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the sh** that my DH says!

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good evening ladies! i just wanted to take out some steam that i have inside. OK my Dh push my last bottom tonight!!!! WE CAME BACK from the mall and i had to finish cleaning the kitchen. I'm all ready frustrated because it took us like 2 hours trying to find some clothes for him. came home had to finish cleaning kitchen when i started to get more frustrated. my dh came straight to the bedroom and started playing is stupid ass game "COD".  its already 930 n I'm still in the kitchen when he pops in to get something i ask him if he could put some left over chicken in a Glad frozen bag! simple task,  he stood there looking like a idiot asking me where the chicken was! i told him in the pan on the freaking stove. then he ask me where to put it. i told him in a glad frozen bag, he act like he didnt know where the bags were.!!!!! i get mad, then he tells me to pass him a bag,  when he sees that my hands are wet from washing stupid ass dishes. i yell at him! he screams at me. then slam the fridge door, ok so i finish came to room told him that i was tired too and that i hated how he couldnt lift one hand to help me. MY DH came OUT SAYING THIS: YOU DONT WORK OR DO ANYTHING! WTF!!! ok i dont work at this moment  but who cleans ur damn clothes clean the house folds clothes put them aways ect! ME! if that isnt work what the hell is it! maybe i dont get pay like he does but i do WORK!! GRRR i could slap the crap out of him, today the maintace guys came to fix somethings in the bathroom and made a huge mess guess who clean it.......ME so my dh can come out saying i dont do shit. GRRRRRR . i need a drink

n to top it off this dumb spell check is saying that the words : took, him,im is not spell correct WTH!

by on May. 15, 2012 at 10:55 PM
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by on May. 16, 2012 at 4:06 PM

wow thats really inconsiderate of him ... one of his days off you should make a bet with him that if he can do all that you do in one day then youll  let him play cod all day . I feel your pain my husband pushes me to get a job ... and used to say I dont do anything... well that ended pretty quickly when we tried this . I proved him wrong and got an apology ... I was especially frustrated because when our daughter was born I was the only one working 30 hrs a week and he was the sahd I would come home and make dinner and take care of cleaning, wash , and my babies bath... wtf ...I was asking my mother when we still lived with her what he does all day and ..she told me he was in the house all freaking day... now this is when he was going to college in the day time and as soon as he got home I went to work... and my career had to be on hold. now we have the roles reversed and he understands exactly how i felt so he shuts up! Oh and he is a huge gamer not cod but everything else under the sun... I still have to put his clothes away for him and grab his socks out of the drawer for him ... its like he is still a child somehow

by on May. 16, 2012 at 5:05 PM

Same here. 

Quoting MomToovey:

 My DH has never said anything like that to me (thank goodness...for HIM!) but I would definitely do this if he did.

Quoting AnGLInterrupted:

My husband said that to me exactly ONE time.  He accused me of not working so I stopped working.  I let the dishes pile up, the laundry overflow out of the hamper.  I stopped picking up after him, cleaning the toilets and vacuuming the floors.  I stopped cooking dinner, taking out the trash (which is supposed to be HIS chore) and stopped everything else.  When he realized he didn't have any dishes to eat off of, any clothes to wear, couldn't find anything he was looking for..  he apologized.  He never said that to me again.  


by on May. 16, 2012 at 5:14 PM
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My DH tried that once. I handed him a list of things I did every day and our son. Then I went shopping. I came back & only 1/2 of the things I do were done and DS was filthy & DH looked like he might freak. Lol he apologized.
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