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OB/Insurance issues

Posted by on Dec. 9, 2010 at 2:08 PM
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 So when DH got this new job, we realized this insurance kinda stinks.  We pay over $300 a month, PLUS 25% OOP for EVERYTHING.  So we got pregnant and I got scared, How would we pay for this baby?

I found out we qualified for Medicaid.  We got it, and now we just pay the $300 a month for insurance and medicaid picks up the rest of the bills.  Great right?

Well we had open enrollment for insurance in Nov, and we decided (mainly MY idea (stupid me)) to try the other plan they offered.  Its gonna cost us $90 a month (so we could save $200 in the bank) and we have a high deductable plan.  We pay the first $2,400 OOP, then they were supposed to pick up 100%.  So I called Medicaid, they said YES that they would cover all that. 

Well apparently I suck at asking questions, b/c I called again the other day to re-ask them.  They do NOT pay for deducatables at ALL.  And I found out that yes, we pay the first $2,400, THEN we have to pay 15% up to $5,600 for a total OOP for the family. 

If I wasnt pregnant, this wouldnt be bugging me b/c we honestly dont go to the Dr that much, so I think in a NORMAL year, this may be good for us.  But Im 22 wks pregnant, Im due April 11th.  So I have LOTS of appts left, and now I have to pay for the OOP.  Plus the delivery.  Plus the NB Dr appts, and the boys...

I feel so stupid, and now we have medicaid for NO reason at all, b/c after the 31st they wont cover anything.  Im so pissed, and they keep screwing up DH's unemployment for this layoff and thats not helping either. 

So now Im not sure if I should just see how much the rest of this pregnancy is gonna cost with the OB that Im at and stick with her, or try to find prices and find another Dr.  Im just scared we wont be able to afford to send me to the Dr and I wont get the care I need. 

Im bummed and mad at myself.  This is my doings, all because I was trying to save us some money.  It ended up costing us more... 


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by on Dec. 9, 2010 at 2:08 PM
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