Getting outside

"It feels so good to run outside! The fresh air, the breeze, scenery." -Emaline

Prepartum fitness

"Planning on trying again for a baby and not repeating past mistakes. ... I can control how healthy I am." -Alexandra C.

To set a good example

"I run to set a healthy example for my kids." -Julie

Feeling in control

"The thing I love most about running (and this exhausting, time-consuming training for a marathon) is the control it gives me. Life is so hard to manage -- work and friendships and commuting and love can all be so unpredictable -- running just is." -Jean

A mood lift

"I work out to get the mood boost I need as a single mom!" -Adriana

More energy & accomplishment

"I work out because it makes me less tired and lethargic during the day. I feel like I can make more of my time!" -Bekeela

It's better than medicine

"I ditched the gym for Moksha, which is yoga in a hot room. My stress headaches are gone. I sleep better. It makes feel good to the core." -Alexandra L.

Having fun at any age

"Zumba lets me respectfully dance to music my kids dance to!" -Jaime


"I work out to be healthy and (hopefully) live a long life." -Nicole


"I want to be able to tie my shoes, get my own mail, climb stairs, walk to the grocery store, and maybe even do a backbend when I'm 80!" -Kiri

What motivates you to work out?