Imagine you’re hot, young, single, and getting to know a bunch of guys, one of whom you hope might turn out to be your soulmate. Just like Emily Maynard is doing on The Bachelorette, currently being filmed. Now imagine you start to fall for one of these guys. And then, suddenly, you find out this guy used to have a relationship with someone you've grown close to. Ewww.

If you don't want spoilers for Emily's upcoming season of The Bachelorette, please do not read on ... Don't mind? Okay, read on ...

Apparently, Maynard was surprised to learn that contestant (and rumored favorite) Arie Luydendyk Jr. has "personal ties" (ahem!) to one of her producers on the show, Cassie Lambert. In fact, Arie and Cassie apparently used to be boyfriend-girlfriend. And Maynard ain’t too happy about it. I mean, would you be? Getting your friend’s (or close associate's) leftovers?

This begs the question of when and how much you should reveal of your dating history. Remember howReal Housewives of Orange County’s Alexis Bellino found out her friend Peggy Tanous used to date her husband, Jim, and never even mentioned it?

Groooossss. In my opinion, it’s just lady etiquette to mention if you’ve dated your friend’s man. No matter that it’s totally over. No matter if it happened eons ago. It's just good manners!

Some women may not care at all about this issue. So, you once slept with the guy I’m sleeping with? Hey, my man has good taste! Others, however, may not be so blase about it. It’s a tad incestuous, after all. I once had a group of friends who swapped significant others every few months. They all dated the same half dozen people, over and over again. Worked for them. But they all knew about it. It wasn’t like, "Oh, did I ever mention the time that your boyfriend took me to a cabin on the lake for Valentine’s Day? It was soooo romantic."

If Maynard truly didn’t know that Luydendyk once dated her producer, then that’s kind of shady. It also makes me wonder if he is really there to find love, or if he and his producer ex-girlfriend, who must have had a hand in his casting, just wanted him to be famous.

On the other hand, if Maynard chooses Luydendyk, and she and Cassie Lambert stay on good terms, it could make for interesting -- or awkward -- get-togethers.

Would you be upset if you found out your boyfriend used to date your friend?