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 Share your story of how you brought your little bundle of joy into the world!

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by on Feb. 19, 2012 at 10:20 PM
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by Member on Jun. 12, 2014 at 11:29 AM
My first time giving birth was an adventure. I was 18 and in a not so good relationship. On June 16th 2006 I had decided the bedrooms needed to be switched around that night my boyfriend and I had a fight so I went in bedroom and ended up falling asleep. I woke up and my boyfriend was gone so I went to the bathroom and as I walked thru living room and felt like I peed a little. I was scared so convinced my self that I just didn't finish going. Went back to bathroom and clear liquid came out. I had no phone luckily soon after my boyfriend got home. So I called hospital they told my to wait until contractions start or come in the next morning. I spent all night awake laying on a towel leaking. I went to gospel next morning and was only a finger tip they ended up inducing me twice through out the day. That night about midnight they made me take a hot shower which I had about five contractions during it then I fit an epidural. Sunday morning at 4 I was still only 7 centimeters. My midwife told me to push so I assumed the baby was coming but little did I know she stretched me the last couple centimeters. It took me 37 mins to push out my 7 lb 8 oz daughter
by Member on Jun. 12, 2014 at 11:37 AM
The second time I gave birth was a little easier. I was due on Thanksgiving. Due to my husband's job we asked about inducing since he is mandated to work Thanksgiving. So I checked in on November 15. They started inducing right away. The contractions started right after. I ended up getting shots for the pain during the night/early morning. I still was not dilating they ended up putting a balloon in me. My husband and aunt and I were so excited when it dropped lol . I finally got an epidural Nov 16th around 4. Then I knewiI had to push soon after. We told nurses and were irritated when they were calm and saying they would call Dr in an hour. They even had the guy who did epidural come in and adjust medicine. I was crying so bad because I was trying not to push but my body wouldn't stop. Finally Dr came in and told me it was time. Took about a half an hour to push out my 9lb 5 oz daughter.
by on Jun. 13, 2014 at 11:09 PM

It was about 8pm 8/22/12 when I first started feeling the contractions.  I waited a couple of hours and then decided to go the hospital.  When I got there they said my contractions were still to far apart and told me to go home and try to get some sleep. Sleep! Needless to say that didn't happen. I went home and tried to lay down, when that became unbearable I got up and walked around the house until I couldn't take it anymore. (I'm kind of sissy, when I'm hurting I definitely whine a cry alot, lol) We went back to the hospital and this time they let me stay but told me to walk around the hospital for an hour. If I remember right my contractions were like 5-6 min apart at that point and each time I had one I stopped walking and almost went to my knees, if it werent for my bf holding me up.  We did this for the required hour and then went back to my room where I promptly asked for an epidural.  I should mention I was extremely nervous about the epideral, getting a shot in my spine and whatnot, but the pain was enough to help me fight through my fear.  They gave me that damn epidural 3 times. A few minutes after the first time a nurse came in and poked me with a needle.  I could still feel the needle just a few inches above my belly button and she said I needed to be numb up to my collar bone.  So they came and gave it to me again. Each time my mom held my hand while I cried like a little b*tch.  They left me alone after that one and I got comfortable and eventually started to doze off.  I guess things werent going as quickly as they wanted to the doc came in and broke my water. I would come to every now and then because the nurses would turn me.  Little Alex's heart rate kept slowing down, but once I'd turn it went back up.  After I had finally fallen asleep, completely, I woke up to like a dozen nurses and doctors and who knows who all clammering about and talking too quickly for me to understand. They rolled me out of the room, not letting my mom or bf come with, and straight to the OR. It all seemed so fast and then they were still, a lady on my right with a scalpel in her hand, iodine all over my belly. Everyone was suddenly still and quiet and all I could hear was Alex's heartbeat on the monitor.  Then I understood that his heartrate had slowed so much they were going to do an emergency c-section, but moving me around to get to the OR must have moved him around and got his heartrate back up.  I laid there trying to breathe quietly, not to panic, just listening to his heartbeat and then they finally relaxed and took me back to my room.  That was when the needle nurse came back and poked me again.  I still wasn't numb more than a few inches above my belly button and she explained that if they had done the c-section they wouldve had to knock me out since i would probably have felt some of it.  So on to the third epidural, this time followed by pitocin.  Everything kind of runs together in my memory, so I'm not sure what time it was at that point, I'm guessing late morning, but it felt like no more than a couple hours after they started the pitocin that the doc came in and said it was time to push.  I think this was the easiest part of my whole experience, lol.  That needle nurse was crazy, because I couldn't feel a thing! I kept asking the doctor after each push if I had done anything because I couldn't tell if I was pushing or not.  Once the pushing had started, it wasn't long at all.  About 45 of pushing and he was out. I heard doc say the cord was wrapped around his neck and she told me later that was why his heartrate kept dropping, and when I would move it would loosen.  No stitches, just a "minor abrasion" and I didn't even poop in front of anyone, lol (sorry TMI).  30 minutes later I was up and walking to the bathroom, I felt amazing! Compared to some stories I've heard, I think I got really lucky. I hope this next one goes so easily, though this time I'll wait a little longer before going to the hospital. I've been told since that the cord probably wrapped around him because there was so much time between the doc breaking my water manually and my delivery. Idk it made sense when I heard it...

Anyway, Alex was born at 2:44pm 8/23/2012 healthy and happy.  

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