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Stuff on My Baby Registry I Really Didn't Need (And neither do you)

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Stuff on My Baby Registry I Really Didn't Need (And Neither Do You)

Posted by Jacqueline Burt
on May 1, 2012 at 6:30 AM

baby showerCreating a baby registry is supposed to be helpful, right? The whole point of a registry is to make life less stressful for new parents by making sure they're all stocked up on infant essentials well before the little one arrives. Or so I thought, until I was pregnant with my first baby. That's when I discovered how very stressful the process of picking and choosing the perfect items for your unborn child can be.

Seems like every mom you meet has another "must-have" for the list:

"Make sure you register for a travel crib! That thing saved my life!" "Oh my god, I would have gone crazy with that vibrating bouncy seat. Do you have one on your registry?"

By the time my baby shower rolled around, I was convinced my future success as a mother depended on what I would find when I ripped all the pink bows and pastel wrapping paper off those boxes. Please, please let there be a bouncy seat!!

Then my daughter was born. And guess what?

The only thing that really did turn out to be a "must-have" was my nursing pillow. Now that truly was a life-saver!

So if you're driving yourself bonkers trying to create the perfect baby registry, relax. Take a deep breath, pick up a pen, and cross the following items off your list of baby "essentials." (Or at least don't worry too much about whether or not you get them.)

1. Wipes warmer

2. Diaper stacker

3. Changing table

4. Steam sterilizer

5. Baby bath tub

6. Diaper pails

7. Fancy crib bedding

8. Burping cloths

9. Glider/Upholstered rocking chair

10. Drying rack for bottles

Having second thoughts about any of the above?

What's on your baby registry?

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by on May. 9, 2012 at 8:18 AM
Replies (11-14):
by Member on May. 10, 2012 at 3:23 PM
The rocking chair(I wish I had one)
The diaper pail ~no
Drying rackk for bottles~no
Fancy crib sets~my mil got us one i still haven't used it
The baby tub~yes my dd still uses her's and she is almost 15 months.

Bouncer~yes she would not have selpt if it weren't for that thing.

Burping cloths~yes
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by Marianne - Admin on May. 10, 2012 at 4:48 PM

 Out of those 10 items, I had everything but a wipe warmer and a rocking chair! And you know what? I used every single thing daily!

I agree with wipe warmers - hands are cheaper and do the job just as well...but living in FL, cold wipes aren't really an issue!

I loved our diaper stacker, it hang off our *changing table* and was very convenient for grabbing the diapers while I was changing her while standing in an upright position. I have bad knees to think about! And it freed the boxes to be used for other things, such as storing the clothes that she grew out of.

Loved our changing table. As long as we were home, she was changed on the table, no where else. Not on the floor, not on the couch, not on a bed, not on a counter - only the changing table. And now that we're done with diapers, it's nice because it still has 3 drawers so she can reach her clothes herself and get dressed - and a door with all her fun accessories that she loves to play with. On top, I have all those cute little breakables that we received when she was born - but had to put away once she got mobile!

I'm not a germaphobe, but I know what goes on in drool and milk/formula...I wanted to make sure all those icky things were killed before allowing my DD to put them in her mouth. I sterilized bottles, toys & pacifiers every night!

My DD didn't like the sink, and the home we were living in when she was a baby had a bad tub. It didn't drain well, so all the cold water that came out waiting for the water to warm up would be in there with the hot water - and by the time the water would have been at an ok temperature, it would have been way too deep for an infant. So I'm grateful for our tub. It came with a little "shower" attachment too, and I still use the bucket part of that attachment now, even at age 3, to help get the shampoo out of her hair at bathtime!

I had a diaper champ - which is different than a diaper genie - and I loved it. Again, with her bedroom/changing table upstairs, my knees wouldn't have been able to afford taking each diaper out each time we changed her. Having that pail by the changing table made all the difference. It didn't stink up the room, and held enough diapers that we only had to change it every week and a half or so!

We did get the fancy crib bedding and it did come with a bumper - which we ended up not using. But it also came with a sheet, dust ruffle, lamp, diaper stacker & curtain. We used the sheet, dust ruffle & diaper stacker as long as we could (she's not in a crib or diapers anymore) but the lamp and curtain are still in use. Best $75 set ever!

We used burping cloths, but for drool. We kept them ALL OVER the house, because when she was teething, her drool got everywhere - and it stained fabrics! So those burp cloths came in handy protecting the couch, carpet & clothes from her gallons of drool each day!

Didn't have a rocking chair, I wouldn't say it would be a waste of money if someone had one, but it's certainly not a necessity.

I washed the bottles nightly, and they needed to dry somewhere! Just setting them down on a towel upside down didn't dry them in time to be used again, the drying rack was very helpful in my opinion!

by Member on May. 12, 2012 at 10:27 PM

i use my changing table, rocking chair, diaper pail, drying rack, and burp cloths daily 

by Patty on May. 14, 2012 at 11:00 AM
I with out a doubt needed burp cloths, dry rack and a rocker
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