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I need help.... Kind of OT *update #2*

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We're moving this week/next week originally the plan was moving company arrive on the 24th to pick up, we leave the 25th stay at in-laws for 2 days than drive to new house, arrive on or before the 30th have our stuff delievered on the 30th-July 3rd. No biggy, still had a week to pack and almost 2 to find a house. That all got bumped up the moving company is supposed to be here TOMORROW! and they're delivering on the 24th. We are still going with the rest of the plan of traveling out there, DH has no choice he can't leave til the 25th. Well now we're rushing to finish packing and we're still struggling to find a house to live in, every house we'd started looking into wouldn't work for one reason or another, either it's too expensive, no pets or pet restrictions weight wise that didnt work for us, bad neighborhood, it was listed but not actually available or available 3+ weeks after we need it, or taken by the time we called, etc. whatever the issue was we havent found one still. I'm going into panic mode at this point....
I THOUGHT I had a good idea last night
I had DH look for houses in 4 different towns (it was only 2 but when we had difficulties we expanded our search to include the other 2) and write down the ones he liked and would work for us etc. I did the same and I had DH star his top favorite houses when he finished, I starred and "double starred" houses as I went through writing mine.... 
Between the 2 of us we had a list of about 32 houses. Sounds good right? Well next we matched up the ones we both had on our list, which was I believe 7 or 8 of them meaning there were 20 different houses to look into. Well we Google mapped them to see what side of the town they were on because one of them is HUGE and depending what part of that town is determines what we can afford in rent because DH will have more driving to work and I'd have more driving to pick up/drop off DS4 and to visit my family or whatever... So the further out we go that way the less we can afford in rent same goes with the other direction except it'd be saving me gas, but not much. The houses that DH said were in a good area he circled, which is only 6 but he really isnt familiar with the area to be honest, and I went through crossing off the ones that'd be too far of a drive for both of us (also resulting in more gas which would mean lower rent) and I crossed off 8, and "half-crossed" 6. (I didn't know he'd circled the "good neighborhoods" thought just ones he'd liked or something) The half-crossed were ones that'd be tight but we could probably swing, although it'd mean more gas and more time on the road.... So essentially between all the markings we are back down to looking at 4 houses.... If none of those work out I have no idea what to do.... 
I NEED a new "game plan" We are running out of time.

This is a lot longer than I thought it would be, and is probably very confusing lol. If it is I can try re-explaining it a different way, I didn't think about it til I finished typing and I don't want to go back and re-type it all... 

OMG! I almost cried when I just checked the bank, DH put in paperwork last week for a few different things and they originally said 5 business days, he talked to them yesterday and they said up to 10 days, which would meant we might not get the money AFTER we had to already be on the road for a few days (probably around the 29th and we have to leave by the 25th) and his paycheck  won't come in til the 30th.... We didn't have much in the bank because we had extra bills this paycheck along with a $200 fee to pay the rest of our lease on our fence (I'm kicking myself for renting it, I found out tonight we couldve put up our own for it would have paid for itself in less than six months!) so on top of not knowing when theyre picking up our stuff, not being packed, not having a place to live, my grandpa apparently mad at me I was worried about having money to travel til something came through. I just checked the bank and it came already!! And it was more than I expected, not sure exactly which thing it is (per diem, DLA, the $ for the actual move, etc) but I didn't expect any of them to be that much, AND to make it even better my grandpa is going to look at a house we're interested in, if everything is okay with it we'll fill out the application and can be approved in less than 24 hours but we'd have to send the paperwork and a money order overnight through the PO, we already have permission to install our own fence as long as it's taken down at move out, AND DH and I spent time together tonight without a single fight, we were joking around the whole time as well as being productive with packing. Our living room is 98% done, the boys rooms have been finished, our bedroom is 99% done and the kitchen is about halfway. Things are turning around, still stressed of course, but once we get everything settled we will be good to go!! 

I got a wonderful phone call this morning!! Yesterday we filled out an application on a house, my mom took off early to bring the application fee up to them, and he called today and said we're approved, he's lowering the  pet deposit (supposed to be $300 each but he said he owns multiple dogs as well and just cant do that to people so it's $200 each)  and he said if we do arrive on the 29th like we're planning he is starting the lease on July 1st but we're welcome to stay in the house on the 29th and/or 30th basically free. I had a little issue yesterday/today with the fencing company that just made me crankier, it seems like it's a small issue and no big deal but with everything else going on, it did get to me... But I am letting it go... We have a house, we have part of the moving money, we know when the moving company is coming (4 hours from now), yesterday we sold the last of our furniture we'd planned to sell and bought the boys some clothes (Goodwill and some ended up being 1/2 off!) and I got ice cream from Baskin Robbins lol. So slowly everything is working out of course I'm still overwhelmed by all of it but it's now to a manageable point

by on Jun. 19, 2012 at 12:34 PM
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by on Jun. 22, 2012 at 1:15 PM

I am so glad for you( :  Moving can be a very stressful time and you made it to the easy part. yay!

by on Jun. 22, 2012 at 2:14 PM
After looking for a house for close to 2 weeks and learning the movers were supposedly coming early I freaked.... I fell behind in everything because of oral surgery and taking a lot longer than normal to heal I had it planned out and couldn't get it done because I was in too much pain and DH was working a lot.

Quoting gsprofval:

See, God just wanted you to learn patience! And now things are working out great.  So happy for you.

I always struggle with the patience thing. Ug@

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by on Jun. 22, 2012 at 2:57 PM

That's great news!

by on Jun. 23, 2012 at 3:15 PM
Movers came yesterday, they were here for FIVE HOURS!! my arm is so sore from carrying DS around the first 1.5 hours til DH got home, they took down every baby gate in the house (even room they weren't going into til very last) and he won't stay in his playpen unless its to sleep... I'm waiting on an email from the realtor with the lease to print up and sign, but he's traveling with his sons baseball team this weekend so it may take a little while to get, once I get it I have to mail it out and transfer everything over :) today were being lazy for the most part but still lgoing to organize what's going in the cars and clean up the rooms we won't be using. I feel better now that 90% of everything is fixed. And I think part of my freaking out had to do with the clutter of the house with things and boxes everywhere.... I felt "boxed" in (pun intended lol.. okay probably not that funny but I'm exhausted so it made me laugh!)
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by on Jun. 23, 2012 at 9:59 PM
That is great news!!!!
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