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its the battle of the sexes! tell me what you think

Posted by on May. 1, 2012 at 1:01 PM
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so i think what the problem is that men dont understand or want to understand that woman really dont need them. sense the beganing of man kind the male had been made the dominet party. they have been allowed to do what ever they want and for what ever reason because it has been the belief that they are the strongest and bravest out of us. for centries men have been looked apond like gods while woman have been forced into a life of servituded and pratical slavery in some cases. females have even been killed for nothing more then the fact that they are female and because males are believed to be more improtent...... well i hate to brake it to all the men out there but they are WRONG!  the whole world is wrong and while it will take a very long time for it to relise that, because? the world is run by MEN, of course!


well im going to lay it down for how it is, woman dont really need men. they have very few uses and about the only thing that they are truly useful for most are extremely poor at doing!  a man can change a light bulb and so can i. they can put togethere stuff [ and poorly in some cases] i can do that too and i actually read the instrutions to make sure the job is done right!  sure they woman may not be a physically strong as a man but we make it up with inner strangh and patiance which most men dont even know the meaning of.

they think we are selfish because we have to have things our way, well that is there own failt. if they could do things right the first time without us having to stand over then and in some cases fix it ourself then it wouldnt be that way. they think that they have to treat us like queens to get in our pants then once they get what they want its ok to treat us like dirt? well if they expect respect from us they have to give some as well, because it goes both ways. dont just expect that because you have a dick that you can act like one and everyone will still love you!

if we were truly as selfish as men think we are then there wouldnt be people in this world, woman would be closing there legs and saying hell NO. men dont understand that, they think that because they are "gods gift" that the world belongs to them and there for the everything else. well last time i checked it was a WOMAN that was give to adam, not a dog or something else. yet most guys treat dogs better then they do there own mothers.....

the truth is that woman dont really need men, except for having more children. i dont see men popping out children with the exception of that "pregnant man" that is really a woman with a sex change and sea horses...... most men can handle a cold or a papercut and yet they claim that they are better then us, they believe that everything that is in this world is because of them. SORRY but men are probably the worst things to happen to this world. pretty much every war we have ever had has been because of men, they are truly the selfish party out of this. they think only of themselfs and there needs rather it is in the bedroom or on the street. "bro's before hoe's" isnt that the saying that they live by?

so why do we keep them around if they are truly as i say, well maybe its because we have hearts and care about other things but ourselfs, we were gifted with the gift of love and narture which draws us to love even the most sadest of creatures....... like the the worlds uglest dog? that poor things had a face that only a mother could love and by that i mean HUMAN mother because its real one probably would have eaten him!

we let men do stuff for us because deep down we are lazy and its more intertaning to have a guy do it, even thought we know they probably wont do it right. its still fun to watch!  and i know that  there is a lot of woman out there that dont agree with what i have said, i can understand if they think im wrong. but i think that with all the current things going on in the world, i have enough reasons to base my opinon. if you want to know what events i am talking about then just look up what is happening in china and india where female babies and fetus are being killed over the favor of man off springs. and the reason?  nothing more then thaqt fact that men are believed to be the better more wanted, they are believer to be the more dominet party while woman are believed to be nothing but property or of less worth....

woman dont think this way, they love all there children,  boy/girl it dont matter and yet males only want other males. they force woman to breed more of there kind and in about 20-30 years when woman have all but dispered from those countries they will wonder why there are no more children and why things are so much worst then before....

sorry but men are stupid, not all but enough that if it wasnt for woman in the world we wouldnt have made it this far......



i know you may not agree with what i say, or you may to a point. so i want to hear what you have to say, so let it out.


by on May. 1, 2012 at 1:01 PM
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by Ruby Member on May. 1, 2012 at 2:00 PM
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Hate men much?  

 As far as I'm concerned my DH is a god and no woman can do or give me what he can.  He is the head of our family and yes, I look up to him.  He makes the big decisions, works his ass off to provide for his family, he's stong physically and emotionally, can handle more pain than anyone I know and not flinch.  He treats everyone with the respect they deserve.....some even more than what they deserve.  I would gladly serve him but there's no need because he treats me as his equal.  We both know our place in this home and I am no less of a person because I stay at home to care for my family.

I agree that there are men out there that do behave like you descrbed but there are women out therevthat behave just the same if not worse.

by on May. 1, 2012 at 2:06 PM
There have been matriarchal societies in the past as well as the more popular patriarchal ones. I think men have a place in society BESIDE women, not in from of or behind. Perhaps one day we will be there. until then, I will love my hubby and son, flaws and all, just as well as my daughter and if I had one, girlfriend
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by Marianne on May. 1, 2012 at 2:54 PM

 I'm sorry, I didn't read the whole thing.

I can't speak for every man on the planet, but the 3 closest to my heart - my dad, DH, and FIL are all extremely wonderful people. Never once has any of them expected servitude of his wife (or other women for that matter), they are respectful, loving, empowering, and caring. My husband and I are equals in this marriage, and we both love each other very much.

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