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A rant from a wife whose husband pays another woman child support!

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To those of us who have husbands who pay child support to other women, we know how much it sucks to be on the other side... Especially when He is paying $700 a month like my husband is!!! We have 3 children ourselves, and sometimes I just want to call his Ex up and vent!!! We barely have money to make ends meet, So anything like going out to eat, or zoo, and park trips are extremely rare! I believe he should have to help support his 2 children, but I honestly do not believe it costs $700 a month to do it!!! Especially when those kids live over 2000 miles away and call another man DAD! I have his Ex on my Face book (that's the only way we know whats going on with the kids), and recently she had won movie tickets, and they were trying to decide on what movie to see. She then informed everyone on Face book that if it were not for the free passes she would not be able to afford a family trip to the movies. I don't understand why she wouldn't be able to afford it!!! Just like a week ago she was IMing me on Face book and said the girls lost the charger for their Internet, and she did not have money to replace it, so I replied back "why don't you use the child support when it comes in in a couple days?". I'm always seeing pictures of a new horse, or improvements they have made around the house... We sent the girls Old Navy clothes for Christmas, and they both personally In-boxed me saying how much they love the clothes, that they never get clothes unless it comes from Walmart, or a thrift store! For those of you that shop at both Old Navy and Walmart, you know that there really is not that much of a price difference between the two places, especially if there is a sale! I could keep ranting, but there really is no use... I believe if you are receiving child support, it should be used on your kids! Even if it's out to the movies, or buying the power stip for a computer, or getting them a $10 Old Navy jacket! I just thought I would VENT to yall out there! You guys are great, Thanks! 

P.s.  Anyone elese in the same predicament too?

Apparently my post is really ticking people off.... So before you comment somthing negitive, Just know that YES, I knew he has kids when I married him, child support was not this high then, it just recently went up... I believe he DOES NEED TO PAY this support!!!! This post is just a vent!!! AND DONT COMMENT THAT WE SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD CHILDREN OF OUR OWN!!! THATS A LOW BLOW!!! My children are just as special to me, as anyone feels about thier children! I was more upset about our child support money going to horses and floor patterns more than anything!!! Not to mention she is financing a trip to Indianna with the KIDS money... Like I said before I was VENTING!!! 

by on Mar. 10, 2013 at 3:11 PM
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by on Mar. 22, 2013 at 11:47 PM

I understand your venting because I am going through the same thing. He's just being responsible like my husband things will be much worse if he doesn't pay his child support.


by on Mar. 22, 2013 at 11:51 PM
I'm with you OP. I would be pissed too. I will say one thing, I feel bad for the kids in the middle of this mess. Is he a good father to ALL his children. It takes more then money to be in a child's life.
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by on Mar. 22, 2013 at 11:58 PM

Honestly, people who bitch about CS should at the very least be grateful they are alive to pay it or even owe it.

by on Mar. 23, 2013 at 9:41 AM
AMEN! And I AM one of those paying child support. My youngest child lives with my ex and I pay child support for that. In this day and age $700 a month is nothing. Groceries alone are around $100 a week..depending on what u buy and need. Then there is utilities, rent or mortgage, etc. Personally, my child support is FOR ALL of support my child.

Quoting momof3inTN:

$700 a month doesn't go far when you are talking about feeding, clothing, housing, schooling, bathing, keeping the lights on, and everything else that goes into paying for all the things that 2 kids need.

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by on Mar. 23, 2013 at 11:51 AM

 I agree that the child support should be spent on the kids.

I have two unique things to share as well:

1.  By the time our first 4 kids were grown and out of the house and we were down to my teen son only left at home, I am really big on lifeskills and I got the idea ( which he loved/loves) that I handed over the entire childsupport check to Elijah when it came in, BUT he had to use it to budget like he was a young adult, he chose his menu, grocery shopped for what food he wanted with us, (Todd and I eat weird unlike ELijah so we eat different foods) he budgeted for his clothing and other expenses and if he did a good job budgeting which he did, he had money to spend on fun things like stuff for his bmx bike he is passionate about or video games and also to put in savings to save for a car or something important later on down the road. We've done it this way for the past several years and now He will be 18 in June and will get no more childsupport and he is living on his own now and has learned great financial and other lifeskills from us doing it that way, he really appreciates it too.

2. I wouldnt have minded my husband paying child support on 1 girl until she turned 18 (she's in her 20s now ) The stupid state of Michigan has a law that if (as in the case of my husband) a man was married to a woman (his ex) and that slut cheats on him and gets pregnant with another man's baby the man she is married to has to pay childsupport on that child until its 18 even though he had a dna test proving there was 0% chance he was the father! AND whore KNEW who the real father was! Todd divorced her and she moved across the country with her child and he had no relationship with this child and she didnt come to visit or anything but he still had to pay for her. THAT pisses me off. If it was his child it wouldnt have pissed me off that he had to pay. AND to make matters worse ex also spent the money on stuff for her and her husband and not on her daughter. Soooo frustrating! (ps we did on our own send little gifts etc to the girl while she was growing up to be nice bc we knew it wasnt her fault this happend and felt bad for her but never really developed a close relationship and now have no contact at all). Todd and other men went before legislature in Michigan at the state capitol fighting this stupid law but nope it didnt work it still exists to this day the last I heard.


by on Mar. 23, 2013 at 11:55 AM
annndddddd, why are you surprised? you knew he had other kids.
deal with it.
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by on Mar. 23, 2013 at 12:42 PM
We pay 750 a month and the boys live 10 minutes away there mom got a house paid for somehow a new roof new doors siding etc and who knows about inside she just bought a brand new Chevy truck and is always shopping but the boys come to our house in clothes that r 2 sizes to small. They say we just got a new couch 3 d TV and its bigger than yours a new table u name it they have it she wouldn't afforded to take them everywhere if it wherent for us. She takes them to the casino let's the 8 yr old drink coffee then bitchs cause be has cavity I wonder why..... half or at least some of that money should be saved for college or something. She has her own job so she doesn't need to spend their money like its going out of style.
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