Yesterday, I took Jacob out with me to run a few errands. Usually while we’re out during the early hours, he’s calm and well behaved. Not yesterday. He threw a temper tantrum in every establishment we stepped foot in. The stares and head shakes were a bit too much for me, I grabbed my paper work and headed home! I wasn’t embarrassed, but I felt the need to stand up at the front of that waiting room and say, “Stop staring at us!” Regrettably, I’ve been that parent that thought, “OMG. That child needs an ass whooping” or “I wish my kid would act up like that in public.” Now that the shoe is on the other foot and I’m the parent trying to control a seemingly uncontrollable toddler, I sympathize with parents that have to take on the public’s ignorance to autism.

 Staring is rude and the head shakes are completely uncalled for! Instead, have a little compassion for the parent. You never know what illnesses someone has or what hardships they are facing. With autism, the older the child gets the more aggressive the tantrums become. See, in Jacob’s mind, he’s communicating perfectly so he gets extremely frustated when those around him can’t understand him. And I’m completely new to this. It’s heart breaking when you can’t help your child because you don’t know what he wants or what he needs! I’ve been a mother for 13 years and I’ve practically raised a few of my nieces and nephews but I’ve never faced autism! I don’t know what I’m up against and quite honestly, I’m scared as hell!

So the next time you’re out and see a child having a fit show some compassion or mind your damn business. Don’t stare or shake your head! He isn’t bad, I’m not going to spank him, and I won’t be getting up leaving next time so you’re going to have to find a way to deal!...


FC Boujee