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we are just financially drowning and i have no clue where to start trying to save. how do i make my coupons worth it, how to stretch food, how to do ANYTHING that will help us save? we are a family of 7 i am a SAHM...i just recently started looking for work but i need help saving in a bad way....any and all advise would be greatly appreciated ! thank you

by on Jan. 28, 2013 at 1:39 PM
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by on Jan. 31, 2013 at 9:12 AM

 me too!

by on Jan. 31, 2013 at 9:13 AM

I wish our Aldi's was good like that.  That's a great job!

Quoting angel_peanut:

i had to get a main dish for dinner today and some other things so i ventured to aldis. i got meat, drinks, snacks, some misc items and a pack of diapers for $20!!! so thank you so much for the suggestion...will definitly be shopping there more! 

Quoting rebeccadac:

Do you have a Save a Lot or Aldi's? Start there! I have noticed a HUGE change in the amount I spend on food! If I am careful I can get over 2 weeks of groceries for about $100 and we have a fam of 5.

Use an off brand or store brand when you can.

We often have meatless dinners, grilled cheese and soup, chili, tostadas etc

I make a lot of soups from scratch and dont use a lot of processed foods

make your own laundry soap and dish washer soap

Save popcan $$ for things like shampoo etc

save your change and roll it you will be amazed at what it can add up to

by on Feb. 2, 2013 at 3:41 AM

We are a fam of 4 (youngest is 8 months old so she gets formula and baby food that I get from WIC) with 2 dogs (the female just showed up 2 weeks ago and the day after she showed up she went into heat and my male boxer ended up getting ahold of her 4xs so we think we may have pups on the way). Anyways I am a sahm cause it is $200/wk to put my girls in daycare so its cheaper for me to stay home. I have a cell phone threw and I have eveything unlimited and I only pay $45/month my husband has a free government phone that we got threw he get 250 min a month but he only uses it for driving and when we are not together where he can use mine. We do not have cable or anything like that we have a Xbox and a Wii that we watch netflix and hulu on and the 2 of them together only cost us about $20/month but in order to watch on our Xbox we have to have Xbox live which is about $50 or $60 a year. When it comes to food shopping I got to Walmart and get stuff there that I can get cheaper with price matches and using my coupon on top of the price match (exp. Walmart has Huggies jumbo pk diaper for $9.97 but another store had the same diapers on sale for $6.49 so I went to walmart and told them someone else had them on sale and I wanted to price match them for $6.49 then I also had a $3 print at home coupon for huggies diapers so I only paid $3.49 for a pk ) Walmart also takes competitors coupons but they DO NOT double. Kroger on the other had will double coupons up to $0.60 (if you have a $0.60 coupon it will double to $1.20). I just go big into couponing at the beginning of the year and for the month of January I got $778.74 worth of stuff and only paid $317.68 for all of it thats a total savings of $461.06 all from price matching and coupons at walmart and coupons double at kroger and before I started using coupons we were spending anywhere from $200-$300 every 2 weeks shopping. As for shopping for clothes husband and I only get new clothes when we have no other choice. But the girls for CHRISTmas and their b-days we always ask for the size that they are in and the next size up. We shop at resale shops most of the time we use and find a sale that is going to be in our state and area other than that they get ALOT of hand me downs from friends and family. I still have alot of my 4yr olds old clothes from 12mos and up so that helps alot too. I like to use the following websites to help with my couponing

I also use the following website to get FREE samples of stuff and when you order samples the company sometimes put really good high value coupons in with it.

and that is just to name a few. Hope some of this helps.


by on Feb. 2, 2013 at 10:11 AM

Meal planning and store brands.  I have found that my store brand is comparable in quality to name brands.  They cost less than name brands even if a coupon is applied.

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