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How Do You Feel About Home Birth (Assisted and Unassisted)? -- Poll --

Posted by on Jul. 25, 2010 at 12:42 PM
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Question: How do you feel about home birth (assisted or unassisted)?


I agree all the way.

I agree with Assisted only.

I agree with Hospital only.

Both assisted and unassisted should be illegal.

Unassisted should be illegal.

Other... Please explain.

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How do you feel about birthing at home, either assisted or unassisted?  What do you think of those who choose to do this?

I have had 6 babies.  Of those, the last 3 were born at home.  My 4th baby (1st home birth) was assisted with a CNM.  I searched for a midwife in my area (MO at that time).  I was around 27-28 weeks when I finally found a CNM from KS who would come to my house and attend the birth of my baby.  She let me opt out of all the tests, although I did do the GBS test.  She would monitor my blood pressure, listen to baby's heart, and do the urine test.  She also taught me about how to read it and what was normal.  The birth was long, 8 hours.  It was a great birth and I was so happy to have had him at home. 

My 5th birth (2nd home birth) was somewhat unassisted.  We didn't have a midwife - where we are in AZ the closest was about 4-5 hours away, but did have an experienced friend there to help us out. It was my fastest, and hardest, birth - due to the intensity of the contractions and him being my biggest (9 lbs exactly).  :)  It only lasted 4 hours, but was so wonderful to experience.  I also kept an online journal of what was going on in the pregnancy.

My 6th baby was born at home, assisted only by my DH and 11yr old DD.  We didn't have a midwife.  I did all my own prenatal work.  I was prepared for an unassisted birth, as that is what we were planning.  It is a good thing we were studied up and prepared, because she would have been unassisted no matter how prepared we were.  On the day labour began, it began to snow and ice.  We were snowed in, and there was no getting in or out of the farm for several days after her birth.

I've done extensive study on the subject over the years.  I have faith in myself and my knowledge of what to do in the event of an emergency.  Most home birthing mothers and fathers do a lot of research into the subject.  It is a very intimate experience.  One that, if religious, brings you so much closer to your faith.  I found prayer helped a lot through my births. 

OK, I couldn't resist.  LOL!  DH and I were watching Monty Python's The Meaning of Life on Friday and I love this clip. DH and I were cracking up about how accurate this is.

Woman: "What do I do?"

Doctor:  "Nothing, dear.  You're NOT qualified!"

Welcoming our 6th baby, 3rd home birth and 1st unassisted birth on 2-10-10.

by on Jul. 25, 2010 at 12:42 PM
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by Group Admin on Jul. 26, 2010 at 1:36 PM

I don't really know too much about either. I understand the concept and did look into it with my last, but decided pretty early on it wasn't for me. As for how I feel about moms who choose to do it that way I'm all for it. It's your baby/body if you feel it's best for you then go for it. I would never say anything against someone who decided to have a home birth. Women did it that way and unassisted for hundreds of yrs and we are still here. It just depends on the individual feelings of a certain mama. I do have a lot of respect for women who go that route. I just didn't see myself being strong enough to do that.

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