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Biomedical Intervention - is it worth it?

Posted by on Apr. 24, 2013 at 3:02 PM
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I am considering doing this for my son.  I would love find out if he has some toxins we should get rid of, if there are supplements that could help him, or a special diet that could improve his symptoms. I have no idea how to go about getting started.  I am not interested in replacing is pediatrician.

I would love some feedback from parents who have/are doing this.  Did it help?  Is it worth it?  Does the whole family follow it or just your child?

Thank you!

by on Apr. 24, 2013 at 3:02 PM
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by on Apr. 24, 2013 at 3:32 PM
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1000% YES it is SO worth it.  We still see our regular pediatrician because she has been open to, if not fully believing in, the things our DAN! doctor has done with my two kids, both of whom are diagnosed with PDD-NOS. 

To get started you need to find a DAN! doctor in your area.  Here is a website that can help with that:

When you see the doctor be prepared to go over in fine detail every single health issue your kid has had since birth and every single health issue YOU and YOUR FAMILY have had, particularly any while you were pregnant or any family history of ADD/ADHD, autism, depression, OCD, schizophrenia, bipolar depression etc.

The doctor will want blood. And at first probably a lot of it to run tests for general health, immune health, thyroid function, vitamin/mineral levels, metabolite levels (things your kid's body should make but might not be), and then food allergy tests, stool tests, urine tests, etc. FIND A GOOD LAB WHERE KIDS ARE SEEN FOR BLOOD DRAWS ON A REGULAR BASIS.  Not ever phlebotomist is good with tiny little veins in squirmy little arms.  If you find one who is you get their name, number, birthday, favorite foods, and you stick with that person like GLUE. 

Your doctor will likely want you to try the GFCF diet with additional food eliminations to be determined by the results of the blood food allergy/sensitivity testing.  This can be tough but remember: IT IS JUST FOOD.  Give the diet change AT LEAST 6 months before you determine whether there have been significant improvements in general health and/or autism symptoms to continue on with the diet.  Whole Foods and Trader Joe's have many great GFCF products which can make the process of swapping to the new diet much much easier and above all else remember:  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE SOME GREAT COOK TO DO THIS DIET.  You know what is GFCF?  Tortilla chips and guacamole.  Popcorn.  Chicken.  Burgers minus the bun.  French fries (careful here - many are dipped in wheat so READ THOSE LABELS).  Rice.  Veggies.  Fruits.  Hotdogs (again, read labels but many brands in your regular grocery store are just fine).  YOU CAN DO THIS. 

After you get the blood work back your DAN! doctor will go over what is going on inside your child's body.  It may not be great news or it may be pretty good - depends on the kid.  REGARDLESS the doctor will then go over what supplements, vitamins, minerals, oils, and potentially shots, your kid might respond very well to.  It is really common to do methyl-B12 shots (tiny needle, even my dramaqueen 4 year old is fine with it), fish oils, a strong multi-vitamin (no flintstones here!), and several other supplements to support detoxification processes in the body.  In addition there are many supplements out there that can help with mood stabilization so you can help your child deal better with transitions, disappointments, changes, frustrations, over-stimulation, etc.

At first you'll probably be going in once a month or every other month and yes, there will be blood work each time until your doctor is satisfied that all blood values are headed in the right direction, and then it'll be maybe once every 3-4 months. 

The book you'll want to read is this:  "Healing our Autistic Children" by Julie Buckley ( - it is written in plain english by a physcian who is also a mom of an autistic daughter.  She pulls no punches, describes in detail how she approaches autism in her own medical practice, and makes all of the issues that commonly go along with autism very understandable for the average bear. 

Now have I tried biomedical treatments for my kids - absolutely.  We have been GFCF for nearly a year and a half (my son has additional restrictions based on his allergy profile so no grapes, bananas, rice, or nuts for him) and saw HUGE changes in my son, not so much in my daughter.  For my son it was like coming out of a thick fog - he was always half there.  ALWAYS tired - napped twice a day for 3 total hours and slept for 12 at night but STILL was always exhausted.  Was ALWAYS constipated.  MAN SIZED poopoos tearing up his poor little tushie no matter how much Miralax we gave him.  2 weeks after going GFCF he never had another constipated poop again, had more energy than he knew what to do with (literally running around the room looking at me like 'WHAT DO I DO NOW???') and was finally fully-present in the world.  Then we started his methyl-B12 shots and my 2 year old son spoke his first words (not mama or dada but "car" after his own true love of vehicles).  With each new vitamin or supplement he'd have a period of huge gains be it in his ABA therapy or in motor skills or verbal skills. 

Now it will have been a year at the end of May and my son has about 100-150 words, is starting to put 2-3 words together, does great in ABA and speech therapy, is happy and alert, and while still very delayed (he's about at the developmental level of most 15-18 month olds) is MAKING PROGRESS.  A year ago he was at the 6-9 month level so a year's worth of progress in a years time is about the most we can hope for.  He still has a lot of gut issues - for whatever reason he gets bacterial and yeast infections very easily so it's common for us to be treating one or the other still.  But it's been wonderful to feel like we are DOING SOMETHING to significantly help him overcome his autism. 

For my daughter, she's now 4 years old and she was PISSED when we started the GFCF diet.  She knew what pizza was and that she wanted it NOW and what was this BULLSHIT about not eating pizza anymore??? But thankfully she likes the GFCF chicken nuggets and french fries from Whole Foods (Ian's brand - I swear they are the savior of my home life) and there are many tasty things she now enjoys as much as she ever liked pizza.  She always had a lot of language but her autism mostly shows up in difficulty with transitions and frustrations so many an epic meltdown has happened with her at the epicenter.  So while she also gets the basic vitamins and supplements, her treatment centers more around helping her be happy and calm so that she can learn and interact.  So it's 5-HTP, St. John's Wort, a supplement called NeuroLink, and several to help calm the Tasmanian Devil which lives within that child. 

Anyhow, I'm happy to talk further but I can't recommend biomedical treatments for autism enough. 

by on Apr. 25, 2013 at 9:00 PM

 We've never done this but I hope some moms here can be more helpful.

by on Apr. 25, 2013 at 9:18 PM
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Yes, its been totally worth it, but you will have to seek out a dan doctor, maps doctor or a naturopath to really dig into it. I can give you a great link to start (link) and suggest you pick up some great books on the matter. Children with Starving Brains by Jacqueline Mccandless, Healing and Preventing Autism by Jenny McCarthy and Dr.Jerry Kartzinel, and Nourishing Hope for Autism by Julie Matthews are a great place to start.

My daughter has excelled in one year doing biomedical treatment, I have even had a few moments where we've added a supplement or changed diet and seen major changes in a very short time. In general though, its a long term commitment, and a lifestyle change. I discovered a lot about my daughter I didn't know. She has high levels of certain metals, yeast and bacteria in her system, which has dramatically improved her health, disposition and cognition since we've been working on correcting them. Its really about making one as wholly healthy as possible, and is not magic, its common sense nutrition and science. Its geared to exactly what your child needs, so the testing and specialized doctor really is necessary. It does work, and is worth the money.

Violet's Mom

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by Darby on Apr. 26, 2013 at 5:54 AM

Quoting TheJerseyGirl:

 We've never done this but I hope some moms here can be more helpful.

by Platinum Member on Apr. 26, 2013 at 9:50 AM

We have never tried this before. I have thought about it and have heard wonderful things about it. There are some moms on here that swear by it and it makes me more curious about it. I know that the tutor my son sees has personally seen the difference it makes. Will talk more with my pediatrician about this.

by on Apr. 26, 2013 at 10:17 AM
YES! everything the other moms have said. i think this is the medicine of the future. It ust takes some drs longer than others . We actually see a Dr who was a brain surgeon. He now treats not only Autism but many brain disorders. We do GFCF as well as avoiding anything artifical . My son also has a blocked folic acid receptor which is common in 90 percent of children wuth Autism but is going undetected by Drs who are unaware of this new research. i want to shout from the rooftops sometimes rhat every Dr should be trained in nutrition and biomedical or integrative medicine. Our chikdren have medical issues rhat cause many of their behaviors . My son doesnt make many of the hormones needed for proper brain function . He was only being medicated for them by His previous Dr . Now that we know whats cauding them we can try to give his body supplements to replace them. we have been on this path three years . he was non verbal , had severe GI issues , many seizures and numerous other symptoms. I say symptoms because many people believe its just part of Autism. its not!!!!!! treat the cause and the symptoms will dissapear. No more diarrehea, no more head banging, teeth grinding, speech is amazing, seizures are diminishing and i am getting my baby back!! i tell him i love him he looks at me and says love you too! that makes it all worth it. i thank God everyday for the Drs who are stepping outside the box to help our children.
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