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Open Adoption Request - Eastern Time Zone {Post For Help Here}

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 If you are seeking to be adopted make your request as a reply to this post here!

by on Sep. 7, 2011 at 12:25 PM
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by New Member on Nov. 14, 2013 at 2:50 AM

my name is Samantha i am 24 years old and i have 2 small babies. gabrielle who is 3 and joseph who is 2.. earlier this year i found out i was expecting . and and i am having another little girl.  we will be naming her tracy-lynn and she is due dec 22. about a year in a 1/2 ago i was a baby sitter had been for 2 years. I got very sick i went with out knowing i had depression and ptsd. one night i woke up started seeing things that were from my past. i though it was me doing the horrible thing.. i didnt know who to tell or turn to so i kept to my self as the month past it got worse i started getting more depressed i started hearing a voice in my head repeating the same nasty word over and over again one night i couldnt deal with it any more i was crying and scared that i might act out the things i was seeing. i feared for my babies. i call the crises hot line and tried to talk to some one but it was a little late i told my husband i cant take this anymore and told him what had been happining. i then told him i need to go to the hospital, to were the kept me for 2 weeks. i lost my job my husband lost his mone he had saved was now gone for bills and for food for the kids. we wind up having to use there saving to help. my husband finally found a job again the beging of this year i was on meds doing better then i went to the doc one day and for some reason asked for a test to see if i was prego. i had had sex but one time and took plain b afraid of having aother child being on meds and all. i did take a test two weeks b4 going to the doc and it was neg. so anyway i took the test andthe nurse open the door and said by the way your positive my hear sank scard of relapsing wondering  how were going aford another baby i call my husband at work crying i was considering an abortion  but i condent flash back of loseing my boy friend at at yonger age and being left prego with only my dad who was against me having it tekking me if i have i was going to be put on the streets so i felt forced in to having one seeing the tiny baby on the screen at 5 months get praped seeing that little one wave at me b4 i fell asleep and me hurting so much form taking that little life away kept playing in my head. so we kept her not knowing how were going to make it or what we were going to do. i stoped my meds as a frear of her being born addicited to them. 2 months ago with me being high risk and sick from ptsd my husband felt like he had to go in leave to help but they told him he had to resign that he hasnt been there that long so he help me. now were hear scraping to get by tying to pull our self out of a hole that just keepd getting bigger and bigger. have to write our story as our last hope to for help wanting to give our kids a good christmas. wanting to be able to give our sson to be little girl thing she needs that we dont have for her no bed no clothen cause we though we were done having kids and donated them. not a thing for her. trying to figer out how we can do this. so i am hear asking for help from some one. i know theres other that need it are were here at this post b4 me needing help to. even if its only one little thing for them it still something i hope that someone can help adopted my family for the holidays just so i can see there smiling faces light up. it sucks everyday watch my kid see the tv and telling how much the wan this and that and being truthful to them and saying i can baby i am sorry i dont have the money or i hope sanat can baby mommy cant kills me. i am from ny and i wont take up anymore of your time but thank you for taking the time out read this and god bless your hear for caring about other i hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving and happy holidays..  

by on Nov. 14, 2013 at 6:44 AM

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My name is Jessica, I'm mom of 3 children.. However we are in for a long custody battle for our middle daughter. We made some mistakes and DH was an over the road truck driver,I was preg and very sick and we lived in a not so great area and at the time and needed help, long story short we let dd stay with my MIL and she was to come in Aug, now she refused to allow her to come and we have been battling for custody..
My DH job kinda screwed him on the load him and his partner picked, we would of been ahead but now we are struggling to get by. We have to get a $5,000-$12,000 psych eval thanks to my mother in law and pay near $10,000 if we want to keep our lawyer... Right now we are going at this alone and my kids are the ones suffering... I do have proof to back up all I have said and would happily give it to anyone who wants to help us.
Ray is 8yrs old(well Saturday he will be) he likes mine craft/drawing/Legos and pretty much ur typical boy and is happy with anything and for clothes he's a 10/12 shirt and 9pants
Kyler is 5yrs old she likes anything princess and books, and taking pictures ..for clothes she's a 6 and again is your typical girl
Quinn- she is 3yrs old and is obsessed with doc mcstuffins and princess Sofia, she also likes to draw.. For cloths she is a 5t
A huge thanks to anyone who could help just a little bit this holiday
by New Member on Nov. 15, 2013 at 11:01 PM

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hi my name is Teri and i live in Rossville GA with my daddy and my 1year old son... he is my wolrld... i thank God everyday for him bc i almost lost him.... stress from losing my job got to me and almost got him but things got better... he is everything to me... i would be lost without him.... he wears 12 to 18 months.... size 4 shoes.... loves thomas the train and elmo.... loves frogs and monkeys... loves trucks and anything that makes noise or rattles... thank you in advance!
by New Member on Nov. 24, 2013 at 1:51 PM

Hi we are a family of 5 we have 2 girls 1 boy ages 4 boy 6 girl 1 year old baby girl. This year has been very ahrd on us we have no money to buy christmas gifts my husband was laid off his job we lost our house and are right now staying in a motel based property. I had to have surgery and cannot work right now due to the surgery from my cancer. I have never asked for help before and I am not asking for a lot it can be used or whatever I just want to give my kids soemthing for christmas my son is the typical 4 year old boy loves sprots arts and crafts cars planes monsters toy story. My daughtehr who is 6 loves playdo legos arts and crafts reading learning toys and the disney princesses. My 1 year old loves anything with buttons she loves minnie mouse she loves anything that makes noise as well and learnign toys for a baby.

by New Member on Dec. 2, 2013 at 8:33 AM

hi my name is carrie and i am a mother to 2 beautiful children and one on the way due in february my oldest is a girl her name is chloe she just turned 4 in september, and my now middle child brayden will be 3 in january, and my baby on the way is a boy, i am writing because my boyfriend has been temporarily laid off from his job due to lack of work because of it being winter months now, hes not expected to return back til spring time which could be april or may even, and i have been a stay at home mom since our daughter was born, as i developed carpal tunnel in both my hands and had to quit my job to get the surgery done, ive enjoyed being a stay at home mom, but this lay off has really hurt us, we cannot afford to give our kids a christmas let alone get anything for our baby on the way, not asking for alot but a christmas angel would be greatly appreciated, i hope to be able to return the favor one day to a family in need, but our bills are starting to pile up and rent is due at the end of the month, both my kids have medical issues that require monthly expenses, its starting tobe overwhelming especially this time of year, i tried signing up for the toys for tots and adopt a family when i heard about them last month but was devastated when i get there only to find out it was too late to sign up it had been closed already, i hate not being able to give my kids a christmas or get the basics for my baby on the way, so if anyone out there would like to be our christmas angel it would be amazing and id be forever grateful to you!!!!!!!!



by New Member on Dec. 3, 2013 at 4:41 PM
I hope its not to late to get my kids adopted. Im not sure what to do but i guess ill give some info. My kids are b10,g12,b14,g16, they could use some games or music cds or trucks n legos or perfume or body sprays or a few gift cards. We have walmart dollar general or other stores around here. If u need my address id be happy to give it out.
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by Member on Dec. 5, 2013 at 4:09 PM

hi my name is kristina

i hate to have to ask for help. iam not looking for alot just some stocking stuffers

i have 2 boys one 4 and one 13 and i have one girl 14.

any help would be great. thank you for reading

by New Member on Nov. 29, 2015 at 6:58 PM
Hello everyone, my names Breanna and I have four kids. Ages 11 girl, 9 girl, 7 boy, 6 boy. I'm only asking for help because we spent a year being homeless and this year we were lucky to find a place to rent. But since then we haven't had any extra money for Christmas. My 11 year old likes art and writing, monster high, clothes 10-12 shirts and pants. My 9 year old is really into frozen anything and everything, reading, writing and art, clothes 10-12 shirts and pants. My 7 year old likes WWE, football, art, superheroes clothes 5-7 shirts and pants. My 6 year old likes superheroes, drawing, WWE, clothes 5-6 shirts and pants.
Any help would be really Nice. Please let me know if you need to know more. Thank you so much!
by New Member on Nov. 29, 2015 at 9:00 PM
Hi my name is Danielle ... My daughter is Nakita she is 15 and we have been having a ruff time since July our home was broke into and the bill money my husband gave me was stole . now we are still struggling to catch up and can't find money for Christmas . We live in canton oh my daughter loves to draw sew and loves crafts she also loves anything Disney related. I know its short notice but if its possible help would be more than appriated ty for taking the time to read this and merry christmas
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