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 its not fair, okay so all 3 of my sisters are pregnant, one is a former druggie, and still has problems with alchol, the other is a crack whore (excuse my launage but its true) and the other is an obess neglectful slob, (these are my sisters, i love them all but in all honesty these are who they are) the former druggie is 21 and is pregnant with her second, her first isnt even a year old. the slob is having her second, she waited 5 years but had adopted 3 other girls in the mean time, and lost all 3 of them. and the crack whore is having her 4th. so all pregnant.

my oldest brother has 5 , with 5 diffrent women, and my nephews mom (his 3rd girl he got preg) is having another baby.

they all do nothing, they dont hold jobs (except nephews mom who is nice, but doesnt properly raise my nephew ) and they have everything handed to them.

and then their me, who miraculously had my son, despite being gay. and who desprately wants another, but knows i cant afford it.

me and my fiance work our asses off, doing anything and everything we can, honest hard work.

yet we have no money we cant find any jobs, no place is hiring, and the places that are are just way to far to drive.

we have a decent truck but costs way to much in gas, we have a shitty car thats literally a deathtrap, at any given moment could quit on us, break on us, or kill us all.

we struggle every month to pay our bills, who the hell knows where we are gunna come up with over $700 in 10 days, when we have literally like 35 cents to our name, we have already sold everything possible to sell of our belongings, we already recieve food stamps, and wic. so luckily food inst a worry. but damn it to hell

why do all the low lives get everything, and we get nothing. we work and work and work and we cant even reach above poverty to poor.

im in college online, working to better our lives, yet in the mean time its shit, its fucking shit.

my son comes first, his appointments and everything, they cost so much in gas. yet do i get anything from sperm donor (aka bio father)

no, he pays a little bit every few months, not even enough to cover hardly anything.

yet will ohio go after him? no they wont even return my fucking calls, will kentucky switch it? no they wont even contact me back about switching it.

do jobs we apply for ever not give us the run around? no

its not fair!

sometimes i wonder if we wouldnt be better off druggies living off others and begging and pleading for a little money. because then mabey someone would give us a fucking hand, it works for everyone else. (and no im not serious)

its not fair that good people are constantly being fucked.

rant over....

by on Jun. 30, 2012 at 10:53 PM
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by on Jul. 1, 2012 at 12:50 PM


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