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What healthy food is expensive? Is it the lean meats? Veggies aren't really expensive right?
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by on Feb. 25, 2013 at 9:42 PM
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by on Feb. 28, 2013 at 3:39 PM

LOL!  It's all good!

Quoting Love.Angie:

Ok so I owe you an apologyembarrassed

....apparently you can make 2 chicken breast stretch between 5 people. We did it tonight with our family of 6 and we still had leftovers. My SO (who does most of the cooking) says he does it all the time, with the exception of when he makes meat the main meal. When I told him about this post, he shot me that "you are the last person who should be giving cooking advice" look. lol Sorry!

I do all the shopping though so I still stand by my statement about how expensive certain meals  made from scratch can be, but I guess you can make them stretch further than I thought.

Quoting emilyrosenj:

It's four adults and one 12 year old.  The quinoa or brown rice adds protein as well...

Quoting Love.Angie:

 I'm not saying it can't be done and maybe I'm wrong about how much things really cost. But at the same time I think a lot of you (myself included) are talking about feeding small children who don't require a lot of food. There is no way two chicken breasts would be enough protein for 5 adults/teens.  

Quoting emilyrosenj:

Actually I would get more meals from the chicken, veggies and fresh fruit.  You can get a pack of chicken breast for about $11, fresh veggies for around $.99 a lb which would be enough for several meals and Fresh fruit for about $4.  I can make the chicken breast stretch by adding brown rice and/or whole grain pasta (often the same price as white pasta).  I've fed my family of 5 on two chicken breasts and one box of pasta.  Since switching to healthier eating, our portions are smaller and we often have leftovers for lunches...


by on Mar. 12, 2013 at 2:37 AM

If you know how to shop, then it's not relly that much of a difference. Organic however, is much more.

by on Mar. 25, 2013 at 5:58 PM
Way to go! I'mworking on all those things you've mentionned, but I'm def not saving THAT much yet.

Quoting my4kidsrock2:

It all depends on the week, but I plan every purchase. I make meal plans and grocery lists ahead of time and do not stray from the list. I also check sale ads and go to a place that will price match. I don't usually bother with coupons because I feel obligated to use them even if I don't need what it's for, lol.

I freeze and re-use all left overs. Nothing goes to waste. I have even started making my own chicken and beef stock with left over bones. It's unbelievably easy and cheap and tastes so much better than store bought stuff, lol. I will never buy pre-made stock again. We have tons of re-usable storage containers, most came from the dollar store, and I use them all. 

My husband had a job making 100k+/yr and we never bothered budgeting anything. Once he got laid off from that job the best he could find right now only pays 26k/yr. It has been a huge adjustment for our family but it has honestly been one of the best things that could have happened to us. We have never had as much in savings as we do now, we have never ate better and we have never had more fun as a family. Plus I have lost almost 20 pounds and have never felt better just because I had to quit buying pre processed foods and start cooking at home more, lol.

Quoting proudestmummy:

Oh my goodness. Can you please tell me what you buy? I spend at least $200 on groceries/wk. help!!!

Quoting my4kidsrock2:

I feed a family of 6 on $75 or less a week and the first thing I buy is fresh produce. It's cheaper and healthier than any proccessed foods. Especially if you know how to bargain shop and what can be frozen for later use. 

Quoting dommad2:

Part of it depends on where you live and if they have to ship things. It also depends on how much you have to spend. Feeding a family of 4 on $35 a week does not make fresh produce a possibility. Feeding the same family on $200 a week means as long as you budget correctly nothing is truly out of reach.

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by on Mar. 31, 2013 at 8:33 AM
Wow that's expensive for the mainland and I was in northern cali

Quoting mcginnisc:

A burb of Atlanta...

Quoting melissaanne2002:

Where do u live? In the UP or Alaska?

Quoting mcginnisc:

I spend a fortune on healthy food here. 

A whole chicken is running about $5 per lb right now, chicken breasts are between $5-$6 per lb. Ground turkey is normally almost $4 per lb. 

Tomatoes are $4 per pound, apples were $7 for 1.5 lbs, salad mix is $3 each, berries were $4 per pkg ( 1/2 pint)...Organics are twice as much around here, so there are times I don't get Organic. The cheapest thing I got at the store on Sunday was an English Cucumber and it was $2. Nice... I'm averaging $200 per week eating healthy. I rarely buy processed items..I keep small bags of chips, fruit snacks, and treats for dd's lunch box, but other than that- not much. Heck, bread that does not have HFCS is $4 per loaf where I live. We've eaten cleanly for several years now and our grocery bill increased when we started this lifestyle.. 

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by on Mar. 31, 2013 at 9:00 AM

We spend about the same for healthy foods compared to the processed junk.  We are in northern IN.

by on Mar. 31, 2013 at 10:50 AM

I went to the grocery store (Bi-lo) yesteday and bought 86$ worth of nothing. I bought all healthy foods except for soda's and a bag of doritoes for my DH. I had about 4-5 bags of food and that was about it. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but I thought it was pricey for not that much healthy food.

by Member on Mar. 31, 2013 at 12:05 PM

I think most of it is, BUT if you watch the sales you can do pretty good. Sprouts has sales a lot and wednesdays is the best day to catch them. Its when their old sales and new ones overlap.

I find that the meat is usually the most, but again you can do that for cheap if you watch the sales around your local grocery stores. I personally try to buy at Costco...I can get my hamburger, chicken, pork and roasts for around 150 a month, which is the same amount I was spending for a meat service.

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