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This is why being a First time mom is hard!

Posted by on Apr. 17, 2011 at 1:12 AM
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So true story here, It sort of makes me feel like a bad mom now that it is all said and done now. I know, I shouldn't beat myself up over it, I'm a first time mom, my son is gonna be 7 months old in 10 days from now. 

My son is an absolutely amazing eater. For breakfast he has four tablespoons of Oatmeal, with fruit mixed in it, and then a baby yogurt cup, and 6 ounces of BM. For Morning snack he has a full tub of baby food (typically we keep fruit in the mornings and veggies in the afternoons) and another 6-10 ounces of BM. He eats like this every two hours. For Dinner he has 5 tablespoons of Rice cereal (Or other infant cereal other than oatmeal; that's only for breakfast), mixed with a tub of veggies, and will eat anywhere from a half of a jar of meats to a full jar of meats, with 8 ounces of BM. AMAZING eater, he of course has his baby finger food snacks through out the day, It's more of a fun thing right now than an actual snack. Still trying to learn how to use his fingers, and bring the food sucessfully to his mouth. 

Well, the last two days, he's been VERY sleepy. Like almost sleep all day/night type of thing. He's been up playing maybe a total of 6 hours each day. (That may actually be pushing it). He hasn't really wanted to eat, he's only been wanting his BM. And not nearly as often, every 4-6 hours or so. His poop started to seem sort of "odd" to me. And he's been "throwing up" again.

I went to work today. I get a text half way through my shift from my mother and father in law. (Saturday's he spends with his grandparents.) It says to call them asap. I call, they inform me that he's had a few throw ups, 4 explosive diaper/diarrhea changes (they informed me his poop was yellow), to where they had to completely change his entire outfits. He's been very sleepy, and not eating so much.

Now, I did what EVERY first time mother most likely would have done in this situation. I say, let me talk to my boss, and see if I can get off early to take him to pediatric urgent care. Well, no go. So, I called my hubby, I asked him how close to being done at work is he? He said well, maybe an hour or two. (I only had 3 hours left of my shift at this time.) I said, oh okay, well if you get there before I do, get him ready and take him to pediatric urgent care. I explained to him what was going on.

Well, instead of stopping and being rational about things, and remembering all the battles we have been through with our son, I instantly thought, well he's been sick, he recently had an ear infection (treated by amoxicillin which we now know that he has a slight allergy to) and bronchitis (That was treated byalbuterol breathing treatments). So I thought the worse, I thought it had now become phenomena. (mind you at his follow up on this past Wednesday for him being sick 14 days ago,pedi said his lungs were clear, and his ear infection gone). I thought maybe it came back now, and worse?

I wait out my shift, I ended up getting to come home a half hour early. I was anxious to see him, what was going on, investigate and exam him over myself. I was going over the countless possibilities it could have been.

I get about 10 mins away from home. I get a text from hubby. "He's fine. He's got a tooth popping through. Front bottom left tooth to be correct." I text him back, Serious? Anyways, I get home, I investigate my lil munchkin, sure enough, there is tooth popping right through his lil gums. So swollen, puffy and red. 

Suddenly it hit me. He's only been eating his BM lately (Two days now). DUH! That's why his poop is "explosive", runny and yellow! That's why there's SOOO much of it seeming like it's diahrea. HE's BEEN eating only breastmilk! That's how his poop was before when he was ebfing. Then, it all started to click.

He had terrible TERRIBLE reflux. They did a allergy test on my milk, no allergy to it. They checked him to see if he may have had pyloric stenosis. Nope, not it. Just HORRIBLE reflux. Onto two very very HARSH meds for it, and we STILL had issues. SO, we started him on solids at four months to help with the reflux issue. 

Mind you, not only were we battling with reflux when he was only ebfing, we were dealing with horrible gas issues. 

Slowly it ALL came back to me.

I phone the pedi, just to make sure and be on the safe side. It's all normal.

She told us to make him comfotable and do what we did before he started solids, and still offer solids every two hours to help the reflux. 

Yeah, the throw up, just reflux acting up.

So before, during, after his bed time/bath routine, we did what we used to do (With a few extra steps.)

1) Gave him gas drops before each nursing session tonight.

2) Gave him half a dose of his old reflux meds (per his pedi).

3) Gave him some teething relief gel.

4) Gave him some baby tylenol.

5) For his stuffy nose the Pedi advised us half a dose of baby benedryl. 

6) Nursed/rocked him to sleep.

7) Paci is where it needs to be.

8) Put the incline wedge back under his sheet in his crib.

9) turned on the womb bear.

10) Swaddled him.

My son is peacefully resting finally! Feels so good to finally know what the issues were, and know nothing is wrong with him. I feel bad that it took me 2 days to remember and figure it all out. Anyways, thanks for listening and sorry if it's a wee bit long. Just amazes me that I forgot SO much in two short months. =( I know for next time, at least that's a plus!



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by on Apr. 17, 2011 at 1:12 AM
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