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Why did you start homeschooling?

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I stated homeschooling because I have no faith in our local school system.  It's only gotten worse IMO since I pulled my children out in 1999.

by on Apr. 15, 2011 at 3:54 PM
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by on Apr. 25, 2011 at 6:11 PM

What a nightmare; I'm sorry you and you're kids had to suffer through such carelessness and irresponsibility in the PSS. Your story, and ones similar to it, are prim examples of why we homeschool! My husband and I both attended public school during our education and are aware of so many unfortunate results of said system. I'm so glad for you that you are able to homeschool your children! I pray it continues to be a blessing to your family....if you write that book, I'll def be reading it! :)

Quoting Jinx-Troublex3:

My story is a little drawn out...and to fully get it you have to have some back story... LOL

I wentto an AWESOME private school from K-6th grade then got DUMPED (as I felt) into a Los Angeles city public school for Junior high - not only is this an awkqard age to change schools but it  was a HUGE culture shock.

In the private school NO ONE cussed. you might have heard a parent slip once or twice but hte kids didn't dare. In the city school they cussed the TEACHERS out in clas and no one did anything. I was one of 3 white students in teh entire school -it's 98% hispanic and nearly everyone spoke spanish so they spoke it behind the backs of us white kids -we learned all the really bad words. For high school, I moved out to the suburbs and it was a bit better but most of the cliques had been formed in Jr high and fitting in wasn't easy.

So..... When we decided to have kids we wnated to go private's just not possible on our budget so we enrolled DS1 into Public school.... DH was initially against homescholing and thought it was for freaks.  Kinder was OK, I heard bad things about 1st in the schoolwe were at so I opted for a transfer to a "school of choice" it was Spanish Immersion and they needed english speakers so he got in. Which was OK until 3rd grade. They offered tutors for the spanish kids learning english but NONE for the english kids learning spanish. WHY?? Because they "teach to the test" and they HAVE to be able to read english but per state testing spanish is optional.

Then DS2 comes along. We find outhe has ADHD.  He is put into the Spanish program as well- UTTER CHAOS- He also has a hearing issue where his ears are OVERLY sensitive so loud noises, singing in class, loud games , cause him to shut down.  We pulled him and sent him to the regular school we were at before.

OMG it was AWFUL. I tried to talk to the teacher day 1. She says "Im' sorry, I dont talk to parents about their students, I want to figure them out for myself."  So, before the 1st semester report cards, DS is FAILING every subject she calls and sayS"I wish I had known he had learning disabilites" Ummm well you WOULD HAVE KNOWN ... but you told me to shut up and go away!

They lost DS2 off hte bus ..not once.. but TWICE. The first time, DS1 gets off hte bus, there is no DS2.  The driver says, well he WAS on the bus, he must have gotten off somewhere but I have to finish my route. HUH??  WHAT??? I call the school, school says ,"YUP" He was put on the bus. I had to cal lthe SHERIIFS dept to search for him. They found him 2 hours later, wandering around campus. NO ONE noticed an unattended child oncampus? Turns out- he NEVER got on the bus. They put him in the bus LINE... but he must have walked away and no one saw him. The Principals reply? Have his 8yo borther be his budy and make sure he gets home. NO! It is NOT my 8yo child's is the SCHOOL'S job The 2nd time, the busses were too crowded so they split some of hte kids off one bus and put them on another...well they put him on the WRONG 2nds bus..and WHY wold they split up my2 boys?? NO ONE could say ...again..I had to call the sheriffs to search for him because the bus driver SWORE he was on her bus when they left school.

(If you read this far you area saint)

He was DENIED any services, no IEP, no 504 for his learning disabiliteis because "he isn't far enough behind grade level" .....Well of course not you asshats...I spend 2 hours working with him every night AFTER school. I refuse to let him fail. He was already asking "Mommy, WHY DID GOD MAKE ME SO STUPID?" in 1st grade!It ripped my heart out (and still does when I think of it)

The last straw was, when I went in YET AGAIN, to fight forthe school to provide services and the Principal says,"Well, I understand why parents like you want us to deal with their problems." HELLO??? My hcild is NOT a problem. He's a little boy that needs HELP. don't know the half I do for this child keeping hime at grade level. Running his scout meetings, (for both boys) rumning Sunday school, tutoring him and reteaching him AT LEAST 2 hours at night because your school was failing.

So DH agreed to let me try homeschooling, seeing how miserable DS1 and how he ws treated at school but it wsa under the condition that I find some program that monitored their progress because he was afraid of them falling behind their peers (they already were so what's the big issue? LOL) 

We have been doing the homeschool charter  for 4 years now and it's a great compromise.

(PS- that wasn't even HALF of the stuff that went on between me and DS1 and DS2 in the public schools- I could write a novel on it...)

by on Apr. 25, 2011 at 6:18 PM

My story is very similar; the longer I've been doing it the more and more I realize what a great decision we've made! How long has it been for you now?

Quoting mommygirls2:

 I started from day one.  When I first started I was not sure it was something I was going to plan to do throughout their whole education, but know I can not imagine going another route.  I love homeschooling and I know that it is best for our family.

by on Apr. 25, 2011 at 6:28 PM

It deeply saddens me when I hear about children being bullied in school. It's a shame that children are subject to such abuse and neglect in a place that they are suppose to be flourishing! It makes me swell with satisfaction that mothers, like yourself, take matters into their own hands and save their children. It seems as though you have your hands full with your busy brood, I hope all works out for you if you plan to homeschool them all. What direction would you go with your curriculum for having them all homeschooled?

Quoting LivinDeadGurl:

I actually had a few reasons for starting.

First of all, we started tossing around the idea when my daughter was in kindergarten. I am Pagan and my husband is Agnostic and we wanted ANYTHING about religion to be up to us to teach our children. If they were taught religion, we wanted them to be taught ALL religions. I thought the school was doing a good job keeping religion out of their teachings until we went to the winter holiday concert and almost every song was about Jesus. I wasn't upset per se, I just wish I had been informed.

We moved after that to another state and moved into a HORRIBLE school district. My daughter was bullied and teased and the school did nothing about it no matter who you talked to, but as soon as she retaliated against any of the children she was SUSPENDED. They also insisted she had behavior issues and that it was due to bad parenting. However, she didn't show ANY of the behaviors they claimed she had at home and we were never informed of any incidents when they happened at school. They would just randomly send notes home telling me I needed to talk to her about her behavior because it wasn't improving. It was a mess.

Then we moved to Texas. We were told my daughter had to go to the school closest to our home. However, we were living with family and had no idea when we would find our own place or where it would be. So rather than start her in one school and pull her out and put her in another when we moved, we decided to homeschool that one year. It worked and because of all the issues we had with previous schools, we decided to stick with it.

by Bronze Member on Dec. 14, 2011 at 8:36 PM

Had we never moved I don't know if homeschooling would have even been on my radar. Other than a few typical problems our oldest had a great start in school and I was very active in the PTA and volunteered in the classroom on a weekly basis.

Then in 1997, at the beginning of 3rd grade, we moved into what I would eventually find out was a failing district. The first year was bumpy but I convinced myself that I was over reacting. By the end of that first year I knew something was wrong.  For the next 2 years the school tried to convince me that the problems we were seeing were either imaginary or our fault.  Our oldest was in the highest math level in 5th and 6th grade and didn't even have a basic understanding of fractions, percentages or decimals. He was in the 2nd highest reading level in 6th grade and wasn't allowed to check out books from the library over a 4.5 grade level and was being taught from an out dated 5th grade textbook. When confronted with the his lack of knowledge and falling test scores (he went from scoring in the 90th percentiles at his old school to dropping a good 5-10 points each year at the new elementary) the principal insisted that they were teaching what was needed and that the problem was with him. They insisted that he needed to be put on ADD meds. The pediatrician ruled out ADD and asked the school to test for learning disabilities (going on their position that the material was being taught and that he just couldn't comprehend it). The school insisted that they didn't test for LD until I pointed out that the mother of a classmate of DS's was a psychologist that did the testing for the school system. The principal then insisted that the school didn't have time to test every student so it was up to me to get him on meds first and then if meds didn't help they would have him tested. I was even told I needed to change pediatricians and that they could give me a number of a Dr that would call in the prescription without examining DS. I stormed out of the office. Now I wish I had accepted the number so that I could report the Dr. After that meeting I stared looking into the elementary school's record and found that over 70% of the students from that elementary school needed remedial or special education in middle school. It was pretty clear that the school was not teaching, and the students were suffering because of it. Also during this time the school system lost accreditation for a year and then was placed on probation for 2 years.


DD is 8 years younger, so she was not in school during this time. We enrolled her in a private preK the first year that we homeschooled DS. The original plan was to ask for a waiver to get DD in a different elementary school. We also planned to just homeschool DS for middle school to get him caught up.


DD's birthday is just a few days before the cutoff and she is small for her age. Due to this she was behind her classmates in fine and gross motor skills and had trouble keeping up in preK. The teacher felt that DD would be bored if she repeated preK since she was academically on track but knew that she did not have the skills to attend a full day public kindergarten. The teacher was the one to suggest we homeschool DD.


So we went into our 2nd yr of homeschooling determined to get both "caught up" and then enroll them in public school. As the 2nd yr progressed we found that homeschooling really fit our family. At the end of that year we decided to give it a go again for the 3rd year. By the end of the 3rd year we were hooked. I also found out that the department of Ed was telling prospective teachers that they wouldn't have to worry about teaching at the elementary school that DS attended. All they expected was that the students left alive every day since the majority of the students were African American or Hispanic. That right there sealed the deal for me and I vowed my children would never attend the local public schools.

by on Dec. 15, 2011 at 5:23 AM

When I started think about what i would so when I had kids I was in college and thought, why not. I can give reasons why I do but really i started I just think why not? lol

by on Dec. 15, 2011 at 8:25 AM

My DH was home-schooled. We felt we could give our kids a better and more rounded education working at their own pace, still allowing them the time to be kids and explore the world around them. We could extend their childhoods because they wouldn't be forced to grow up so fast by their teachers and classmates.

I babysit, before & after school and seeing these kids, it just reinforces that we are def doing the right thing for our kids. I would hate for them to be in that environment during the day. The thought makes me so sad.

**They've never been in public school. We've home-schooled from day one.

by on Dec. 15, 2011 at 10:06 AM

I also knew we would homeschool or private school.  I also wanted to make sure they didn't have the educational gaps.  If you want something done right do it yourself.  Also they would be in a private school and most of what I made would go to their school bill anyways.

by on Dec. 15, 2011 at 10:17 AM
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First off let me say I love your pic alexsmomaubrys2.  We aren't religious either but it didn't actually have anything to do with our decision because at the time we were religious.  Our decision came because of my son.  He's a sponge for learning anything and while doing the normal prek learning stuff every parent probably does like teaching early language and simple math he just would soak it up and keep learning so that by the time he was prek age (1yr before K) I had to start adding stuff to keep up with him.  I got some K books and just kept going and started teaching him how to read.  When he was the age to start school I felt he would be bored so we started looking into homeschooling.  We couldn't find a school that would put him ahead.  I found a program that let me test him to find out his place and he tested as a first grader.  So he's a year ahead and now in second grade this year.  We still can't find a school that will put him ahead, at least until he takes a standardized test at the end of 3rd.  But with his personalility I'm not sure we do it anyway.  I worry being in school could ruin the person he is.  

My DD (just now 5) on the other hand doesn't learn as well and is in fact a challenge for me so I've thought about putting her in school.  Our public schools aren't great here either so we looked into private school figuring we could handle paying for one.  We can't find a secular private school around here unless it costs a fortune, literally.  The cost around here is 18,000 a year.  So we are stuck.  I'll probably still homeschool her but it's going to take extra work.  We also have a 3rd who is 2 right now. 

This was never my plan but this has turned out to be what we need to do for our kids.  It's frustrating but I know it's best.

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