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Should I send him to jail? ***UPDATE HES GONE***

What's up ladies,
My marriage is unfortunatey in the end stages( unless there's a huge miracle) and dh is making my life hell. The past two weekends he left me and ds home while he went and got high. I was pissed! Well then he brought home his friend a few days ago who just broke up with his gf and I can't stand him. And this friend just loves talking about girls they used to bang. I hate hearing about past encounters and I'm mature enough not to hold anything against him because its the past but I really don't like having the image shoved in my head of him inside someone else kwim? Dh is on probation for an old charge. But its been extended because he failed his ua for pot earlier this year. Well I reamed him and decided to work it out for our ds. But he got laid off recently and has been really depressed. He's been spending almost all his free time on the net on his phone. I'm pretty sure he's doing something shady because he checks it all the time and has a lock on it. Since his friend came over all they've talked about is getting high and hoes. And he goes out of his way to be hurtful to me. He sleeps all he wants and never gets up with ds or take him to or from school. He never helps with the house work or much of anything.
I'm beyond fed up as you can imagine. I know many would have left long ago. However I got let go from my job in july and I've been trying to hold out til I find a job. I start an awesome job the first of october. Last night while they were playing video games( which is all they've been doing for 2 days now) dh said he was going to take ds and go live with his cousin in ny. That's something else, he's always said he was getting ds if we split. But he doesn't take care of him or have the patience needed to deal with a 2.5 year old. I have to walk ds to daycare every morning to save the gas so I can drive to pick him up in the afternoons. Now I'm scared he's going to take off with ds one day while I'm at work. He goes back to court soon because he got violated again and he might go to jail. But with the way things are going he's just not trying to get better. And now he's being an ass and not helping ds at all. I'm worried. Should I call his po and ask her to intervene? She might give him a ua and he would probably go to jail. I hate that but I hate him being around ds. Help!

**Update ladies!**
Well I caught him texting another girl calling her babe and honey and that he wishes he could lay with her and be with her. I confronted him and he didn't even deny it he turned it around on me for spying. I took his phone and he put his hands on me enough to leave some marks. I let him give the baby a bath and went out and called his po. Then I took the baby for a walk and while I was gone the cops came to serve a warrant for his arrest. They told me he took off and ran out the house and they lost him. About an hour later he showed up banging on the door and demanding I let him in so he could get some stuff and I called 911 while I was talking to him through the door. Then I let him in to keep him there and the cops came in the back door. He tried slamming the door on the cop and he tasered him but he tok the leads out and tried to get out the front door and hit the cop with the door again and ran outside into the woods across the street. That was about 400.
Its 1030 at night and they still ain't found him. His mom told me if he comes back to let him in to clean up and not call the law! Ha after her son put his hands on me? Right that's gonna happen! He's desparate and dellusional. I'm not letting him in ever again. He's looking at some major charges with battery on a leo. I'm still in shock but I can feel the hurt creeping in from knowing he was calling someone else the pet names he called me. It hurts like hell but I'm free!
by on Sep. 21, 2012 at 7:00 PM
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by Platinum Member on Sep. 26, 2012 at 10:37 PM

Just wanted to wish you luck.

by on Sep. 26, 2012 at 10:42 PM
I'm sorry
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by on Sep. 26, 2012 at 10:54 PM

I'm so sorry. This whole situation is shocking.

Quoting tattooedmama126: He ran again and the cop tasered him again but he pulled those out too. He's only 5'8" and 140 with no body fat. He can go without food a long time and he knows how to survive in woods. He texted me and said he's messed up from the woods. Trying to convince him to turn himself in. He won't do it. They said since assaulted a leo once that if he makes them go find him they will use extra force to subdue him. He's looking at major time because they added three charges from last night.
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