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DIRTY scoundrels!!!!!!

Posted by on Apr. 25, 2012 at 11:15 AM
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Ok, Sorry for this long post but girls, I gotta vent.

Ok, My DH was working for this automotive shop for 4 months. This whole time, he only made $400. He would work late, go on service calls, be gone for 4-5 nights in a row ect., ect. Well One night he called and said he was on a service call so I just had to check his FB. Their was a pic of him and his bosses 19 yr old daughter who has a 5 yr old daughter and him posing for pics. I got mad. Like a good little girl I kept my mouth shut. When he finnally got home and whent to sleep, I checked his text on his phone. OMFG! Their were 4 messages saying i miss you and can't wait to go play beer pong with you again. their was a pic of him with a hole in his pants and his 40 something year old boss with her hand down them and them both smiling from ear to ear. She would message him and call him 10-20 times a night when he was home and stuff. Well I woke up late one night and he wasn't in bed. I tipptoed to the livingroom and their he was pants around his ankles jacking off to their naked pics they put on their fb and had it to where he only had access to view them. I whent off. 

WE yelled a bit and i started throwing his stuf outta the house. I was royally mad. I was tired of the calling me names, fourcing sex on me. (he would call me fat and all kinds of bad things then shove me on the couch and tell me I don't care if you are gonna give it up or not, I am taking it. Then have his way) He was always telling me I was a sorry excuse for a woman and  mom and he would pin me down tll my wrist were blue for just dissagreeing with him. So I was fed up and kicked him out. WEll that night it got so bad the cops were called. He grabbed my arm, shoved me behind the door and put all his weight on it. Squishing me between the door and the wall to hold me their. He twisted my arm trying to break it. SO I reached around and clawed him to let me free enough to try to run. He then hit me in the face 3x and punched me in the arm. So the police were called. They happened to be close friends of his dads and told him in front of me that when he goes to court tell them I attacked him first and he would win. Then told me If I was a good lil wife and took it without fighting back then things would have been different. 

 So then my landlady shows up the next morning cause her lil snitch friend called her while it was happening. She then gives me an eviction letter cause she didnt rent to a single mother with kids she rented to a family. Told me if he wasn't back in 2 days on the 3rd day she would give me a 3 day eviction.  Now a month later still fighting with her. DH lives in garage and he recently quit working for that shop. Wich I found out today that when they decided for him to leave, she lost all her customers cause the only reason they had their cars worked on their was due to my dh. HAHA serves her right. She sent me a message 3 days ago on fb saying that "When a man cheats it's not the homewreckers fault but the housewife's for not taking care of her man" Well I admit it made me mad and I cussed her out. The next day, her daughters boyfriends "somehow" found out about them and my dh and dumped them after yrs of being together.  Now they say that they were good girls and the men were scum and how could they do that to such good girls ect. Oh come on. If you lay with Dogs soon you will get fleas. Like I gave this man 3 kids, and put up with his crap for 7 yrs and I am the reason for this.  Just my luck right :(

Sorry for the rant but I soooooo needed to get this off my chest b4 I explode.

by on Apr. 25, 2012 at 11:15 AM
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by on Apr. 25, 2012 at 11:23 AM


I would be calling around for a lawyer (try finding one pro-bono). Unless you signed something on the lease that sys your landlord won't rent to a single mom (though I am sure it is still illegal), she can not kick you out. Period. Once you lawyer up, kick your husband out of the garage. He can go somewhere else.

The police and judge should be able to tell by the injuries sustained and by a re-enactment, who started what and who was using self defense.

by on Apr. 25, 2012 at 11:27 AM

OMG  i dont know where to begin. Your dh is the soorest excuse for a man hubby and father. I hope to god you got a divorce or in the process of and never going back to that..You deserve a man that wouldnt ever even think about touching you in ANY sort of anger and one that longs to be with you and your heart forever. You didnt deserve anyof that and i know he will and other crazy uneducated ppl will try to blame you but it wasnt your fault, he is a grown man and needs to take FULL responsibility of his actions. You dont want your kids around that stuff, they will think its normal and do the same thing too when their adults, (and along the way they will get scarred) i hope you stay strong and put your foot down and walk away from him for good. My dh gets so angry at himself when he accidently pokes me to hard, or squeezes me to hard from hugging...he is my protector and provider and best friend that is what a dh should be!

 and your dh needs to have his ass whooped thats for sure


by on Apr. 25, 2012 at 11:57 AM

Rape, even between spouses- is illegal.  You did not hit him first. 

I would report those officers to their superior.

Your landlady cannot give you a 3 day eviction notice.  She has to go through eviction court.  And if you've paid your rent and the place has been kept nice, I doubt the judge would grant her one.  Stand your ground.  Does your lease say "if you get divorced or separated this contract will be terminated?"  I don't think so. 

You might want to call the abuse hotline for help.  You should not have to live with a monster.  You can leave.

by Jenn! on Apr. 25, 2012 at 11:58 AM
Wow your dh is scum! :( I'm so sorry he did all of that to you with zero remorse. His boss is a homewrecking piece of garbage too.
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by on Apr. 25, 2012 at 12:24 PM

one q? I have this male friend over seas. (netherlands) We talk daily and he treats me like I am the center of his world and we are just friends. He is 21 and is on his last yr. to get his doctrate to be a surg. He has been their for me for 8 months of this. He use to be dh friend but now wants to kill him for all hes done. We were just talking on Skype and he told me he needed to talk to me. I was like ok what is it. Then he confesses he's had feelings for me for 5 months now. Well I feel aweful cause I feel happy when I talk to him and such. We never talk about anything sexual and such but I feel like a bad person for feeling this way when I am still leagally married. My mother and the one friend I have been allowed to have (he was scared that if I had friends they were gonna brain wash me) tell me it isn't wrong to have the feelings cause DH hasn't acted like a true husband ever and this friend wants to come to the U.S. but not for another 1-2 yrs. He even offered to send me $300 to file for divorce! I am lost and I feel bad but I look forward to talking to him daily. Am I a bad person for this?

by on Apr. 25, 2012 at 12:42 PM
No, you are not a bad person for finding a man who isn't a douche bag. Lose your "husband" and start fresh. Don't jump right in, but take it nice, and, slow.
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