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SAVE on GAS! Save $ w/ ea. Fill Up! Earn unlimited amts. of $$$ just sharing this with others! Ask ME HOW!

Posted by on Dec. 1, 2009 at 11:58 AM
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Very simply put...we all have the need to lower our budget in what we spend on gasoline each week/month/year.  Some of us spend more than others, however to increase the life of your vehicle, it is still a savings.

If I can take not even a minute to squeeze this fuel treatment into my tank...then anyone can do it.  My 13yr old son could do this.

Who do you know that drives a Car/SUV/Truck?

How many times a week do you hear about someone complaining about gas prices or filling up again or car pooling kids.  I know my son has me running all over town and has no regards for what it actually takes for us to get there.

What about those who have to use Premium Fuel...they really have to spend some $!  Well the Xtreme Fuel Treatment in combo with just Reg. Unleaded Gasoline is actually BETTER than Premium.  That's an instant savings right there!

  • My father, blue collar to the core used the XFT in his work truck and saw an instant result in how it ran.
  • My grandfather has used XFT in his diesel work truck and normally has to start the truck in cold weather at least 3 times.  The truck is now starting up in ONE try!
  • Business Men/Women who use their vehicles EVERYDAY traveling for work are saving $1000s of Dollars a year!
  • MOMS!!!  Carpooling, Sports travel, Dance travel, Vacations!  We're SAVING too!  I gained an additional $100 savings p/month just in the bit that I drive around town.  Not to mention what I'll save when we start traveling for my son's baseball this year.  Already a Tennesse trip planned in June!!
  • The 2002 Olympics used XFT to run their generaters and decreased their gasoline usage by almost 200 gallons in ONE week!  If they were paying $2.50 p/gal that is a $500 SAVINGS!
  • Larger trucking companies can decrease their gas mileage with savings up to $11,000 p/wk after the cost of XFT. 

So ask yourself...WHO wouldn't want to have these savings.  Especially the economy and all these companies that are struggling to stay alive.  Gasoline is a HUGE part of their budget and if they can decrease it, then it could mean jobs!!!

If you're interested in hearing more about how you can earn $$$ just by sharing this with your friends, family, or companies...then email me ASAP.

We have a WEBINAR on Tues. Nights if you'd like to hear more!


by on Dec. 1, 2009 at 11:58 AM
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