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What's your favorite craft project?

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We gave a couple of moms the opportunity to host a Stampin' Up! party for a group of their friends. Check out some of these great photos and quotes from the parties.

flowerfunleah says: I hope you can see the lovely embossed results on my red paper there! The design was super super pretty and I was so proud of myself aftewards lol. The stamps were so pretty! If you look closely we used two different colors of yellow ink, a mustard yellow and then a brighter yellow on top of that to create that cool effect. Annnd you'll see a silver heart on there. Thanks so much cafemom for giving me this opportunity, my guests and I had a great time and I'm sure we'll be using Stampin' Up in the future!

CStech says:
We made these really cute and EASY place card holders made with clothes pins (I think I might use mine to hold a picture and put it on my desk).
It was a wonderful time!  I am addicted to Stampin' Up stamps because they have a punch to match a majority of their stamps!!!  I filled up a whole order sheet of items!  YIKES!!!  Thank you Stampin' Up for letting me host a party and thank you to CafeMom who chose me to be a host.  It was a pleasure and guess what?  I CAN make an invite like the one I sent out after this party! 

critter_boo says: We also used their awesome stamp pads. They were so easy to use and you didn't have to press hard. They stamped beautifully .

What's your favorite craft project?

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by on Aug. 28, 2012 at 9:01 PM
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by on Sep. 22, 2012 at 5:41 PM

Looks like so much fun!

Quoting flowerfunleah:

Hi Ladies!

My Stampin' Up party was September 15th and I'm so excited to share the pictures and crafts we made with you guys! So first off, you've seen the invites that Stampin' Up made and sent for me to send out to all my crafty friends but here's another peek just because I love them so much!

All my friends loved the invites. Their favorite parts were the little flower wand with the clear button in the middle and my favorite part was the fabric sleeve that it came wrapped up in. It makes the invite look so fun and adds that flair that I love. 

Cafemom generously donated a $100 Amex gift card towards my party (Thanks guys!) and I knew from the getgo that I wanted to get my pre-craft on and make most of the decor for the party myself. With a one year old underfoot, getting crafty doesn't always come as easy as I would like it to so the opportunity to express myself was one I couldn't resist. I wanted to challenge myself though so I decided that I would try and decorate this party with all (or most) things from the dollar tree! I admit, I love to stretch that dollar!

So I started off with this:

Candy jars!! Squee!

Okay, I'm a sugar addict. But you can't really tell.   ...ok, yes you can. And that's how I knew right away that the very first thing I needed to make were candy jars! These are made (and I kid you not) with dollar tree candle sticks, mason jars, and a normal candy jar. I spray painted the jars (I l-o-v-e-d these colors!) and their lids and then added embellishments to make them pretty lol. Then of course I had to fill them with gumballs, jelly beans, and Werthers caramels! 

I got a little carried away at the dollar store and had to do the same thing with the serving ware for the menu. I love to cook and my guests are amazing and of course asked if they could bring anything but I told them that bringing themselves was perfect and I couldn't wait to cook for them!

I chose a menu of finger foods ( and while I love the dollar store for things like crafts, I love our grocers like king soopers and safeway for our foods lol) because I knew we'd be doing crafts with our hands I didnt want foods that would jeapordize the papers we were going to use with greasiness or anything so I chose these simple finger delights to get us going: 

First off is cucumber cups filled with a creamcheese/mayo/dill mixture. It was really good! For an 8oz block of cream cheese I used about 1/4 to 1/2 cup real mayo and about a tablespoon of dill. lol this mixture was really easy to eyeball so I'm just giving you ladies guestimates here. 

Next are a crab/cream cheese roll up. These were delicious! I mixed the cream cheese with cocktail sauce, added some ground mustard, and shredded crab!

These are just little snack bites. Summer sausage, cubed mozzerella, and a green olive stuffed with pimento! 

Inside out sandwiches! Ok, I'm not gonna lie, I forgot the bread. *head desk* so it was really more like inside out sandwich minus a grain lol. They were still delicious though! Swiss cheese rolled into honey ham and speared together with a tooth pick!

I saw this idea on Pinterest and had to incorporate it last minute into the menu. What a great way to have indvidual servings of chips! Little greasy but I thought they were nice and safe in their own little brown paper bags. In case my guests didnt like chips I added the bold chex mix in there as well! 

Last but not least was a bowl of raspberries that I stuffed with chocolate chips! Stuffing the raspberries was not nearly as tedious as it looks and the effort was well worth it, they were delicious! In the back there you can see just a little bit of decor to really bring the table together. The vase and flowers are from the dollar tree and I just cut up a few lemons for the color and aroma! 

Drinks! I quite drinking soda about 2 years ago and then developed my addiction love for vitamin water! It was a must, lol. But in case my guests didnt like vitaman water I providedoption of juice (duh! Could have had a V8! lol) or the good ole standby, water! 

My guests had the option of coloring their own cups for their drinks! We all thought that was fun lol I love to color!

The whole set up! The serving trays were made from candle sticks and those silver trays from the dollar store that I spray painted! You can't really see it in the pictures but underneath the food are papers that I edged with craft scissors (the ones with wonky edges, I cant remember what they're called lol). As you can see the food is sitting on a piece of burlap fabric and on top of that I arranged with gift tissue paper (also from the dollar store!) for easy after party clean up! So it made it look pretty and made the clean up a breeze!

Yum! You'll see our lovely Stampin' Up Rep Jen and my friend Jameeliah partaking in the goods!

My SIL, Suki, was SO gracious and offered up the conference room in her office as a space for us to do our crafts! I took advantage of her whiteboard and used it as a great guestbook! This is from the beginning of the party but as guests started arriving they too signed the board.

Close up of your hosts! Hi Cafemom!! You were with us in spirit, lol

Meet our Stampin' Up representative Jen Jacobsen! Here she is giving us a sneak previous of the crafts we would be making. Jen was instrutmental in coordinatingn the date of the party with me and assured me that she would be bringing all that we would need for making these awesome crafts! I love her lol because she reitterated that the crafts were free and that there were no obligations to buy anything, she was really cool about that so that we could all feel really relaxed and not pressured for the duration of the party. She was really interested about cafemom and I told her to join and then join us here at the craft cafe! HI JEN! I know you're reading this lol. 

Say hello to my mother in law and my aunt in law! We started off the party by Jen first explaining to us what Stampi' Up is since none of us had ever done it before. She brought everyone a beautiful catalog (and extra's that I've been handing out to my friends at school!) so that we could have a visual representation of what Stampin' Up is and does. That helped! It's a little overwhelming lol because they offer a lot and after looking through it you really just want to dive right in and create all this really cool stuff. 

The first thing Jen showed us was this really machine thingy. Lol what we were gonna do for our first card that we got to make (we got to make two!!) was emboss the paper so that it had like raised designed bumps. So what we did was make a sandwich with this plastic board, the embossing design, and then another plastic board. Jen was so funny, she called it a sandwich lol and she was right! It did really look like a sandwich when you wheeled it through the machine. 

We each got to take a turn using the machine! You can see our crafty sandwich lol

I hope you can see the lovely embossed results on my red paper there! The design was super super pretty and I was so proud of myself aftewards lol

This here is the result of the first card we were to make:

Isn't that pretty? That's Jen's creation I believe so that we could take it as an example. The stamps were so pretty! If you look closely we used two different colors of yellow ink, a mustard yellow and then a brighter yellow on top of that to create that cool effect. Annnd you'll see a silver heart on there...

Ta da! How cute is this hole punch? So simple but the silver sparkly thick paper made it worth it lol. Jen had these cool double stick sticker backings that bumped up the heart to make it stand out against the card.

The stamps we used. They stuck to these clear blocks so that you could SEE where you were stamping on the paper through the blocks. I really really enjoyed that.

Say hello to my friends Tarrah and J.j. being diligent crafters! I had a total of five guests show up which is pretty good for me lol

This tool right here ladies is my new favorite thing for crafting ever lol. It's so simple but so useful too! It's got like an adhesive sticky roll in side and you just apply a bit of pressure and roll it onto your paper like glue so that you can stick it to whatever you need to. 

(The second card we made was J.J.'s favorite!)

J.J. got really crafty with things! She's really creative so this party was right up here alley.

Crafting! Crafting!

This is our second card example! 

(My mother in law. She's been sick but she loves me SO much she came to my party lol I love her too!)

Everyone really loved making the second card the best! 

At the end of the party jen presented me with hostess gifts! The halloween bag Jen made herself with Stampin' products! 

I made scrap fabric lollipops for each of my guests to take home as a party favor! It's just scrap fabric wrapped around a lollipop stick but I thought they were super cute and fun :-D

Group picture! Jameeliah had to leave before the party ended but she's there in spirit, lol. I'm the blonde 2nd in from the left lol. The camera was on a timer so I had to rush to be in the picture! 

And that was my party!! Thanks so much cafemom for giving me this opportunity, my guests and I had a great time and I'm sure we'll be using Stampin' Up in the future! 

by on Sep. 22, 2012 at 7:42 PM

I LOVE making tutus, tutu dresses, head bands, fairy wands, wings and barefoot sandals for babies or little ones, I also love making diaper cakes! My baby at 21 is grown (I guess ) but I have a Great Niece and when a friend has a little one I make gifts for them. Soooo, soooo much fun! I only WISH I knew how to scrap book! I made a scrap book for my daughter when she was born but she has Always loved to dig it out and look at everything, read the little stories and see the photos of herself...(too cute) but it's in pieces now! Lol! Soo I purchased a new book, extra pages, lots of pretties etc to redo it but for some reason it's just overwhelming to me! Hmmmm.......I know it sounds silly but ladies I just have NO idea how to even start it! HELP! LOL!! The stamp party sounds like a ton of fun too!!!!

by Bronze Member on Sep. 22, 2012 at 9:08 PM

I cant wait to see the other parties ladies!

by on Sep. 22, 2012 at 10:44 PM

I absolutely love to craft and run a craft blog. If you are looking for inspiration or would like to share a craft, please take a moment to look at

by on Sep. 24, 2012 at 11:26 AM

Oh wow. These parties are all so great!!

I love Stampin' Up.

by on Sep. 24, 2012 at 11:28 AM

This invite is gorgeous.

Quoting funhappymom:

I love those colors together. Very pretty.

Quoting critter_boo:

by on Sep. 24, 2012 at 11:30 AM

This is so cute!!

Quoting critter_boo:

The card I made. It took a bit but it is super cute I really like it.

by on Sep. 24, 2012 at 3:49 PM
Thats really cool ladies, have fun cant wait to hear how it go !! :)
Posted on CafeMom Mobile
by on Sep. 26, 2012 at 2:06 PM

MY have to be fave craft project is altered mini scrapbooks!!! You can make these cute little books out of:

coffee sleeves   paper bags   toilet paper tubes   chipboard  all sorts of stuff!!!!

tons of fun and so professional looking!!!

by on Sep. 27, 2012 at 8:01 AM

I have always loved crating!!!  When i was yound my mom taught me to cross-stitch, make bows, and custom tshirts!  As i grew up, i started loving sccrapbooking, and have made many scarpbooks for trips ive taking, and  i made a 7 volume scrapbook of my wedding!!  I have also made scrapbooks for friends and their children, as well as a scrapbook for a lady's daughter, who was dying of cancer.  I sat with her many days as she was dying, and i talked with her and learned about her life, and i was able to present a scrapbook about her mom to her, when her mom did pass away. 

My new love is sewing!  I opened an infant and children's clothing shop on Etsy 2 months ago.  I love to create one of kind creations for baby, infant, and children!  You can visit my shop at

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