win just yet.  I am going to drink a cup of coffee today.  The nurse said I could have it as long as I used Equal and sugar free creamer.  I already used Equal, but not the SF creamer, so I got a couple of flavored ones to help the flavor.  I was not drinking the coffee for the last two days because I wanted to make sure the appetite suppressants and fat burners would not cause my pulse rate to go up, and they didn't, so YAY!  Not that it matters for the fat burners anymore, but whatever.  I do find that I am mentally slow and I am told by my sister that it will pass.  I can only hope. 

I have found myself doing something a bit odd for the last couple of days.  I have been munching on the cooked herbs and spices that fall off of the food and into the pan.  I just scoop them up with the spatula and either pick them off or just lick the spatula.  The flavor is SO good and it reminds me a little bit of KFC chicken skin- without the skin, of course.  I only do it when no one is looking.  LOL  SMH

Mood:  Foggy brained, tired and short tempered.

by on Feb. 4, 2013 at 12:56 PM

Day 4:

Food Journal:

Egg White Substitute 10am, 3/4 cup, 105 kcal

Egg 10am, 1 egg, 75 kcal

Turkey Sausage Links 10am, 2 links, 90 kcal

Adobo Chicken Breast 2pm, 4ozs, 140 kcal

Lean Turkey Bacon 2pm, 2 slices, 55 kcal

Lean Ground Beef 5:30pm, 2 ozs, 110 kcal

Lean Sirloin Steak 5:30pm, 1 oz, 55 kcal

2% Cottage Cheese 9pm, 1/2 cup, 90 kcal

Turkey Hot Dog 12am, 1 dog, 75 kcal

Total Kcal for the day: 795

Ketosis:  No

I acutally didn't think I would go into ketosis today, as I had been warned that it probably wouldn't happen by my sister- due to the vodka.  I posted on FB yesterday about starting the Medi Weight Loss Diet and my sister's DH chimed in with: You can do alcohol.  Thanks BIL.   SMH  

I am still tired, but the slight headache finally went away this afternoon, so that is good, at least.  Found out that taking the multivite and the metobolic booster with Hoodia in it, makes me a bit anxious, so I won't do that again. 

Mood:  Tired, but less cranky.

by on Feb. 4, 2013 at 1:07 PM

Day 5:

Food Journal:

Turkey Sausage Links 9am, 4 links, 180 kcal

Lean Turkey Burger 12pm, 2 ozs, 150 kcal

Turkey Sausage Link 2:30pm, 1 link, 45 kcal

Lean Turkey Burger 6pm, 2 ozs, 150 kcal

Lean Beef 12am, 2 ozs, 110 kcal

Lean Turkey Bacon 12am, 2 slices, 55 kcal

2% Cottage Cheese 12am, 1/2 cup, 90 kcal

Total kcal for the day: 780 kcal

Ketosis:  No

I tried the Greek yougurt that is allowed and it was too thick and my tongue said NO WAY!  LOL  It was the texture, just gross.  After a taste of it, I gave it to DF and he didn't like it either.  My sister thinks I am crazy, she loves it.  She compared it to sour cream.  I don't want to eat THAT straight out of the cup either, they both sound gross.  I love sour cream, BTW, but not like that.  LOL

No ketosis again today.  I asked my Mom about it and she said that she didn't go into it after the first time she was on it.  I asked how many times and she said three.  I had no idea she slipped off the maintenance twice before.  She said that the slips were not nearly as bad as the full on slides downhill she has had with other diets, so she goes back to it.  Well, coming from her, that is pretty good. 

Mood: Too tired for class, but I am going anyway. 

by on Feb. 6, 2013 at 1:39 AM

Day 6:

Food Journal:

Egg White Substitute 9am, 1/2 cup, 70 kcal

Lean Turkey Sausage Patties 9am, 2 patties, 100 kcal

Egg 9am, 1 egg, 75 kcal

Chicken Breast 12:30pm, 4 ozs, 140 kcal

Lean Beef 4:30pm, 2 ozs, 110 kcal

Turkey Bacon 8pm, 2 slices, 55 kcal

Turkey Sausage Links 8pm, 2 links, 90 kcal

Chocolate Protein Drink 10pm, 1 scoop, 110 kcal

2% Cottage Cheese 10pm, 1/4 cup, 45 kcal

Total kcal for the day: 795

Ketosis: No

I went to go get my second shot for the week today and asked about a couple of things that I didn't think about at the last visit.  One thing was the protein powder they sell.  Now, I have had protein powder drinks before, so it was really surprising how thick this stuff was.  And oh so artificially sweet.  :(   So, I put some ice in with it and put it in the magic bullet and that made it a bit better.  It was certainly not worth $25/can.  Yikes!  One thing that was good was that I felt pretty full afterward. 

I had a pretty busy day all around, too.  I had some computer work to do for our daycare lady in both the daycare and her home, for her records.  I needed to straighten a few things out and then take it over to her home and install a program and update everything.  I also fixed her printer issue while I was there. 

Then, I went home, filed our taxes, and signed up for a seminar in Orlando for SWE (Society of Women Engineers) and made hotel arrangements for it for the end of the month.  I have this feeling this month is going to fly by. 

Mood:  Pretty good today, too busy to be hungry really. 

by Bronze Member on Feb. 6, 2013 at 2:26 PM
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Good luck, Opal!!
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by on Feb. 9, 2013 at 3:12 PM

Day 7:

Food Journal:

Turkey Bacon 9am, 2 slices, 55kcal

Egg White Substitute 9am, 1/2 cup, 70 kcal

Egg 9am, 1 egg, 75 kcal

Chicken Breast 12:30pm, 7ozs, 245 kcal

Chicken Breast 6pm, 5 ozs, 175 kcal

2% Cottage Cheese 12am, 1 cup, 180 kcal

Total kcal for the day: 800

Ketosis:  No

Internet went out for a couple of days, so I wasn't here to journal.  I did have homework to do, but not enough time to do that and much else.  I found out that Starbucks has SF flavored syrups, but no SF creamer of any kind.  BOO!  They were really nice and tried to offer me FF milk, but alas, it has carbs, so it was a no go.

Mood:  Irritated that SB's doesn't have any SF creamer.  LOL

by on Feb. 9, 2013 at 3:36 PM

Day 8

Wt: 320 (-7) pounds

BMI: 47.3

BMR: 2190 kcal

Fat%: 52.4%

Fat Mass: 167.5 lbs

FFM: 152.5 lbs (everything else besides fat)

Food Journal:

Cottage Cheese 8:30am, 1/2 cup, 90 kcal

Deli Turkey Fat Free 2:30pm, 3ozs, 105 kcal

Turkey Jerky 2:30pm, 1oz, 80 kcal

Baked Salmon 6pm, 3ozs, 165 kcal

Turkey Pepperoni 9pm, 30gm, 70 kcal

Light N Fit Low Sugar Yogurt 9pm, 4ozs, 50 kcal

Light Babybel Cheese 9pm, 1 count, 50 kcal

Turkey Sausage Patties 9pm, 2 patties, 100 kcal

Turkey Jerky 9pm, 1 oz, 80 kcal

Total Kcal for the day: 790

Veggies: 3 Romaine leaves and mixed veggies w/dinner

Healthy Fats: Almonds

Ketosis:  No

As you can see, I am now able to eat vegetables and healthy fats.  That was new today after the weekly visit.  I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY TO EAT VEGETABLES IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!  LOL  I ran right out to the store and bought some, so I could make a veggie stir fry for dinner. I also got my other shot today, as the pharmacy issue was resolved.  OK, now the girl DID tell me it was going to burn, but DAYUM ladies!  That thing stung something awful!  I have had some painful shots before, but I was sitting diagonal for about 15 minutes after that one.  Yikes!

That veggie shopping trip was after I stopped at the nail salon to get my acrylics put back on and a face wax, facial, and eyebrow wax.  My cuticles were so messed up, she also did a manicure.  All I could do was apologize and promise to never let them get that bad again.  LOL  I also made an appointment for next Thursday- to get my hair colored.  I have been neglecting a lot lately. 

I went home with my goodies, noticed the internet was out and couldn't even come on to journal about it.  :(  I had to run to the Starbucks and get some homework done before the kids needed to be picked up.  That is when I found out about the aforementioned lack of SF creamer.  SIGH.  I got bottled water instead.

Mood:  So happy to have veggies I could cry and I am really full now. 

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