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I was up at 2 am til about 445 this morning, bc I was hungry, had to pee, just couldn't sleep usual pregnancy stuff.ok not my husbands fault, heres my problem now, I am awake yet again because his alarm went off at 530. It's now nearly 7, why haven't I gone back to sleep might you ask? Well because mr wonderful decided to snooze his alarm not once, not twice, but SIX f*ing TIMES this morning. Who the hell sets their alarm 2 hours earlier than they plan on getting up??!!

on top of that the cats decided now is the time to play, so it sounds like a bunch of elephants running thru the house, crashing into the bedroom door. >:[
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by on Sep. 24, 2012 at 9:02 AM
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by on Sep. 24, 2012 at 11:37 AM
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This debate is extremely silly...I agree with that. Idk...I guess I can sympathize with her more in this situation. Hubby doesn't want to get up...okay fine. So, go in a different room or something. It's no a matter or right or wrong....just a matter of being considerate for those who might be trying to sleep next to you.

Quoting jenn75:

Im just answering from my own experiance, I can't just set the alarm when I need to get out of bed. I set it early, hit snooze a couple of times, do some internal debating, THEN I get up. Even then before I shower and have coffee I'm not really awake.

This debate is silly. She got upset because her sleep was disturbed and she happens to be pregnant.
I got up and was at work at 6a every day when I was pregnant so maybe that's why I don't sympathize, not sure.
In the grand scheme of things it's not a big deal.
I can guarantee his day would be better if he wasn't bitched at for something that couldn't be helped.
I doubt he was thinking of things to piss her off and decited to try them first thing in the morning.
Since it obvious he didn't do this on purpose, why get upset? All that does is wake you up more by agitating yourself.
If she gets this upset from an alarm how is she going to deal with a baby waking her?

Quoting MamaHome:

MAYBE she can go back to bed... maybe not.

His day would have probably started better if he had just set his alarm an hour later. That's my whole point. More uninterrupted sleep for everyone. I would be exhausted and grumpy too if I only slept in 10 minute increments.

Quoting jenn75:

Eh.. I guess I don't see it as inceriderate. If he's got to be up for work, then he's gotta get up even if he doesn't want to. Sounds like this morning his body just didn't want to get up.

I understand being pregnant and uncomfortable. Not getting much sleep but at least the OP can go lie back down, if not sleep later. Her husband doesn't get that choice.

Not wanting to get up and getting fussed at first thing...I'm sure his day is gonna go great!

Quoting MamaHome:

By letting it go off so many times. I understand that not everyone wakes up quickly, but damn...that's a little excessive. Either get up, or reset your alarm (so its not going off repeatedly). Its not that difficult.

Quoting jenn75:

How was he being inconsiderate? By setting the alarm so he could wake up or by allowing it to go off and not shutting it off fast enough?

Some people need a long time to wake up, some people don't.

Quoting MamaHome:

That's not what was happening here. Her husband was being very inconsiderate. There's a difference between expecting people to cater to you, and having common courtesy.

Quoting disnchntdwife:

 doesn't  it just PISS you off when people ( & cats ) don't change thier lives according to your needs?? 22 years later and i'm still ticked that my hubby slept through my labor while I thought I was going to die!!! One time during a bout of depression while my Mother was terminally ill, I was grocery shopping and I found myself feeling hatred for the happy, smiling people. I would have liked to punch one of them in thier smiling face!! Ridiculous right??? I guess my point is ...those people didnt deserve my anger or resentment anymore than your husband. A big plus for you right now is you can blame it on the pregnancy hormones!! lol

Maybe you can talk to him tonight about not allowing the clock to go off so often. You may get more sleep if YOU set the clock and wake him yourself once, then go back to sleep. Tell the cat ( in a very firm tone ) NO PLAYING!!! If that works film it and start teaching it to talk too!!! Enjoy these moments that you actually have time to be annoyed, there won't be many after the baby gets here. Wishing all the best for you!!!!!

by on Sep. 24, 2012 at 11:45 AM

I hear you on the cat thing. I was about to murder my cats this morning at about 5:30. Inconsiderate little shits :)

My children are the source of my strength, frustration, happiness, insanity, sanity, irritability.  They are the definition of unconditional love.

by on Sep. 24, 2012 at 4:39 PM
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First of all, let me just say i did not bitch at my husband this morning, that's what my post was for. To vent my frustrations.
Second this is not my first child so i have a perfectly good idea of what it'll be like when I have the baby!
Third, it is being inconsiderate when he sets his alarm for 530 and has ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION on getting up, and he knows i can not go back to sleep immediately after waking up like he can. Considering that I am married to the man, know when he has to go to work, and how he handles mornings I know for a fact that he's did not intend on getting up at 530 or anytime before 7!
by on Sep. 24, 2012 at 4:59 PM
Dh does this but I'm a heavy sleeper so I don't generally notice.
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by Platinum Member on Sep. 26, 2012 at 10:52 PM

hope you were able to catch up on some sleep

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