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If Autism is caused by vaccines, then conventional logic would dictate -- everyone who receives a vaccine -- would end up autistic

Posted by on Jul. 24, 2013 at 10:09 PM
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Autism: If it were "Just" the Vaccines

Father's loveBy Jay S. Gordon (not the physician in CA)


If Autism is caused by vaccines, then conventional logic would dictate -- everyone who receives a vaccine -- would end up autistic. And that's the premise for why the vaccine schedule is still in place and won't be changing anytime soon. Today, it's not just "get pregnant and get tested" for the half dozen genetic problems. Unfortunately, there is a very, very scary waiting game...WILL MY CHILD BE AUTISTIC?

I was taught, back in the 70's, in high school science class, that a baby's nervous system and brain are NOT fully developed at birth. Which is why, and anyone who has had a baby already knows, their eyes don't open much and they sleep all the time. It takes an additional 3 months before a child becomes -- let's just call it -- alert. By the way, humans are not the only animal in nature where additional gestation is needed outside the uterus.

So what are we doing vaccinating babies at such a young age? Well, the answer is simple. 1) By 6 months of age, all of mommy's immune goodies that were passed to your child, are all but gone -- unless you breast feed, then it's probably a bit longer. 2) With so many double income families, day care centers are much more commonplace, so the risk of being exposed to illness is greater.

Autism Spectrum Disorders have no boundaries. So what makes "random" parents, who have nothing genetically in common, have children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder? And, why is the rate increasing? I have an idea on why the disorder is "random and increasing" and I'd like to share my thoughts.

About my children

I have three children -- a girl and two boys. Both boys have an "Autism Diagnosis". My advice for parents-to-be who choose to vaccinate -- buy a great video camera and take as much video as possible -- just in case something happens, you might be able to chronologically prove that vaccines were the cause.

I believe my sons autism started right after his first inoculation of 4 vaccines -- at around 3 months of age. Suddenly, he stopped eating and had to be fed while sleeping. He also started crying, whenever we'd try to sing to him. It took us a long time to figure this out, but the reason was simple; he was used to our voices as "talking voices," and when we sang -- our voices changed and he did not like that. (I know this might be hard to understand, if you have no exposure to it; autistic children's latitudes are very narrow.) Five years later, we still have to help him eat some of the food from each meal and only recently, after much therapy, has he started to ask for food when hungry or better yet, go and get it himself.

After my first child was diagnosed with Autism, I did not vaccinate my fraternal twins -- a boy and a girl. The boy from this fraternal pregnancy is completely unvaccinated and has an autism diagnosis. His autism is very mild and this leads me to believe -- IF YOUR CHILD IS PREDISPOSED TO HAVE AUTISM, THE MORE VACCINES YOUR CHILD RECEIVES, THE WORSE YOUR CHILD'S AUTISM WILL BE. Unfortunately, once you notice changes -- IT'S TOO LATE.

I also have another observation I'd like to share. My unvaccinated twins are actually much healthier children. When they get sick, they get over their illnesses much faster than my vaccinated child. My vaccinated child's immune system is now obviously compromised, which goes against the reasoning -- of why children are vaccinated in the first place!

What can we learn from the Amish

Back in the late 1970's, I took a trip to the (Pennsylvania Dutch) Amish country. I remember seeing farmers, carpenters, etc. Their lives are more parallel to how society lived in the "pre-industrial age" than how "I live today" -- you know -- the really cool electronic devices. (Yeah, they may not vaccinate -- but there's more to the autism puzzle than just -- vaccinations.)

According to research, autistic children are not being "assembled" how they are supposed to be and autism is a genetic problem. I don't believe it's a genetic problem. I believe it's purely an environmental problem that causes abnormal brain and nervous system development and that vaccines "just make it worse". The medical profession has come up with a nifty excuse on why the rate of autism has increased: "We expanded what the disorder covers". I feel they "had" to increase what the disorder covers, because more and more children are NOT developing typically and needed to be treated with therapy.

According to what I've read about the Amish, there has only been one child with autism in their community and that child was not originally from the community. They are a great control group.

It's a very random Pattern

Once your child has an Autism diagnosis, you become part of a group: "Parents with an autistic child". But the real question is, "what made us part of the same group BEFORE a child is diagnosed with autism? Again, if it were just the vaccines, every child would be autistic.

There should be no reason for couples, in their early 20's, in the prime of their reproductive lives -- to have children with autism. But they do. The odds are so much in their favor to have typically developed children. Parents who waited until their early 40's and had a child with autism, conventional wisdom would say -- they waited too long before they had children. But that not always true either. So what's the pattern?

How can people, who have no genetic connection, create children with a similar disorder, as if they had a genetic condition? That's impossible! The X-FACTOR must be something in the environment that more and more people are coming in contact with. Something completely unexpected or unlikely -- to have the impact that it does. What is it? Where is it?

A Disastrously High Rate of Increase

40 years ago, the autism rate was 1:2,000 and in a 40 year time span, the autism rate has increased to 1:88, which is a disastrously high rate of increase. Why did this happen now and not 200 years ago? Are we heading toward a future where more children will be born autistic than not autistic?

A parallel, instant life-changing illness

If you look at adults who have an "instant life changing illness," what are the common ones? Heart attack and stroke. The critical moment at which these two diseases hit are very quick and hit without warning. Yesterday you were fine, and one day later, you are not. I'm going to use this as an example -- which is similar for children who fall victim to vaccines. Yesterday they were fine, and one day later, they are not. The general cause of both heart attacks and strokes is -- reduced blood flow -- in the heart or in the brain.

Back to Pennsylvania Dutch County

The Amish may not vaccinate, but there are other factors specific to their life style that shield their children from developing autism. I believe what protects their children from developing autism is -- NO AMALGAM -- in their mouths. Amalgam is used as a dental filling and commonly consists of 50% mercury, 28% silver, 14% tin and 8% copper.

Three aspects of the Amish culture that excludes them from having children with autism are 1) they get married younger and reproduce younger; 2) their diet is much better with less processed foods and fewer sugars; and 3) less likely to go to the dentist because their diet is better. These three aspects of their culture -- limit the amount of Amalgam in their mouths -- all prior to reproduction.

So my hypothesis for the cause of Autism is -- Amalgam fillings in the teeth of parents.

Amalgam is 50% Mercury

This could be why Autism is "RANDOM and INCREASING". A nation eating more and more processed food, earlier and earlier in life -- causing more and more amalgam fillings to be installed -- all PRIOR TO REPRODUCTION. Also, as parents are waiting later and later in life to have children, more and more mercury could be leaching into their body and the levels are increasing.

Every time you chew food and drink hot liquid, mercury gas is released. I never went to the dentist, and at 17 years of age -- I had (1) cavity and it was filled with amalgam. At around age 40, I went to a dentist again and had almost all my teeth filled with amalgam. My skin has never been the same, I have allergies to many foods -- and I have two children with autism, both conceived after many of my teeth were filled with amalgam -- around age 40.

This makes sense to me and is a great area to study. The basic concept is that eating patterns and oral hygiene patterns are completely random, as with the cases of autism and mercury is a highly toxic substance. Once I started to "really think about the cause of autism" -- what always bothered me about "just blaming vaccines" is that other animals are vaccinated and their behavior(s) have no noticeable changes. I do understand that humans are a much higher functioning animal, but animals are also social beings. (But then again, when was the last time you saw a dog with amalgam fillings.)

Removing amalgam from your teeth is a very dangerous procedure and should only be done by a certified specialist. "Right there" tells me that amalgam should never be put into anyones mouth in the first place.

The Random Theory

My amalgam theory can work both backwards and forwards. Your first child could have an autism diagnosis and your second child could be fine. Or your first child could be fine and your second child could have the autism diagnosis. It all depends upon what you ate and drank to release the mercury into your body. Completely random, which seems to be the only logical pattern.

People who have amalgam fillings could have developmentally normal children, they just didn't release much or any mercury gas prior to egg/sperm creation through conception / gestation / birth and breast feeding. There is probably a multi-year window where mercury toxicity via amalgam could disrupt an ever so fragile developmental process.

Vaccine Delivery

Everyone knows the mechanism on how we get sick. The five holes in our heads. Two eyes. Two nostrils and one mouth. If these openings are how we get sick, why are we by-passing them by injecting vaccines into the arms and legs. Is it really better to inject into the extremities or is this just a matter of convenience? Mother nature spent billions of years perfecting how we fight infection and scientists come up with a way to by-pass "some, if not all" of those mechanisms. By-passing the natural protection with a vaccine, could cause what I will call an"Artificial Fever".

Artificial Fever

Could their be a difference between natural fever and artificial fever? As mentioned above, in by-passing natural mechanisms, are vaccines creating an "artificial fever" in the body where it wouldn't necessarily exist? What if the epicenter of this artificial fever ends up in the brain? The body is just doing its job -- Protect the brain, protect the brain, protect the brain. What part of the brain is most vital? Breathing and heart beat. What part is least vital? Pretty much all the areas that could define a person as autistic. During this artificial fever, the brain shifts to protection mode and blood flow is reduced to areas -- deemed not needed, at that time -- causing something similar to a stroke in the brain. Or maybe it's the body going into shock, due to low blood pressure, and the end result is the same.

Frost bite is the perfect example of the body reducing blood flow to certain sections of the body (the extremities) to preserve vital organs. Since its possible in one area of the body, could it be possible in others?

Mercury floating around in parents could be the cause of the "DNA change" that links people who have no genetic connection. The vaccine is just the trigger. Scientist have been saying this for many years now -- but they NEVER have produced the "Genetic" cause. Until science can figure out "what is" the predetermining factor(s), I believe its best NOT to vaccinate until later on in life -- when all the circuits and connections of basic development have been naturally activated. If you do end up with a child with a diagnosis, it most likely will be mild and manageable with multiple therapies.

The California Sperm Donor

Recently, I read an article about a California man who donated his sperm, which was used many times. Many of the children born to this man's sperm -- have an autism diagnosis. Hopefully, researchers were allowed to interview this man. I surely would like to -- just to see if I had anything similar (traits / exposures / illnesses / etc.) in common that could aide researchers. He fathered too many autistic children for this to be a coincidence and this leads me to believe that male DNA also plays a role in autism pre-disposition. (If I could do it all over again, I would never had put amalgam in my mouth.)

Prevention is always best

Reading the published research, on what part(s) of the brain are different in autistic children, doesn't really get me excited. I already KNOW there is a difference. I live with it everyday.

Stem cells might be the cure everyone is looking for, but the Bush Administration put U.S. Stem Cell Research many, many, many years behind. I'm actually excited about how stem cells could be the future of autism treatment. But as great as this medical intervention may be, as with any illness or disease, prevention is always best.


Since researchers don't have a clue what really causes autism, my theory too is just one of the many theories. But to me, it's definitely an area worth studying.

Everyone with a child with an "Autism Spectrum Disorder" has a similar story and that is a recognizable and sadly, an increasing pattern. Millions upon millions of dollars are being spent looking for the "why"  -- a "why" that will NOT include vaccines as the possible cause -- so that vaccines will never be considered the "cause" of autism. My family knows better.

Jay Gordon is a graphic designer and marketing/advertising executive with 30 years' experience working with FORTUNE 500 companies and the father of a child with autism.  He is not the Pediatrician in California.
by on Jul. 24, 2013 at 10:09 PM
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by Bronze Member on Jul. 24, 2013 at 10:20 PM
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We have a son that has Autism, he will be 29 next month. Yes, he recieved vaccinations but not long after he was diagnosed wiith Autism he got the chicken pox from the first pre-school handicapped class that he was in.... Boy, I sure wish they had the chicken pox vaccine back then. Having a young  child with autism get a disease that can now be prevented with a vaccine now makes me say I would vacinate all over again!!! 


by on Jul. 24, 2013 at 10:22 PM
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Look, idk but the vaccine theory never made sense to me... then everyone in my son's age should be autitistic, plus my mother was a special needs teacher in Cuba, and she saw autistic kids, not as many as today, but they were there, and I can guarantee you that Cuba didn't use the same vaccines in the 70"s, 80"s, 90" and much less now... plus almost all cubans have a scare on their left arm from the vaccine.... damn nurses are vicious over there lol but seriously, it just makes no sense to me, could it be mental health issues in the families, maybe, in my side of the family we don't have cancer, nor any serious diabities but we have crazy ass peaople .... no seriously, i have a lot of mental issues in my side, could it be a conbination of genes?? or mutation ... those are real posibilites to me.

by on Jul. 24, 2013 at 10:31 PM

I am about to have another boy in one week, he was an oops baby and my eldest son is aspie......terrified to vaccinate and terrified not to.  Still not sure what to do.....

by on Jul. 24, 2013 at 10:38 PM

I couldn't get through this. Too damn doom and gloom for my taste.  I'm sure this will spark an interesting thread though. Good luck! :D


by on Jul. 24, 2013 at 11:47 PM
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I think it's interesting tying in the mercury amalgams to autism in that we just read a study about mercury in fish being "ok" whereas other studies show mercury in the air to be "not ok" when it comes to autism risk.  But as someone with 0 fillings and 0 mercury in her mouth I can say that it wasn't what caused my kids' autism. 

I do feel that the dysfunction of the immune system and detoxification pathways are tied into the vaccines, the mercury, and the gut bacteria. If your immune system is not so great because mommy and daddy's immune systems were not so great and your ability to remove toxins is not so great again because of genetics you might be just fine and dandy if you live with the amish and have few toxins and fewer illnesses.  Or you could live in a big city, drink terrible water and eat pesticide laden foods and get sick all the time from overcrowding and daycares, nuke your gut with chronic antibiotic use, and get a ton of vaccines.  Either way you might be fine or you might be autistic depending on how well your body can cope and repair the damage. 

With the focus on the gut bacteria in relation to various medical conditions I feel that antibiotics play a large role in priming the system to develop autism, but like this lady says - it's never going to be "just one thing".  It's not JUST the vaccines, the antibiotics, the pesticides, the air pollution, the mercury in fillings - it's a combination of all of that plus genetics. 

by on Jul. 25, 2013 at 1:33 AM
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Not everyone who is exposed to the flu gets the flu.

by Bronze Member on Jul. 25, 2013 at 2:17 AM
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Here's the dd is on the spectrum. I don't buy into the vaccine being the issue. I know that there is genetic testing now and they have been able to see a pattern in those with autism and those with out. There are some lines in the chromosomes that are missing in kids with autism, compared to kids who don't. Chromosomes develop in the early stages of life. If this is true, then that means that vaccines was never the issue.

Now its possible it can bring the symptoms that were already there, to the surface a lot faster, which isn't really a bad thing, because we all know the earlier the intervention the better.  Vaccines might make the already present Autism just more present, which allows us parents to act faster, rather then finding out years down the line.

As I said my dd was diagnosed...but she was diagnosed late. Right after she was born, I noticed several things about her (before her first vaccines mind you!):
1. She would not attach to me for the first several weeks, after that we never did have a good attachment.

2. she cried all the time, I noticed early on that I could never run a vaccum cleaner, it flipped her out each time.

3. She had to be held, wrapped tightly and held to sleep, you put her down, she would wake up. You hold her and she would sleep.

As she got older and started growing, she flipped out over nosies in the car and when flushing the toliet, she was fearful of potty training because of the sound the toliet made when it flushed. I watched this girl scream in agony because it hurt her ears so bad.

She touched a red hot burner (long story), didn't move a muscle, or cry or anything, till I yanked her back and she "came to", it was like she was in a daze or something. She didn't talk, till she was 4 and half years old, even then she had to have surgery, prior to that she made baby nosies. I found out that despite her tongue tie problems she should have been able to say something, but she didn't. She was angry all the time a lot, mostly cause she couldn't communicate what she needed or wanted.

The list goes on and on, most of this I watched worried for years before her surgery. I was told she would out grow it, I was told that everything was normal, I was told that I had nothing to worry about and I knew better.

So to tell me that vaccines is the cause, I don't buy it. Can it make what's already there surface and be more...apparent and visable? Yep. But believe me I would rather know early on when I could have gotten her early intervention, rather then later.

The vaccines can't create what was already there to begin with.

FYI my nephew on my hubby's side of the family is also on the spectrum, he is Non-Verbal, High Functioning.

by on Jul. 25, 2013 at 8:25 AM
We didn't notice anything, she was making all her milestones, even talking. 2nd round of shots, no talking! Started to regress. That was what was frightening, to see progress, then one morning, wakes up and forgets all she knows?

When you read the 'what the shots might do' sheet, its damn scary! They wouldn't tell us anyways. Its not all or nothing, she might have just more sensitive to the shots. My 2 older boys had shots and were fine. They were born in MO, and Sally in TN.
I did have teeth problems right when I got pregnant with her, they were removed. But at 8 months pregnant I had a tooth break on me.
by Platinum Member on Jul. 25, 2013 at 9:03 AM

I don't believe vaccines cause autism. I have tried and tried to understand this. Maybe just maybe if a child already is predisposed to autism and the vaccines may bring it out but I just don't see vaccines alone doing this. Think back on our parents who received shots when they were younger. I am sure there was a lot more mercury in those than the ones that we give our children today. Also she mentions the Amish who don't innoculate. Yes that may be true and they had one child with autism that we know of. But I believe it's more about their cleaner way of living. No pesticides in their food, no microwaves giving off radiation, no chemicals to clean their homes. I can see environment playing a big impact as well as genetics. 

by on Jul. 25, 2013 at 9:21 AM

me too! I can't help but thinking the way this title states this

Quoting JTMOM422:

I don't believe vaccines cause autism. I have tried and tried to understand this. Maybe just maybe if a child already is predisposed to autism and the vaccines may bring it out but I just don't see vaccines alone doing this. Think back on our parents who received shots when they were younger. I am sure there was a lot more mercury in those than the ones that we give our children today. Also she mentions the Amish who don't innoculate. Yes that may be true and they had one child with autism that we know of. But I believe it's more about their cleaner way of living. No pesticides in their food, no microwaves giving off radiation, no chemicals to clean their homes. I can see environment playing a big impact as well as genetics. 

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