For many, bridal beauty is synonymous with pristine white dresses, runway model makeup, and a pastel palette fit for a princess. 

But some brides don't want to be a princess, they want to be the goddamn queen. And a queen does whatever she wants on her big day, whether that means wearing a non-traditional dress, showing off her beautiful tattoos, or simply rocking a funky hairstyle.

So, if you're a bride-to-be belonging to the unicorn tribe, and you feel like you need to conform to a "normal" hairstyle (or color), don't. 

Check out these non-conforming brides for inspiration. 

This dark violet vixen slays with alluring, colorful hair.

This blue hairstyle is fun and elegant.

This blonde-and-black victory roll bombshell gives NO fucks about traditional bridal bliss.

I don't know which thing I love more: her bubblegum braids or her fierce neck armor.

This bridal beauty is so pretty in pink.

For styles 6-15, * CLICK HERE *

How did/will you style your hair for your wedding?