Oh parents. We start off with the best intentions. We make our kids the perfect Halloween costume -- or, more likely, we buy it. And then things go horribly, terribly, frightfully wrong. What do we do? Take a photo and post it on the Internet, of course. For posterity! Here are a few kids' Halloween costume fails you really can't get through Halloween without seeing. And the best part? You can laugh because it's not your kid.

1. Pumpkin Head

It's like the Headless Horseman meets clumsy Ichabod Crane meets your kid. What child wouldn't like to spend the evening with their head inside a slimy gourd?

Pumpkin Head

2. Phineas and Fail

Now you know: Don't use masking tape to make a Phineas t-shirt. It doesn't work.

Phineas and Fail

3. Little Trojan

Aww, poor guy. Does he even know what that is?

Little Trojan

4. Naughty Leopard

Yeah, like a 2-year-old needs help being naughty. Also, that's not what leopards look like.

Naughty Leopard

5. Big Bird No

Okay, technically this is not a child's costume. But Big Bird should never be seen this way!

Big Bird No

6. Pink Pony of Terror

It was never supposed to be like this, Pink Pony costume.

Pink Pony of Terror

7. Saddest Lobster Ever

Throw him in the pot! Just kidding. We're kidding -- just kidding, I swear! Please stop crying, little lobster boy.

Saddest Lobster Ever

Have you or your kids ever had a bad costume?