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Do you feel stuck by being a sahm

Posted by on May. 10, 2012 at 12:10 AM
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Hey ladies do you ever feel like you have dreams,but you have to put them to the side because your husband has to work or gets to pursue his you ever feel like you never get time for yourself. Never get a day alone. Or your husband never offers to watch the kids. what wouald you do
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by on May. 10, 2012 at 12:10 AM
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by on May. 10, 2012 at 12:12 AM

Yes. I cannot finish school. I am currently looking for a job.

by on May. 10, 2012 at 12:15 AM
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In a way i do feel like this because he just started working and he works all the time and is never here and when he is hes sleeping because he worked from 7pm to 7am it sucks. I fee like i cant do nothing with him or dont spend as much time as we would like but i have to looks at the positive way and know that he is doing this for us:) and thats what keeps me going. As for him he helps me alot with my son when he can  because i understand he works alot.

by on May. 10, 2012 at 12:20 AM
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No, not all. I will go to school when my youngest begins kindergarten. I don't want to be a career mother, I want to be an at home mother. My DH works as hard as he does so that I am the one home with our kids instead of them being in daycare. It works for us and I love being home to take care of them and do all ther other things I do.

by on May. 10, 2012 at 12:37 AM
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No... But I probably fall into the minority of women that feel a calling to be a SAHM. I don't feel like I am doing it because daycare is too expensive or because it's "the right thing to do"... I do it because even though it is the right thing for us, I LOVE staying home. My husband would support me if I wanted to go to school, go back to work, etc. but he absolutely loves that my passion is being at home with the family.

Join a local YMCA. You can work out for a few hours, attend classes with your kids, swim... Some people think MOPS is silly, but they really are a great place to connect with other women and make lasting friendships. Do you go to church? Check local churches for mommy bible studies. Start a playgroup or even a cooking group. Most communities have a book club or a ladies bunco night. Start searching and see what you come up with.
by on May. 10, 2012 at 1:14 AM
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Some days I feel stuck, and I wish that I could just go out and get a job that I love, and could interact with other adults on a daily basis - at least 5 days a week. Other days, I feel completely terrified of leaving my son (who is two and a half) to go back to work. I've worked a lot of jobs. All customer service related. I went to cosmetology school.  I'm not even able to use my degree, because I injured my back, so standing for long periods of time to do hair services is out of the question. 

My husband has been in the military for 9 years. We've been together for almost 4 years. We didn't even get to live together for 3 years out of the 4. So, I was at home with our son, and he would get to come for weekend visits, when permitted by the military. We had no daycare option for me to go to work, because daycare IS expensive.  But now that his military career is over, and he is able to work a job that pays more, I am given a little more headway to seek employment.  At first, I was excited.  But after thinking about it for a couple weeks... I think I would really miss being at home with my son.  He's at a really fun learning point in his life. I'm so scared to miss something. I'm scared to miss him.

I support my husband in everything he wants to do.  Some things are harder to support, because he wants to further his career with his military training, and travel to other countries. And he will support me, in any decision that I make.  It's just been so long since I've had a dream, I can't even remember what having one feels like.  It also doesn't help that we live in an area where careers and dreams come to die!

Does it make me seem sort of crazy, because I'm scared to leave my son and go back to work? I just feel like no job would be worth my time, when compared to the time that i get to spend with my baby.

by on May. 10, 2012 at 8:45 AM
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Nope, I feel that this is where I am meant to be at this point in my life. I also homeschool, which means I am not at home all the time,lol.
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by on May. 10, 2012 at 8:50 AM

I do get to pursue whatever I want and I get all the time alone that I want. I think for me my hubby is working out of town right now so I have them 24/7 but its for short amt of time and my parents come stay with us to help me out some. I would speak up for what you feel you need or want. Sometimes men don't know what we need and want so the only way is to speak up.

by Bronze Member on May. 10, 2012 at 8:56 AM
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Sometimes with my husband school and work sechdual. I only see him and hour or two during the week. We spend family time on the weekends and I can go as I please as long as he's home. I don't get people who put up with her husband get watches their kids. It's not an option in our house.
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by on May. 10, 2012 at 9:01 AM
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i feel that way sometimes..just not being able to get time to myself to do what i want to husband works all day and then goes and works on his race car at night and im always with the kids..i dont mind but it be nice to get a little break every once in awhile. but other then that i love staying at home with the kids.

by on May. 10, 2012 at 9:04 AM

Most days I really like being a SAHM:)  My hubby stays home with the kids so I can go out with friends some time, and I go to the gym a lot of nights. I also recently started selling Thirty-One, so that gives me even more "excuses" to have some girl time.  Hubby is very supportive.

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