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Raising children

Posted by on May. 8, 2012 at 11:26 AM
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Okay so I met this nice guy yesterday he gave me his number but I am a little lery call me over protective but somethings he said just said to me no way! He was critisizing my son having nail polish on his toe's he is only five he is just a child I see nothing wrong with him having toe nail polish on or nail polish at all he see's mom do it and thinks it's cool it's just something we do together and it's harmless. He's playing I see no point in putting stereotypes on a child I want him to be free to be him whomever that may be my son has fairy wings and lots of customs superhero's and plays with superhero toys and crosses his legs, I don't care what society says in my home he is free. If my son ends up being straight gay bi I don't care what I want him to know that he is loved not put down for being him and I don't want him to feel like a prisoner in his own life. Also religiously he's not the same faith background and in my family that is very important and for me it is important because I want a family united in the same church. I feel really strongly about this I was raised catholic and I still believe in catholisim. I am also open to dating whomever I may fall in love with reguardless of gender, I would just like to have more kids :). When I would date a women family would not really allow them to come to family gatherings and I would hear put downs and they would want me to be more girly, wear makeup, and call me butch and such and the most hurtful comments didn't come from society it came from my home. When people ask me what I am I say I am Crystal I don't like boxes. You can't put a box around whom you fall in love with, the type of characteristics, personality disposition. You can try to tell yourself not to but if it is whom you love then that is whom you love.

by on May. 8, 2012 at 11:26 AM
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by on May. 8, 2012 at 11:34 AM
Very well put :) I wish a lot more people in this world were as open minded as you. This world would be a much better place.
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by on May. 8, 2012 at 11:40 AM
Yeah, he doesn't sound like a keeper. I understand your wanting more children. I also like how confident you ate about yourself. I was raised Catholic aswell, but I believe in gay marriage and if any of my kids told me they were gay, I'd still love and support them. Hang in there you'll find your soul mate! :):):):)
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by on May. 8, 2012 at 11:50 AM

 I agree with you.    And yeah that man doesnt sound like he is right for you.  

by on May. 8, 2012 at 11:57 AM

I wouldn't date any person who made fun of my children. I happen to think it's cute that yous son puts nail polish on with you. This guy doesn't sound like the kind of guy I would want around my kids, if you barely know him and he is making comments about your son God only knows where that would end up, being abusive to him? Don't call him and loose his number. Plenty of fish in the sea!


by on May. 10, 2012 at 10:19 PM

Thank you for your support and understanding, many people in society are so closed minded and that's not how I am or my home is, I like it free:) and it is happily. I am even thinking of taking my son to pride this year since I am not working, I think it will be fun I can't think of a better way of teaching him diversity and acceptance! We went to my son's autism/ADHD doctor this week and it went great! It was really nice how the doctor explained autism and aspergers and PDD-NOS to my mom so she could understand that PDD-NOS is considered one catergory under the brode description of autism. I think with her being more involved she has and will understand what is going on better. My son has his surgery tommorrow on his teeth 12 cavities. I am a little nervous as any parent would be my mom won't be able to stay their with me the whole time. But boy was that a headache they called me to preregister and go over things and they hadn't even gotten the physical or the preoperative medication he has to have and this was on tuseday. I got it all figured out after spending like half the morning on the phone. I checked my phone before I left my family just to make sure I had my grandma's work phone number just in case since my mom wouldn't be their and she said it was okay to call. That made me feel better. It is always makes you a little nervous, and that medication thing made me nervous too. My son has to take an antiboitic before surgery because he has a heart murmur otherwise he could get an infection that can go to his heart.

by on May. 10, 2012 at 11:28 PM

I think the only way to make sure you fall in love with the right person is to only date the "right" person.  I have so many friends who settle - they date someone who makes their warning signs go off but for whatever reason then go out with the person and then end up falling for them.  Then later on they wonder how did I get in a relationship with this person.  If you meet someone and you know they are not a great match for you don't continue it.  You risk developing feelings and finding yourself in a relationship.  Never settle.  You listed more than one reason that made this person not very compatible with you. Don't waste your time with him. You deserve to find your perfect match, your soul mate.  You don't want to miss out on that because you were involved with someone who was just a time filler.


by Emma on May. 10, 2012 at 11:34 PM

My husband is anti my son liking pink at *school* just because he gets bullied - but my husband has let me paint his toenails hot pink before. LOL - there's nothing "Wrong" with pink - but if my son wants to fit in, he has to at least not talk about how pink is his favorite color to a bunch of country-farm type boys who will ostracize him for being different.

back in seattle where we moved from - liking pink as a boy wasn't *as* frowned upon because of the diversity there... but even there he got made fun of for liking pink at school on a regular basis.

by on May. 11, 2012 at 1:13 AM

 NO on the man you met. Otherwise, you sound great! Why change anything? Or let some guy try to change you??? Forget it!

BTW, the babysitters and I used to put bows in my brother's hair and paint his toe nails. He was so beautiful- so many little boys are gorgeous- and he wanted us to do it- he wanted the attention!

He's straight- and if he was gay or bi, that would have been fine with me, but toe nail polish and liking the color pink have nothing to with it!!! ;-)

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