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Posted by on Mar. 28, 2011 at 10:29 AM
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 This is very long and I am so very sorry about it but it is important.

Changes to Reviewer Site

I have been going back and forth on whether to close Mommies Review or restructure things. I really want to make this site work but have been so busy with everything else in my life that it has really had to take a back seat. I have decided to give it one last go and make some changes. Mommies Review is now Mommies Review {and Daddie too!}, this is so we can allow men to review and write for us as well. We would like to be one of the few sites that allow men. It will set us apart completely.

First, while the idea of Ning is great I cannot afford to pay for the site every month and they never responded to my email request about the invite only sign up. I had wanted Bloggers to be able to freely sign up. So I have decided to use Spruz it is a free to use site and I hope you all like it. (I swear to you all this is the LAST time I will change the group. I have wanted to find one that worked for not only me but for all of you as well.) This will allow us to have men work with us. We love Cafemom and I will leave this group open as well.

Next the way we do things will be changing a little. The goal is to have more than just reviews/giveaways on the site. Plus to be more like an informative magazine style for parents. This will attract not only companies for reviews but also advertisers and possibly payment for all Admins as well as Contributors later. I have always wanted to give my Admins more than just the title.  We now will have the following on our blog:

Review Team: This is a team of reviewers who review and write those reviews for our blog. Formerly you were called writers. If you were allowed previously to post those reviews on your site as well you will still be allowed but anyone joining the Review Team as of 4/1/11 can only write review (from us) on our blog, giveaways as well. In order to be considered part of our Review Team you must have completed our Reviewer Information Form. There will be a cut off eventually as to how many are allowed.

Reviewers: These are Bloggers who get pitches from us and write them on their site or wherever. You can be a part of the Review Team and a Reviewer. In order to be a reviewer you MUST follow us and become a member of our Social Network.  We would love for you to comment on our blog as often as possible.

Guest Bloggers: These are Bloggers/writers who write Guest Posts. We schedule them monthly, a month in advance. We ask that you keep to our guidelines and would love for you to follow us as we will be following you.

Contributors: We have openings for regular contributors. If you want to write a regular weekly feature then we want you! We have very simple and easy guidelines and you do not have to be a Blogger to write for us.

We are currently seeking Contributors for the following topics:

     -Mommie Moments: We love for one or more Moms to talk about the Mommie Moments in their lives

     -Daddie Moments: Same as above just daddies!

     -Her View: This is a woman's view on whatever topic. Please note their may be review opportunities occasionally with this, including adult products or books. (Don't worry we are a family friendly site so the products will NOT be too racy.)

    -His View: We would love for a man to discuss the same topic as our Her View woman but give a man's take on it. In the event of product review you will both be reviewing the same product including adult products.

    -Food: We would love a Contributor who can share recipes, food info, and more.

** Please note all above opportunities are NON-paying. Reviewers are allowed to keep any/all products they receive and are required to adhere to FTC guidelines. Mommies Review {and Daddies too!} has a social site which we ask that you join. This site is where you will find all review opportunities as well as further instructions.

 All of the above information will be posted on our blog as well as our Social sites, and a few other places.



We will be adding several features to our blog including the following:

 Giveaways from around the Blog Block: This will be a weekly list posted on our blog every Friday. We will list up 3 giveaways from other blogs. All giveaways must be submitted no later than 8pm EST every Thursday. This is to allow us amble time to check each link/giveaway. We reserve the right to not post any giveaway we deem unfit for our blog. To submit your giveaways please fill out this form.

 News from around the Blog Block: If you would like to share any news or updates from you blog we would love to post it. This will be a weekly feature that will post every Monday with all entries needing to be in no later than 8 pm EST every Sunday. To submit your news please fill out this form.

 Blog Reviews: Our reviewers also do blog reviews! The assigned reviewer will visit your blog and "rank" it. The reviewer will post his/her review on our blog and we will send you the link as well as an "I've been ranked" button for your site. All of reviewers will be fair in there review. Any criticism will be constructive. While the review is the reviewers own we will have a set of guideline for Blog Reviews that we will expect them to follow. You can request a copy of these guidelines at anytime from us. These reviews are 100% free. We would love for you to put the button we send to you on your site, as a sort of link exchange. Fill out this form to have your blog reviewed by us.

 WAHM/Direct Sales Directory: We will be adding a directory of WAHM/Direct Sales opportunities and more. Only 1 consultant per company allowed. If you want to advertise with your down line then please contact us to discuss options. This is a paid advertising section. The rates are very reasonable. You can get a simple text link for $15 a year. For $25 a year you can add a photo (which we will host for free.) You can be added to this list by filling out this form.

There will be many others to come so be sure to check back as often as you can.


 I am sorry I have been horrible at assigning tasks and such. I have taken on some much for myself and the site has paid. So here is what I need right away. Just let me know what you feel you can handle and I will assign you that task/job

 •1.)   Social Media Manager: Post on Facebook, Twitter and other Social sites.

•2.)   Asst. Social Media Manager: Social Media is a big job.

•3.)   Guest Blogger Editor: Schedule and manage Guest Bloggers and their topics.

•4.)   Reviewer Editor: I'll be handling this for now.

•5.)   Contributor Editor: Schedule and manage contributors and their articles.

•6.)   Giveaway Editor: someone to run and manage any giveaways on our site.

 I'll get into more details of each task/job with whoever agrees to do it. I'll also get email addresses for anyone who needs them as well as shared calendars and such. The hope is to use ----as a way of sharing information and posting schedules, etc. You would simply manage your group within the network and on the blog. All of my ideas/plans may not work for us so we'll adjust things as we need to. Please feel free to let me know of any ideas you have.

 I know all of the above jobs seem like a huge undertaking and anyone who feels they don't want to invest that much time I completely understand. Anything you can contribute will be of a great help. I have broken everything down as much as possible so that we can have our site and I can still manage not only our site but my own blog as well as my business and my family life. At any time if you are doing one of the above jobs and are going to be away or whatever please let me know so I can get things covered. I am really trying to schedule myself more and take days off each week as well.

 Also please remember if you have your own blog to follow ours at and remember to pick up our button. There are so many other things I want to do but for now this will have to be enough. Invite whomever you wish to join us and tell any contacts you have about us (if you would like to), your PR contacts can join our social group and pitch as well. If they would like us to handle their campaign we can do that too. All Admins please be sure I have all of your information, once the new titles are in place I will be adding about our team onto the blog. I need short bios from each of you. It can be whatever you want it to me. Also if you want a photo included please send that to me. If you want a graphic photo, let me know and I get one created and added for you.  Be sure I have your blog URL (if applicable) so I can list those in the bios as well.

 I am going to get better at managing and handling things, I promise. Things have just simply been much stressed lately and I am determined more than ever to make everything work. I am really striving to make our blog magazine style in that we provide information, not just reviews and giveaways. We want to set ourselves apart.


Thank you,




by on Mar. 28, 2011 at 10:29 AM
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by Head Admin on Mar. 29, 2011 at 9:25 AM

Give me whatever you would like me to do!  I completely understand about being busy!  love ya girl

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