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Birth Stories!

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 Share your story of how you brought your little bundle of joy into the world!

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by on Feb. 19, 2012 at 10:20 PM
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by Member on Feb. 24, 2017 at 8:21 PM
I woke up Saturday (2/18) with, as usual, lower back pain, but it was a little different, in that it wasn't constant. Every now and again, it'd get worse. I didn't think anything of it until that evening, when it started to wrap around my belly. My belly didn't hurt, it'd just feel tight and different, the pain was all in my back, and it really wasn't as bad as it has been before. My husband finally convinced me to at least go to labor and delivery to be checked out around 10:30 that night, because he was sure I was contracting, he could feel my belly tightening intermittently. So in we went. In the elevator on the way up, my water broke and I ended up walking into the L&D triage/ER area with totally soaked pants and kind of waddling, because I was feeling some pressure down low that was new. Still not really having any pain but in my back, so I wasn't super concerned and neither was the intake nurse. We explained the situation, twins, 35 weeks exactly, c-section in a week, all of that, she gave me a gown and some forms to fill out and we sat in a room for about 45 minutes before another nurse came in and put me and the babies on the monitor. She seemed surprised by how often my contractions were coming, asked my pain level (maybe a 4/10 at this point) and went ahead to check me. I told her I was already at 3, and I didn't expect to be more than maybe 5. I was 8, she went out to call the doctor, and then said since A was still breech, we were going to to the c-section now, my doctor was on her way in but since I was so far dilated, the hospitalist would start the c-section. They wheeled me down the hall into the actual l&D where the OR was, and as we went around the corner, I felt an insane pressure and had to push. I told the nurse, she said just to breathe through it (wasn't happening) and Micah was born at around 01:14 in the morning on 2/19/17, in the hallway, breech. The nurse just kind of stared as me as I was telling her the baby was coming, my husband was the one who looked at his watch for the time, and then two more nurses came running, they pulled my gown pack, put Micah, still cord intact, on my chest and wheeled me into a room.

I wasn't paying attention at the time, all I remember is looking at my baby laying on me and hearing him crying. My husband said it was kind of a mad house in the room, with one nurse trying to start an IV, another trying to clamp Micah's cord, and someone else trying to find Benjamin's heart tones. I just held Micah, until I felt that pressure again, again told the nurses that the baby was coming, and Benjamin was born at 1:21 am, head down but facing up. He was at least delivered by the nurse, with the doctor walking in the door in time to help clamp his cord. My doctor made it in 15 minutes later. I had a 1st degree tear, that was it. I was discharged 24 hours later, because I can't handle being a patient in a hospital, but I hotel-ed it and stayed in the room until our babies were discharged on 2/23. Both are breastfeeding, though neither is back up to birth weight yet.
by New Member on Mar. 17, 2017 at 11:10 AM
Went to the obgyn on the Thursday at 1:30pm, doc checked my membranes, and I gave birth on Friday at 8:33pm. Labor started very early Friday morning around 1am, and continued to progress very quickly, so my ex rushed us to the hospital where by 5am I was already 6cms dilated. I would've had her early Friday had my back not started giving me serious issues, to the point where I could feel back pain with each contraction, so it was agony for both reasons. I ended up getting an epidural shortly after that, which unfortunately completely slowed down the process, and I remained stuck at 7cms until 5pm Friday! It wasn't until the doc finally did something special down there to help the process move along that I finally started contracting normally again (pain free thanks to the epidural!). My daughter was 4 days early, 7lbs 15oz, 19 inches. Gave my ex the cutest smirk while she was being weighed and checked. She is 4 months old today!
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