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Anyone else not very good at taking care of THEMSELVES??

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I think I may have made the wrong choice.  So, I woke up this morning with an ear ache, but kind of ignored it.  A couple hours later both ears hurt and itched.  But, school was cancelled today as I'm in the -50 or something like that wind chill area.  That means kids are home, and I need to be here to take care of them, can't go out to doctor, and it's way to cold so who wants to go out today.  So take some Tylenol and keep on moving.  Hubs gets home later than I thought he would and by then urgent cares are closed.  I start googling ear infections and have some heat on it now.  But oh my, it is getting worse.  Can barely open my mouth without my jaw hurting, both ears are throbbing, , itch. whole head just hurts.  Whoops.  My kids I would have been bundled up and run out there in a heartbeat, but I thought I could get by until tomorrow when kids would be in school - now that is cancelled too.  Augh, messed up.  Anyone know any at home remedies for ear infections?  The heat is not doing it!  Anyone else not very good at taking care of themselves? 


by on Jan. 6, 2014 at 10:06 PM
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by Platinum Member on Jan. 8, 2014 at 9:00 AM

 Well glad you got to the doctor and got meds for the ears. I can see my doctor chewing me out too. She always tells me if I am not well then I am not doing anyone in the house any good if I get worse

Quoting Momof4AEMW:

Yep, that's totally me.  Doctor chewed me out pretty good for not coming sooner.  Could not believe how bad one of the ears was.  Oopsie?  Got a couple of meds now though so hoping they kick in fast! 

Quoting JTMOM422:

OUCH !! Sorry you are not feeling well momma. I don't know of any at home remedies. 

I do understand not taking care of yourself. I am the same way. If it were one of my kids I would drop everything and take them right away. As for myself it usually gets to the point where I am in either so much pain or so out of it that I regret not taking it seriously in the beginning



by on Jan. 8, 2014 at 10:21 AM

 Aww I know how painful that is! I just got over the flu and had a sinus infection before that. The headaches and earaches were unbearable!

Hopefully you start to feel a little better today and can lay down for a bit.

Quoting Momof4AEMW:

Not great.  I'm using all the meds as directed, but sounds like ear pain gets worse before better..great!  When the tylonal wears off it is terrible.  They are draining though - yuck.  Taking that as a sign maybe it is getting better.  Hard to hear out of either one right now with the fluid though.  Hoping today will be a turning point.  I'd love to lay down and sleep again! 

Quoting TheJerseyGirl:

 I don't take very good care of myself either!

How does your ear feel?



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