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What weird attachments/interests/fascinations does your child have?

 I remember when my daughter was about...18mo-2yrs-2 1/2yrs old..she use to carry around/chew on/ and even sleep with at times...a pair of red, plastic goggles that came with her cousins Little Tykes..or (maybe it was PlaySkool) toy work bench. She LOOOOOOVED THEM...and i remember some of my daughter's father's relatives making lil snarky remarks about it...but i actually had found it endearing.

  Also, i noticed that she finds the television shows "COPS" and "DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER"...FASCINATIING! She laughs when people fight or argue on tv (only on tv tho, when my father in laws screams or fights at or with me....she does NOT laugh). She even knows BOTH of the theme songs to the shows!!  She will ASK me to put them on!! She knows the channel "G4"..and will say, "G4 mommy...baaad boys!(meaning cops)". I find it really funny.



by on Sep. 15, 2012 at 6:35 PM
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by on Sep. 16, 2012 at 7:03 AM

Quoting caiello84:

My son is obsessed with lining up toys in a row. It's kinda cute.

My daughter lines up EVERYTHING (she even will go over to other kids who are playing and will "adjust" their toys if they arent evenly lined up or stacked neatly)....she also HAS to have her books and dvds alphabatized...and she color coordinates ALL my (and my manicurists) nail polishes!!! her BT and ABA teachers think its not so great of a habit (very OCD but so am i)....but i personally love it. <3

by Bronze Member on Sep. 16, 2012 at 8:38 AM
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Our son in the past just loves spongbob. It was the only time he would watch tv. And he would tell us when it was over he points to tv and says bob bob. The only books he will sit and look at is spongbob books. So part of his room is spongbob even his bed. Now is little brother trying to say bob but he don't watch it. And he loves looking at his big brothers shirts cause it has spongbob. He has too many shirts with spongbob. My mom is the 1 that buys all of those shirts. He even loved his spongbob cake when he turned 4. I need spongbob to get potty trained so my son can watch and learn.
by Member on Sep. 16, 2012 at 8:54 AM

My sons obsessed with cell phones and cell plans. I'm still trying to find a way to redirect him to something productive but it turns to frustrated tears.  Last year, it was origami and cup stacking.  

by on Sep. 16, 2012 at 9:30 AM
My son is facinated with cars. He lines them up and lines them up and looks at them at eye level. He also will walk around cars and look at the cars thru the corner of his eye.
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by on Sep. 16, 2012 at 10:29 AM
Besides toy story and the pixar logo, for about the last month he's been on cereal commercials. He will get on you tube and pull up commercials. Then we go to the store, he expects me to buy all those boxes of cereal that he won't even eat.
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by Member on Sep. 16, 2012 at 10:45 AM

The first obsession with my son was letters.  I let him watch Blue's Clue's Alphabet Power when he was 13 months and he loved it and wanted to watch constantly.  He learned all of his letters immediately.  He would read the letters from signs and people's shirts.  Everyone was amazed. 

He went through a phase when he was 2 where he was obsessed with flags.  He amassed quite the collecton.

Then it was Thomas the Train for many years.

He just turned 8 and now he is obsessed with reading.  He loves to read about everything!  He also loves geometric shapes, his favorite thing about math.  Also, Harry Potter... he will probably be a slytherin for Halloween.

I forgot to mention his obsession with classical music... George Bizet.  There is one piece that he will listen to over and over again.  It started when he was 2 and he can still listen to it 20 times a day now.

by Bronze Member on Sep. 16, 2012 at 11:49 AM

Thanks!  Believe me if I never saw another dumpster in my life I'd be a happy camper but it's what my son loves so we go with it.  I have started redoing furniture I find on out alley drives (we pretend we are a trash truck and drive down alleys) so in a way his obsession has started a business for me too. lol

Quoting XSummersXmommyX:

Quoting trippyhippy:

For 2 years now everything in our world revolves around trash and trash trucks.  His room is trash truck themed, his dresser is replaced with trash cans, he owns over 20 trash trucks, he makes us video tape all trash trucks and then watches the videos constantly, he does 3 2 hour beach clean up/trash pick ups per week with his dad and he is known around town for being the kid that walks around with a bucket and claw cleaning up the neighborhood.  He even used to get paid by 6 different houses to take out their trash cans and bring them back in, until we made him quit because of behaviors.

 First of all i think its AWESOME That you not only embraced his interest/fascination but it became a way for him to improve his community!! The fact that you'r neighbors were part of it is even better... i give you and your son such credit. God ASD kids TRULY ARE GOD'S GIFTS

by on Sep. 16, 2012 at 12:42 PM

shoe laces. he has a few and he just lays on the floor wrapping them around his feet and hands.

by on Sep. 16, 2012 at 2:11 PM

My son (3yr) has a crush on ni hao kai lan, every time she comes on he rushes over and has to sing the theme song and he will sit there intently listening to EVERYTHING that happens on the episode.

His fascination is urinating on the floor, every time I think for sure he's 100% potty trained, sure enough he'll urinate on the floor several times for the next couple days... and it's not like a defiant thing, it's like a fascination type thing. Makes me wanna compromise and get a doggie pee pad and set it down and say 'fine, you wanna pee on the floor, ok i'm cool with that, just let's have it in ONE SPOT please...'. Though I have noticed his favorite spots to pee are down the vent, and in sunlight. 

He is obsessed with spitting all over everything, saying "bubbles" and then rubbing it with a rag as if he's helping me to clean. It used to be fascination with dribbling his sippy cup on EVERY edge of every surface in the whole house, up until about 3 months ago when it changed to spitting the water from his sippy cup (can can use a normal cup, but to TRY to detour him from spitting or dribbling it, we still have him using sippy cups, which nothing works, so I dunno why we try).

These fascinations all formed around the 2 year marker... and have yet to stop... /sigh some are getting a bit old... but who knows maybe he'll be the spit champion of the world, and maybe he'll marry some oriental woman when he's an adult LOL... Till then, I just hope these fascination/obsessions go away, except the crush one, that's sweet.

by on Sep. 16, 2012 at 2:15 PM
Mines obsessed with tractors, airplanes.. Anything with wheels of wings. He has a massive collection of toy tractors and little airplanes. It's the only things he will actually play with.
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