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Your Wedding Facts!

Posted by on May. 7, 2012 at 11:26 AM
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With twelve days to go before my wedding, I'm getting pretty excited! I found this on a wedding site and thought it could be fun to fill out and then read everyone else's answers. :)

Wedding Date: May 19, 2012

Engagement Length: 'Officially' a year-ish, people have known and we have planned for a little over three months.

Colors: Pinks and white.

Theme: Cherry blossom.

Wedding Party(#s): None, actually. Just the two of us.

Rehearsal Dinner (where, time): Not having one. We don't have a wedding party, so there's really no need. FMIL keeps pushing us to have one, but we don't have the time or interest. I'm going to be cooking the wedding dinner all day on the 18th.

Ceremony (where, time): A clubhouse in our hometown, 2pm

Reception (where, time): Same location as the ceremony, follows immediately after the ceremony. It can last until whenever, we really don't have any 'vendors' and we have the venue from Friday morning to Sunday morning.

Dress Style: Simple white a-line dress, floor length with no train. The lady who is doing my alterations is adding some beading to the top near my chest to make it match my veil. The veil is more elaborate; a delicate material with some dainty Swarovsky crystals lining the edges.

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Hair professionally done, doing my own makeup.

Honeymoon Location: Corolla, NC (Outer Banks)

Flowers: Cherry blossoms, lillies, and some leaves and grasses the florist helped me pick out. There are a few other kinds to tie it all together, but I can't remember the names.

First Dance Song: Honestly, I'm not sure if we're going to have a dance or not yet. I'm not one for dancing and get embarrased too easily, and DF doesn't care either way.

Centerpieces: A vase of llies and cherry blossoms sitting on a round mirror, with cherry blossom silk flowers that I handpainted and beaded to sprinkle over the mirror's edges.

Food/Menu: Sandwiches made from croissants, a shrimp tray, sausage balls, sausage dip, cream cheese mints, fruit and veggie trays with dip, a chocolate fountain, and a homemade edible arrangement fruit boquet. Actually, all of the food I've made/will make myself with the help of my mom and a few friends - and I know I'm leaving out a lot of the food by accident. It's buffet-style for 30-45 people.

Cake Flavour: Top layer; marble. Middle layer; marble. Bottom layer; white.

Bar: DF's brother took bartending classes last year, and is excited to be our bartender. We've got a bunch of booze picked out so everyone can choose their favorite instead of having a limited menu. We don't drink often, so may as well make it a big party! I know I'm having a mojito or three after it's all said and done.

Favours: Heart shaped, tutti fruitti flavored, candy cane favors that are pink and white, bagged and tied off with ribbon, a thank you tag, and a vial of wedding bubbles.

DJ/Band/Ipod: My cousin plays guitar and will be playing some and DJing for the rest.

Bachelorrete (when/what):  Not having bachelor or bachelorete parties...apparently we have family that we have to entertain the night before.

by on May. 7, 2012 at 11:26 AM
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Replies (1-10):
by Ruby Member on May. 7, 2012 at 11:37 AM

Quoting xxbyamomentx:

With twelve days to go before my wedding, I'm getting pretty excited! I found this on a wedding site and thought it could be fun to fill out and then read everyone else's answers. :)


Wedding Date: November 23rd, 2001

Engagement Length: 5 months

Colors: none

Theme: none

Wedding Party(#s): just us and the witnesses and JP

Rehearsal Dinner (where, time):  none

Ceremony (where, time): Courthouse, around 4pm

Reception (where, time): none, we just took our witnesses out to dinner after the ceremony

Dress Style: blue sequin dress

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): I had it dyed blond and layered.  I wore it down.

Honeymoon Location: My sisters apartment for 3 days.  The first night she took us out to the movies then we had the apartment to ourselves for the weekend. lol

Flowers: White roses, some other white flower, baby's breath and greens.

First Dance Song: Don't remember but I do think we danced in our livingroom together.

Centerpieces: none

Food/Menu: restaurant food.

Cake Flavour: I don't think we had a cake. lol

Bar: none

Favours: none

DJ/Band/Ipod: none

Bachelorrete (when/what):  My family threw us an engagement party and invited some of my friends.  It was casual barbecue and drinks. 

by on May. 7, 2012 at 11:39 AM

oh i'm 13 days out.

by on May. 7, 2012 at 12:37 PM
I love weddings. Maybe I should be a planner.
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by Bronze Member on May. 7, 2012 at 12:54 PM
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Wedding Date: May 17, 2008

Engagement Length: We got engaged in June so almost a year!

Colors: Light pink, pale sage, and white.

Theme: We didn't really have a theme, the them was wedding, lol

Wedding Party(#s): Three Bridesmaids and Three Groomsmen, all couples!

Rehearsal Dinner (where, time): Oh our rehearsal dinner was a disaster. Like you I was completely uninterested in one but MIL was insisting so last minute I let her rent a room at Country Buffet. I hate country buffet lol but she loves it and by the time I gave in to a dinner I didn't really care where it was.

Ceremony (where, time): Hillside Gardens. The ceremony was outside during sunset!

Reception (where, time): Same location, Hillside Gardens. There ceremony was in a garden and the reception was under this giant pavillion afterwards right next to the ceremony site.

Dress Style: I like the poof! My dress was a princess style. I think I have a pic of it, I'm terrible at describing things:

lol I'm a ham for the camera, I have like 10 pictures of me on my wedding day making silly faces.

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): My hair and makeup were done by my SIL who was my MOH.

Honeymoon Location: Disneyworld, Florida. lol we're just big kids.

Flowers: White lillies and baby's breath.

First Dance Song: We danced our first song to Elvis, I cant remember the name of the song but I know we tried to waltz to it, lol.

Centerpieces: We took some various vintage looking vases and filled them with flowers, simple and elegant.

Food/Menu: We had a wonderful caterer named Siosi, he was this Simoan that cooked for the resteraunt my FIL owned. The spread was beautiful!

He put the long trays of food on mirrors! I remember we had cornish game hen, beef, lots of variety! The deserts (in addition to the wedding cake) were petit fours and chocolate covered strawberries.

Cake Flavour: Tbh, I cant remember! Lol I know that we had a spice cake for the top.

Bar: We had dry wedding, no booze except for Champagne for the wedding party table.

Favours: m&m's with our names and wedding date on them in a jar with a fake diamond ring tied onto it with ribbon and bubbles of course!

DJ/Band/Ipod: We used a local DJ here in Colorado, they were a lovely couple and the husband was a professional Elvis impersonator! We loved him!

Bachelorrete (when/what):  I wanted a low key bachelorette party so my bridesmaids and friends through me an old fashioned sleepover complete with cupcakes, my favorite foods, we went to my favorite restaurant for dinner and a play!

by Bronze Member on May. 7, 2012 at 1:10 PM

 Mine is really boring:

Wedding Date: February 9, 2011

Engagement Length: About 2 months

Colors: None

Theme: Nothing

Wedding Party(#s): None

Rehearsal Dinner (where, time): Didn't have one

Ceremony (where, time): Courthouse in Illinois (we're from Wis though)

Reception (where, time): Didn't have one

Dress Style: White halter (I didn't like it lol)

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Did everything up in bun, simple makeup

Honeymoon Location: We didn't have one...we stayed in Chicago a couple of days afterwards, so that's the closest we came to a honeymoon

Flowers: No flowers

First Dance Song: Didn't dance

Centerpieces: Didn't have any

Food/Menu: No food

Cake Flavour: No cake

Bar: None

Favours: None

DJ/Band/Ipod: No music

Bachelorrete (when/what): Didn't have bachelor or bachelorete parties

by Alexandra on May. 7, 2012 at 1:41 PM

Wedding Date:  July 9th, 1988

Engagement Length: 13 months

Colors: Lilac and pink

Theme: None

Wedding Party(#s): My father, my brother-in-law, my cousin and my husband's 3 nieces.

Rehearsal Dinner (where, time):  Didn't have one, everyone already knew how to eat.  LOL I never understood that custom.

Ceremony (where, time): An 800 year old church in a rural village in Warwickshire, England at 3:00 pm.

Reception (where, time):  The village hall.

Dress StyleWhite satin, off the shoulder, full skirt and simple with a short veil.

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Hair professionally done, did my own makeup.

Honeymoon Location: France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Flowers:  Pink roses, purple freesias and Singapore orchids.  I also had 3 maple leaves in my bouquet to represent my Canadian heritage.

First Dance SongCan't remember.

Centerpieces:   Can't remember.

Food/MenuCan't remember.

Cake Flavour:  Bottom tier was traditional fruit cake and top tier was chocolate.

Bar:  Yep.

Favours:  Can't remember.

DJ/Band/IpodWe had a DJ. 

Bachelorrete (when/what):  The night before my wedding was spent at the White Lion pub in the village.  If I remember correctly.

by on May. 7, 2012 at 2:15 PM

Wedding Date: August 19, 2011

Engagement Length: A few years. We were underage when we got engaged so we waited until our dating anniversary when I was old enough lol. 

Colors: White.

Theme: Roman

Wedding Party(#s): None.

Rehearsal Dinner (where, time): Didn't have one.

Ceremony (where, time): A little chapel in our town in the afternoon.

Reception (where, time): Didn't have one.

Dress Style: Simple, Long, roman style dress. 

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): DIY. 

Honeymoon Location: We didnt have one. We take too many vacations already lol.  

Flowers: White lillies, and an assortment of white flowers. 

First Dance Song: No first dance. 

Centerpieces: No centerpieces.

Food/Menu: My family came out to stay with us(which drove us crazy) and an 8 month old so we were up all night before the wedding. We literally woke up an hour before, got ready and since we still had no sleep we just wanted to get home and sleep. I dont even think we ate after the wedding. 

Cake Flavour: Champagne Cake.

Bar: We dont drink and our wedding was small so we didn't see a point. 

Favours: None. 

DJ/Band/Ipod: We had church music during the ceremony.

Bachelorrete (when/what): We didn't see a reason to have one.

by on May. 7, 2012 at 5:13 PM

Wedding Date: May 15, 1998

Engagement Length: 'I guess maybe  6 months, I don't know, we pretty much knew we would get marreid from day one of dating and we dated for exactly 1 year before marriage. May 15, 1997 to May 15, 1998.

Colors: blue and green

Theme: none

Wedding Party(#s): our 2 best friends at the time who, ironically we don't speak to either of them anymore.

Rehearsal Dinner (where, time): none

Ceremony (where, time): at the park under the gazeebo where we had our first kiss.

Reception (where, time): his dad's back yard.

Dress Style: white, off the shoulders, poofy on the bottom like a big full skirt. short train.

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Hair professionally done, did my own makeup.

Honeymoon Location: cocoa beach, fl

Flowers: i carried gardenias, my favorite. everyone else had white roses.

First Dance Song: it''s your love by tim mcgraw and faith hill.

Centerpieces: none

Food/Menu: cold cut sandwiches, potato salad, coleslaw, chips. finger foods mostly. a beautiful pickle platter. my family and I made all the food.

Cake Flavour: i think it was marble with white icing with blue and green tiny flowers.

Bar: none, his dad is an alcoholic so we didn't need that drama. and we were only 18.

Favours: none

DJ/Band/Ipod: i don't remember who was in charge of the cd's, maybe my stepdad at that time.

Bachelorrete (when/what):  Nnothing for me. his best friend took him out to play pool and that was it.

by on May. 7, 2012 at 6:51 PM

This is fun since I am married but we got married by the JP in Chicago so we are renewing our vows next year and having the whole wedding thing. 

Wedding Date: October 18th, 2013 our original date is October 18th, 2010

Engagement Length: we had a short engagement due to our daughter being born early and hospital things. So it was 2 months.  now I am planning our renewal and we are over a year away.  

Colors: oranges/fall

Theme: 40's

Wedding Party(#s): my children 

Rehearsal Dinner (where, time): Japan 77 

Ceremony (where, time): Mystic Blue Cruises/ Navy Pier  it is the cruise ship he proposed to me on.

Reception (where, time): same as ceremony

Dress Style

  • Short strapless sheath is designed in flattering draped taffeta.
  • Coordinating shrug features modern ruffle neckline
  • . 
  • already purchased. I got the size OO petite but it is still a little big so I will have it altered this fall. 

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): professionally done both.  

Honeymoon Location: Puerta Vallerta, Mexico

Flowers: a fall assortment, with peacock feathers for the 40's feel.

First Dance Song: As Time Goes By - Frank Sinatra 

Centerpieces: simply candles 

Food/Menu: Greens & Things 

Fresh Assortment of Field Greens, Sunflower Seeds, 

Cranberries, Pumpernickel Croutons, Wisconsin Cheddar, 

Seedless Cucumbers and Grape Tomatoes, with Black 

Pepper Corn Ranch or Lemon Oregano Vinaigrette

Ditalini and Almond Salad

Imported Petite Pasta Tubes tossed with dried 

Cranberries, toasted Almonds, Goat Cheese, Basil and a 

Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing

Ma i n s

Penne Aurora 

Imported Penne Noodle tossed with a Plum Tomato and 

Pecorino Romano Cream Sauce

Chicken a la Vesuvio 

Boneless Breast of Chicken marinated with fresh Lemon 

and Italian Herbs  

Baked Potato Crusted Tilapia 

Creamy shredded Potato Cake served over a fresh 

Tilapia Fillet, drizzled with a Light Caper Sauce

Roasted Sirloin Brisket Aloha

Slow cooked Beef Sirloin in a tangy Pineapple Demi– 

Glaze, garnished with sun-dried Pineapple

S  ide s

Farmers Market Vegetable Medley 

A cornucopia of Seasonal Vegetables tossed in a light 

Sweet Cream Butter

Garlic and Herb Vesuvio Potatoes 

Oven-roasted Potato Wedges with Rosemary, Sage and 


Our Sweeter Side

Chocolate Fondue Bar

Rice Crispy Treats, Marshmallows, Fresh Fruit & Other 

Treats served dip-ready

Chef’s Mix of Pastries and Cookies

Buffet style

Cake Flavour: Raspberry filling. 

Bar: Open premium deluxe bar

Favours: I haven't decided yet... I am having trouble with this one. because I don't want to send them home with something they are going to throw away. Anyone with ideas for me?

DJ/Band/Ipod: live DJ.  40's music. Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, Bing Crosby, Andrew Sisters, etc...

Bachelorrete (when/what):  Chicago we wont recreate this.  I had it October 17th, 2010 

The stripper hired by my DH to be

and to top it off, I had delivered my baby girl 15 days prior at 27 weeks gestation. so I had not drank in forever. I am shocked I could get married the next day.  It was nice to have the relax, fun time with all the stress from the NICU, etc... 

Wife, Mother, Progressive Christian


by on May. 7, 2012 at 6:53 PM

BUMP for later.

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