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i really love him too death but i dont kno what too do

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okay so I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years (next month will be our 2 year anniversary) every couple has there ups and downs...

so he has this ex that he dated on and off in the past before me and him got together, well he travels for his job and can be gone for weeks at a time and comes home for 2-5 days at a time. well she only texts him when he is gone for his job and talks all day every day til he gets home, and he lies too me about it and how i know is every now and then i look at his phone and the messages are in his phone and Ive asked him before and after i look at his phone and he tells me no... i tell  him i don't care if you talk too her just dont lie too me about it cause it will upset me even more cause he lied... for awhile he told me every time she txted him and then he slowly stoped tellin me... well my big concern is i went too tennessee the beging of november he left shortly before that so i didnt get too see him before i left, well she started talkin about me and my pregnancy(yes i forgot too mention im 23 weeks &4 days pregnant with his son) about i need too quit smoking right away and my ob/gyn told me too slowly quit smoking(which i am), and then she started on mine and his relationship askin him why is he with me do you love her why would you buy a house together and started a family together, and then she told him he should leave me cause im gunna leave him when we get this house and nail him for child support, and i dont kno anything about raising children etc...

and the messed up part is she doesnt even kno me she has only met me 3 or 4 times since me and him been together.

and what gets me the most is he started talkin bad about me back too her and agreeing with her and i asked him about it he said " i only said it so she would shut up and leave me alone about it" i told him why didnt you just tell her its non of her business and stay out of it...

so right now im 23 weeks pregnant with his child and i dont kno what too do im tryin not too stress over this but it dont help cause he has lied too me about talkin too her and he is gone all the time... PLEASE HELP OR GIVE ME IDEAS ON WHAT TOO DO


by on Dec. 1, 2010 at 10:02 PM
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by on Dec. 2, 2010 at 1:00 PM
My daughters biological dad used to do that crap all the time. I was young and stupid so I continued to keep myself in denial. He needs to stop talking to her or you need to cut him loose. There is nothing innocent about a situation like that and even if he were "just saying that" he is giving her hope and drive to keep pushing to get him back.
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