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I am sitting outside under a shade tree - and getting paid to read!

Posted by on Jul. 5, 2009 at 3:18 PM
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There are many reasons to want to work from home as well as several reasons why a work-from-home opportunity would actually be better for many people. 

For some people, as soon as they become parents, they start looking for ways they can stay at home with their kids, avoid day-care costs, and yet still earn an income.  While some parents believe that a big part of being a great parent is to maintain their career as it existed prior to parenthood, others find that their work life isn't so clear-cut when children enter the picture.  Many parents realize they just don't want to miss all the special moments of watching their children grow; they want to be the one to comfort and guide them into adulthood without surrendering a huge chunk of their income to someone else while they're stuck at a thankless job they can hardly stand.  The struggle with the decision and/or desire for working versus staying at home is often one of the first signs that a work-from-home situation might be the perfect solution.

Caring for children is only a part of the picture for others, though.  Currently, many struggling families are also caring for their elderly and/or disabled family members.  Having a work-from-home "second job" allows them to still earn the paycheck they need while providing the care they can't afford to pay others for.    

For other people, it's not about kids or family at all.  For college students, it can often be difficult to find an employer who will allow you to work around your class schedule, especially when that schedule changes from semester to semester.  College students also run into work obstacles when trying to work around major exam weeks, college vacations, and finding time to travel back home to see friends and family.  That's the beauty of this job:  total flexibility that allows for full-time or part-time work to accommodate your schedule regardless of whether you're a college student, a teacher, a construction worker or just have some other seasonal employment or activities to work around. 

Other people just want a "second job" that will allow them to earn a little extra spending money each month, or maybe they'd just like some extra cash in addition to their regular income to make ends meet for their monthly budget.  The flexibility of this job allowing for full-time or part-time work also works really well around seasonal schedules

Still others just need the stimulation that working part-time from home can bring.  Many retired people find it beneficial to have something to occupy their time as well as bring in a little extra money each month to supplement their retirement income.

Or possibly you're one of the unfortunate many that have found themselves laid off recently and would like to find a career with more stability and/or even some growth predicted for the near future as opposed to continuing in the career that you've just found yourself laid off from.

Without a doubt, anyone who has ever thought of working from home can surely list several reasons he or she would like to be at home instead of at an office job.  This particular field of proofing provides a wonderful solution for many individuals in need of a job that is more flexible than your standard 9-to-5 arrangement.

Ready to realize your dreams of working from home? Then proceed to our Get Started page. 

We'd love to welcome you to this exciting world of hidden-niche proofreading for this select group of professionals!

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by on Jul. 5, 2009 at 3:18 PM
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