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"We'll see..." ugh! *UPDATE of sorts*

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Pisses me off when he acts like this! Just have to vent. I work full time, am 21 weeks pregnant, and have a 3 year old with me 24 hrs a day. (I am his teacher along with 12 other children) my husband works from 7 to 3, gets off work and goes to his friends to play playstation. Then he comes home, I make dinner while he watches a movie with our son (their bonding time so I'm fine with it) after dinner, I only ask that he loads and starts the dishwasher while I get a shower and get ready for bed. I haven't been sleeping lately bc I can't get comfortable. My back hurts with this pregnancy but I'm still always going and tonight, after dinner I asked him to load the dishwasher and he sighs from his recliner and says "We'll see." He's left the chair once since getting home at 5 from playing video games. I am so mad. I am getting ready to go get my shower, give my son a bath, then I guess load the friggen dishwasher. Ugh!

Anyone else have to deal with this? It isn't fair! What do you do to ensure more chores are shared?


Nothing has changed, really... He did end up loading the dishwasher after I asked him again. He sighed and rolled his eyes but he did it. =) But about talking to him, I really have. No distractions, not yelling. I will say "This pregnancy is a lot harder than my first. Working at a daycare is hard and chasing a three year old is hard. I would really like some help in the evenings." He says he doesn't see why I complain. I was just fine when I was pregnant with our three year old. He just doesn't get that. But here is a kicker! Two days ago. He brought home a puppy. An eight week old mut. She is very cute and my son loves her but I kind of worried it was going to add to my daily chores. So I said, "if we're going to keep her I need to know for sure you will help with her." He said duh, of course he would... And by the next day, he already started getting angry at me for not cleaning up her poop since he forgot to take her out on his lunch break. I don't get a lunch break. And I don't feel like it is my responsibility to clean up after her when he "forgets she is here" then goes to his friends after work. So I put my foot down and said "I am finding a home for her." That snapped him out of it and he's done really good today but we'll see. He actually just told me he is cooking pork chops tonight. I got sent home from work bc my back pain is almost intolerable. So maybe he feels bad now, but we'll see.

Thank you ladies so much for all the hugs and advice! And the ladies who are going through the same, I am so sorry! If I find a solution I will let you know!!
by on Jan. 24, 2011 at 10:28 PM
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by on Feb. 28, 2011 at 4:49 PM

Wow, a dog is the last thing you need.  Men don't get that all pregnacies are different. They are like a snow flake. Sorry, but it sounds like youe DH doesn't want to do household anything. Tell him he needs to help more & stay home more because how is he going to be after the baby is born, it will be a lot more work & he needs to stay & help. He did contribute to making the babies, he needs to stay & help with the babies. As for the dog, get rid of it, say no pets while a baby is in the house. It sounds like adding pets is adding more work then needed. Wait till both babies are much older to where they can help take care of a pet. We got a puppy when my son ws little, but because of some "accidents" we got rid of the puppy. Babies crawling will get into what ever mess the dog makes. it's a nasty cleanup. I almost got sick when it happened in my house. Right in the living room & my son got into it. ew.

by on Feb. 28, 2011 at 4:52 PM

I am sorry you are having to deal with this. Regardless if you are pregnant or not you both work and he should help out some. I hope he starts helping more.

by on Feb. 28, 2011 at 7:18 PM
I'm so sorry Hun! Hopefully he keeps helping.
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