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Can't get my son to eat, can anyone give me advice?

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My son is 3 years old, he was dx with autism in August.  He has always been a fussy eater but it is getting even worse.  He will only drink milk, no water, juice or anything else.  I am extemey stressed and feeling like a horrible Mom because I can not get him to eat anything.  For an example, the last 2 weeks he has only eaten toast and yogurt.  We have tried  A LOT of different things but he will not eat any of it..  Has anyone else been through this and found something helpful?  

by on Dec. 6, 2012 at 10:26 PM
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by on Dec. 9, 2012 at 3:46 PM

Oh sorry, its actually 69% (link) its ratings from 27,000 parents studied, from the Autism Research Institute, and my doctor is a DAN! doctor, who is also certified as a MAPS doctor (link). Autism Canada has a list of studies (here) and videos (here is one) and the original video I posted (here) And I suspect you probably just had a bad kind of cookie, I don't feed my kid cookies, so I didn't really try the gluten free ones to know. If you made something from scratch I'm sure it would taste better.

Quoting SandyLaxner:

I accidentally bought gluten free cookies-they taste horrible!  My dev pedi is also an Autism expert,and says there is no data to back up that GFCF diet works.  Where did you get the 65% from?  And what kind of improvement,how was it measured?  If I thought it might work,heckI'd move heaven and earth for my son.

"ASD-What Every Parent Needs to Know"

by Dr Alan rosenblatt

My son's neuro-developmental pediatrician wrote this book.  He is also a contributor to Special Parents Magazine.

Quoting VioletsMomTown:

"don't fall for the GFCF diet"? The studies show it helps 65% of kids, don't you think its worth a try?? Its still food, just different food, healthier food. My doctor, who is a specialist in treating autism recommends the GFCF diet as the first step for all kids on the spectrum.Some kids need even further restriction depending on the child, but it definitely does work, my daughter is much healthier on it. There is a lot of research to back it up.

Just FYI...

Yogurt =casein, sugar or aspartame, GMO corn starch, GMO corn syrup and usually so pastuerized that it kills the good bacteria. Gummy vitamins=sugar, artificial dyes, GMO soy, aspartame etc. Instant breakfast=sugar, GMO soy, maltodextrine, artificial flavors, carageenan (a gut irritant), GMO cornstarch, milk (most likely from cows given hormones, not organic) etc.  Baby food=GMO gluten containing starches,mostly water, sugar and very few nutrients (link)

Quoting SandyLaxner:

Been there-still there w/5yo DS w/ASD.  Yogurt drinks.  Carnation Instant Breakfast.  Gummy Vitamins.  Fruit Smoothies.  he has gone thru phases w/foods but has never liked meat or fish.  Hang in there.  My lil guy is happy,healthy,extemely active,and actually growng on almost no food!  To me,anyway.  I still give him baby fruits and veggies,he likes them.  He's not a chicken nugget french fry kiddo.  Consult your Dr,a dietician,don't fall for the GFCF diet.  It will only be effective if your child has the allergies.  I will be bashed for that for sure,but we do not know what causes autism and there is no cure for it.  Try to make everything the child eats as nutrient dense as you can.  Best.

by on Dec. 9, 2012 at 5:50 PM

 We have been thru that.  It was water and fish sticks for us.  :) 

Dont stress.  That will make it worse.  Just ride it out.  Put things out he might like, but not on his plate (makes stress if you do).  Dont force him to try either.  Sounds crazy, but the more you push, the worse it gets.  Is he verbal?  Can he tell you why he wont eat it?  Many kids with autism have sensory problems as well.  Oral defensive is the situation in our case.  Temp, texture and smell.  Smoothies are a great way to push things thru he needs (have to be similar texture to yogurt). 

Another option is ask your OT about feeding therapy.  ((HUGS))  This will pass.  I promise.  Mike is almost 9 and will try things when he is interested now. :) 

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