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Mom of 1 with another on the way. Need extra money.

Posted by on May. 2, 2011 at 1:03 PM
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I do not have a job right now. I am a mother of one and I have another on the way. My husband is the only one bring money in. I need to find a stay at home job to bring in some extra money to pay bills and have extra cash.

by on May. 2, 2011 at 1:03 PM
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by on May. 2, 2011 at 1:17 PM


You should check out the one I chose.  I can usually find a reason to not do these business plans, but with this one, I couldn't say no.  It is 100% free to try, with no purchasing required, so people have nothing to lose to try it.  You only get one customer, then sign up other affiliates and help them do the same.  A simple plan, that builds you residual income from your organization.  My group is building this quickly.  Hopefully this will be something you would like to try.  Thanks in advance for taking a look at my website for more information.               


by on May. 2, 2011 at 1:35 PM


This is an opportunity of a LIFETIME!!!!
Mary Kay Cosmetics is offering an awesome opportunity to change your life for $100!!!
You will get our starter kit which is valued at over $600!!! PLUS so much more in that box!!
I have made so many friends and have never met so many positive women in my life!!

  • We DO NOT have Territories and we DO NOT have Sales Quotas!!! You DO NOT have to carry inventory. We DO NOT have monthly fees. We DO make 50% on Everything we sell. We DO give away over 200 cars per month!!! 

  • Call 641-715-3900 pass code 20643#. This is a recorded message about the business.  No Obligation...
    Contact me thru cafe mom or call/text me 941-376-9060 or checkout my website

  • Kim Bressan
    Future Mary Kay Sales Director
    Champions for Freedom
    Giving women the CHOICES they want and the FREEDOM they deserve

    by on May. 2, 2011 at 3:30 PM

    Have you heard of Tastefully Simple?? I will message you some details and you can let me know if I can help :-)

    by on May. 2, 2011 at 4:44 PM

    Hi Talia,

    I'm a mother of a beautiful little girl and I work from home. I help mothers work from home generate additional income and team up to help others reach their families financial and wellness goals. No pressure or obligation-just the details. Please contact me for further information or visit my website...

    by on May. 2, 2011 at 5:25 PM

  • Do You Love Gift Baskets And Flowers?

    Join La Bella Baskets Today And Become a Gift Basket Consulant!

     * Work part -time or full-time
    * Work from the comfort of your home!
    * Set your own hours
    * Bi-Weekly Pay
    * No experience required!
    * One-on-One Coaching
    * Get paid on all your orders and repeat customers.
    * Free Prescription Card & Pet Card
    * Start Taking Orders Today!
    How Does Our Program Work?

    1. We provide you with a beautiful website with gourmet and specialty gift baskets. These gifts are loaded on your gifting store with your own shopping cart. No need to figure out all the details. Within minutes you can start taking orders.

     2. Customers visit your gifting store. They can shop for affordable beautiful gifts and receive all their gifting needs and place orders. No more running around trying to find out what to buy for birthdays, holidays and special occasions.

    3. We ship to your customer within 24-48 hours. We work behind the scenes in the warehouse taking the shipping, assembly of gifts and other burdens off your shoulders. We also make sure all packages are professionally prepared.

     You DO NOT have to stock any inventory
    You DO NOT have to buy any products
    You DO NOT have to deal with shipping
    You DO NOT have to collect money

    4. You generate a nice income! That's it! Pretty simple!
    Make Money 3 ways:
    Recruiting people into the company!
    Seliing our beautiful Gift Baskets!
    Corporate companies!
  • Are you looking for a job or business?
  • I have a business:-)

    I'm Jennifer McClain,also 31 yrs old too:-) and a Gift Basket consultant for La Bella Baskets and I absolutely love it!! I have been with La Bella Baskets for almost about a yr here in the northern neck of Va working from home!! It is the best home business I have done!! I have made my income on building a team and that is the honest truth.:-) I am now focusing on marketing the gift baskets now. I just got a spot on my local radio station with an ad commercial and a lady from a flower shop looked at my catalog and took some brochures and business cards:-) So I'm thinking big and going to keep thinking BIG! I come up with ideas all the time:-)I have been top referral Consultant many times! If you have a passion for helping women and men work from home with a love for gift baskets and flowers than this business is for you!!Please know that a home business take time for some people, so only join if your motivated and serious. This is not a get rich scheme and this is 100% legit!!
    Go to join now as LBB Consultant and ad the $1.97 to cart.
    Please Note A home business takes time to build! Nothing happens over night unless your lucky!!
    It is so worth it!!
    Looking for creative imaginative motivated women and men to help work from home!!
    Are You Pumped up To make an income from home?
    Are You ready to help moms work from home?
    Ask Me How You Can Enroll for ONLY $1.97
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    LBB Consultant
    Jennifer McClain
    Have A Beautiful La Bella Day!!:-)
    by on May. 3, 2011 at 11:58 AM

    With a Heritage Makers business, you can work with your kids.  Our products are made on-line, the kids love to look at their pictures in a storybook about themselves and they love to show them off to others, which means your children help you with your business!  Check out my website at  Our startup kit is $50 and can be earned back in just one workshop order.  Check it out and then contact me for more information.


    by on May. 3, 2011 at 4:46 PM
    I have recently started an at home business and am very excited about the possibilities!! If you want mor information you can visit my website. I hope you find a fit for you!! Good luck
    Posted on CafeMom Mobile
    by on May. 4, 2011 at 9:48 AM

    Hello,I know what your going threw my husband was the only one bringing in the income for a while and i my self felt horrible that I couldn't help. I found this great group Called Internet CEO Moms. It is moms helping other moms work from home. It's a simple business  Replace Your Income/ Pay off Debt! No Parties. Risk Free. Get All The Details Now.

    Mary Roper                                                                                                                                            Helping Moms Work From Home                                                                                   BecauseILoveThem

    by on May. 4, 2011 at 1:33 PM

    I am in the same boat as you. I have two sons and a daughter who was born in March. My husband is the "bread winner". I found Scentsy after talking with a lady on facebook.


    Monetary Investment:
    When you sign up to sell Scentsy you will invest $99 for the Starter Kit. After shipping and tax it comes to about $119. I received my kit in 3 days. You get your website within minutes and can actually start making sales right then and there. After this initial investment, you will no longer be charged for shipping on 'business supplies' over $30.  Business supplies can be any random add-ons such as additional order forms, catalogs, etc.  Some consultants also choose to buy things like the basket testers right off the bat. 

    Personal Investment:
    This is up to you. You are running YOUR business, so you make it fit your life, your world, and your needs. Your only sales responsibility to Scentsy is to sell $150 in ONE month within 3 consecutive months in order to stay active as a consultant. Going above and beyond this is your call. If you don't make the minimum goal, Scentsy's policies require termination.

    If you decide selling Scentsy is for you, I will be your 'Sponsor', Kathy Bandy (who you will LOVE) will be your director. Aspen Calhoun will be your Star Director, therefore in your Upline, as well. All of us, and anyone else in our group or our team, can answer questions, give tips, and be there to support you as you see fit.

    I will send you an email after you sign up and will offer news and events of Scentsy on a regular basis. I will be your 'go-to' person to whom you ask questions as the occasion arises. This is why you sign up under someone. So they can be a direct support.  In addition to these supports, you will also receive a monthly newsletter via email, New Consultant training, AND have the opportunity to join our monthly Team Meetings via conference call. 

    I will give you support from the start by emailing you helpful things like "Getting Started", "Organizing your Scentsy", "How to Place an Order", and much more. It's up to you whether you use or trash emails or tips that come your way. Why? Because it's YOUR business, so do what you decide fits you!

    We have a wonderful team on Facebook so if you decide to join Scentsy you will be able to join us on Facebook and have support from a TON of people.

    The compensation plan can be read in the back of your Scentsy Catalog. It can be overwhelming when you look at the chart at first. Here is what you need to know when starting out. You get paid according to your rank. Rank means the different levels you can reach as you sell. When you sign up, you are an "Escential Consultant" and move up from that title according to sales and recruits you sponsor.  As an "Escential Consultant" you get 20% of YOUR retail sales.

    Once you have sold $1,000 (in your career; not ONE month), you move up to "Certified Consultant" and will be paid 25% of YOUR retail sales. Then, if you sponsor someone, you can become "Lead Consultant" and will be paid 25% of YOUR retail sales, 2% of YOUR personal wholesale volume, and 2% of your RECRUIT's wholesale volume. The percentages go up as you move up in rank. Again, the chart in the catalog diagrams this. I would only worry about what you make up front...20%. It just gives me a headache past that. 

    Everyone wants to hear 'numbers'. Since Scentsy success depends on what works for you, it can be misleading to say how much I make or how much other consultants make.  Success is also dependent on what your own personal goals are.  My personal goal was to go in and make this fun.  Making money has been the perk of it all.  It is part of Scentsy's Policies & Procedures, however, to not disclose exact numbers or income to potential consultants.  Doing so would just be too misleading.  I will share though, that no matter what the amount is on that check each's wonderful to get paid to do something that is so much fun!!

    Discounts & Paychecks:
    You will receive commission via a paycard from Scentsy by the 10th of each month. Scentsy does not give their consultants anything OFF of their purchases. Instead, you get your applicable percentage BACK the next month. Please consider this if you are signing up in hopes of receiving special prices on their products. You don't get discounts but anything you buy for yourself (outside of ‘business supplies') counts towards your sales. Also, remember your commission checks are all pretax so you will need to withhold a percentage for your 1099. Scentsy will send you a 1099 next year during tax season. 

    Starter Kit:
    Your starter kit has A LOT of goodies. In fact, you will find that you really don't need to buy anything else if you so choose. Because I knew the majority of my sales were going to be from basket parties* (see below), I chose to buy a $25 mini- tester kit soon after I received my Starter Kit.  

    Your new Starter Kit will include the following:
    Large Party Testers (80)
    Catalogs (50)
    Order Forms (100)
    Invitations (100)
    Business Cards (100)
    Hostess Packet: Guest List, Hostess Rewards, 5 Hostess Envelopes
    Yearly Planner Scentsy Buddy Scent Pak
    1 Room Spray
    1 Scentsy Bar
    1 Car Candle
    1 Warmer (it will vary and be according to what they have a lot of in stock at that time)
    4 Lightbulbs
    5 Clear Bags
    Scentsy Binder
    Welcome Sheet 

    Resources & Website:
    You will be given a free website via Scentsy for 3 months. After that it is $10 each month. This will be your work station. You will have a Consultant ID and a password you choose. Each person's website is distinct by ONE word they will choose to add at the end of You can use your name, or find a word that represents Scentsy to you - smellies, loving, get some... (Jessica Bolin) I used Gifts

    Throughout your work station there are helpful tabs, links, handouts, and plenty of information to help grow your business.  You'll find updates, announcements, and resources to access independently and learn from daily. There is even a Forum that has been established to help you trade tips, ideas, and find out what other consultants are doing!  Endless resources to help make YOUR business successful and fun.  All of this is at your fingertips when logged into your work station through your website. 

    There is so much information to give about Scentsy. Many things you just learn as you go. If you decide you want to become a Scentsy Consultant, I would love to have an active role in helping you make this as successful as you see fit.  Scentsy is a growing company right now, and it's such a great fit for so many people. It sounds wild to say, but it really makes people giddy. It's a new adventure with tons of potential. The best part is it's YOURS. So you call the shots... 

    I haven't had to find my inner salesman to make this work. That's just not me, and it wouldn't be fun if I had to. I am not a salesperson; I never want to be a salesperson.  I decided from the start that being a Scentsy Consultant would be fun. Not work, just fun. It's worked for me so far, and I'll keep doing it as long as does.  

    That being said, I think it's important for you to decide what YOU want out of Scentsy before you begin. Otherwise, you might find yourself putting unrealistic expectations on what Scentsy can do for you. It's fun. So just have fun...and smell good things while doing it :)

    I hope this helps and would love hear any feedback or what else you would like to know!!... If you know you are READY to become a Scentsy Consultant, just go to my website ( and click on  START A BUSINESS.

    From there, you will order your STARTER KIT and become a Scentsy Consultant!

    Jessica Bolin

    by on May. 4, 2011 at 2:42 PM

    I know that it is difficult to find something as there are so many out there to try from.  I know I had tried at least 4 or 5 in the past and spent a lot of money and wasted a lot of time.  I finally did find one a few months ago that gave me peace and encouragment, and it saved me money.  I don't have to worry about wasting money because it is risk free, I don't have to worry about inventory or doing parties or selling anything.  It's great, not to mention that this provides a residual income, I work around my busy schedule a few hours a week, and my first paycheck was pretty sweet.

    I know there are plenty of things out there and the trick is to find one before you find all the wrong ones, which I didn't do.  So if you are interested I would love to share with you how this is helping my family and saving me money on things I have to buy anyway.

    you can email me at if you want some more information and another option.  This is a green company and very little investment.

    you can also go to and view a 40min presentation and see if this works for you.


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