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Group Guidelines

Posted by on Aug. 31, 2010 at 11:10 AM
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To encourage sharing and feeling comfortable, there is pretty much one simple rule: no bashing. Express your opinions, and debating is okay, but don't talk down to or belittle other members. Anything seen as out-of-line or going against this may be reported to the admins, who will delete replies (or if necessary, entire posts) as seen necessary.

Everyone in this group is a mom. We all face similar challenges and have similar goals (to raise happy and healthy children). Please remember that we are all here to support and encourage each. This group can be a great resource and encouragement to all of us if we make it so. If you see a post that is mean-spirited or appears to be breaking the CafeMom guidelines, please report it by using the report link at the bottom of each post and reply. With your help, we can make this group great!

Thank you for your help!

_______________COPIED FROM THE CAFEMOM GUIDELINES______________________

We updated these guidelines on December 17, 2009. Please let the CafeMom Team know if you ever have any questions about these guidelines or anything else in the Pregnancy group.

  1. Please do not advertise or promote other sites (including in your signature).
  2. Please do not start posts to promote groups.
  3. Please do not discuss inappropriate activity on the group. Instead, report it using the Report Abuse link.
  4. Please do not complain about CafeMom, members or their posts.
  5. Please do not personally insult other members.
  6. Please follow the CafeMom Community Guidelines.
  7. Inappropriate posts may be locked or deleted.

All "abuse reports" in this group are kept completely confidential. Please help us by reporting anything you feel is a violation of these guidelines.

Thank you!

-- The CafeMom Team

by on Aug. 31, 2010 at 11:10 AM
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