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Our Guide Lines

Posted by on Sep. 23, 2010 at 11:57 AM
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PLEASE REMAIN ACTIVE:  This group will be open all year of course however, from Nov 1- Jan 15 the system is set to boot whomever is not active every 30 days.

Christmas adoptions & Stockings

IF YOU NEED HELP: Please by all means post your need here. Your profile must be open, And must also be complete to show/list the children who need a ChristmasWe do not require you to post your kids pics but suggest it Angels like to see the faces they are helping to put putting smiles on. We also suggest you post their sizes ages, favorites, etc. Some parents need Christmas adoption flat out and some may only need a little help we welcome all!

IF YOU ARE A CHRISTMAS ANGEL LOOKING TO HELP SOMEONE ELSE. We DO NOT verify moms and their stories. WE DO require moms who ask for help have openprofiles. WE DO work with other groups and will post if a mom has been adopted elsewhere. We will also post about angels who offer to help and then back out.


(My personal theory read if you like) I have been in shoes to both need help and give help I know both sides of the tracks. Sometimes you need a little sometimes you need a lot. I believe when I give to a person I give because it has been laid on my heart to help that person. I don't check their background, etc. I do it because I have a mind to give and a heart to serve. Do some defraud yes they do. BUT, to me my giving is my giving I don't give what I can't afford to so if you have scammed me I've really lost nothing and in the end only you will answer for that. my God/higher power knows my intent in my giving to you no matter what you do with it in the end. I would not ask a bum on the street did he just get a dollar from someone else? How dare I ask a mother if the she really needs the help she's asking for.  I know 1st hand you can be on top with extra money one day and be the one in need the next.  So you never know a person full story. With this said WE WILL WATCH FOR AND REPORT ANY FRAUD AS BEST WE CAN TO HELP PREVENT FRAUD and ask for all group members help in doing so. However, let's be ladies and do this with tact, no post to bash anyone just please alert your admin team and let them handle it.


Note: We are proud members of the Christmas Admin Fraud Unit - A cafemom group/ clearing house to help prevent double dipping and scamming. Aimed at protecting all who seek and give help.   (Those seeking to be adopted and want protection from those who offer to adopt and then back out as well as those seeking to adopt but don't want to adopt scamming double dippers may use this link to see what Christmas groups are apart of and report to the clearing house.)

by on Sep. 23, 2010 at 11:57 AM
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