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How Do You Deal? (discussion)

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 Homeschooling seems to be a REALLY hot topic right now. In another group one mama said she was sending her child to PS because they would not learn from her, it would be a daily fight, etc. Basically that SHE was not the best possible educator for her kid.
Alright, I get that.. I know Gauge has a lot of days where he is simply anti-Mom, where anything I say or suggest, or want to do receives a response of "No. Cars." and he spends a good portion of his day doing his own thing and keeping to himself. Part of the reason we will be homeschooling is because I don't want anyone else's ideas forced on him. He's not interested in our project for the day, switch it up. Not interested in doing anything? There are 364 more days to try again. Now obviously when he's older, school-age, there will be things that he MUST accomplish. By that time I hope to have a better handle on  what his learning style is and how to best keep him interested This is where my question/discussion comes in.

What would be YOUR approach if your relationship with your child was not one where you could sit down work affectively with them, but you knew that a public school education was not the best that they could get? What if private school were not an option for your family?

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by on May. 26, 2011 at 7:13 PM
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by on May. 30, 2011 at 6:49 PM

 My kids have those days. I have those days. I do schooling on demand. When they want to learn we learn and I give a gentle nudge in that direction if they seem to become complacent. Usually I will wear their little bodies out with play and then we will sit down and watch something really boring but educational. When they start complaining about that I will suggest time4learning and they will do that.

by on May. 31, 2011 at 7:49 AM

 It sounds like he would benefit from a little bit of unschooling.  At least for now.  Let him follow the things and topics he really enjoys, with a little guided structure from you. 
  Or, if yiou aren't 100% comfortable with that, try asking him what he wants to do.  Make a list of activities for each subject, and let him pick one that sounds interesting or fun.  Let him "guide" his own education.
   That's the great thing about homeschool.  You can try different ways until you find a method that works for your family.  I'd say look uop personality types, and research his to find what may be the best HS method.  The other thing is work on your relationship.  It's another nice thing about being a HS family...relationships and family dynamics can be a part of the education!

by on May. 31, 2011 at 7:57 AM

In our area, there are some free montesorri schools and that would be my first choice if I was unable to homeschool.  I get that some moms FEEL they can't teach their kids but I also feel most of them don't realize how easy it really is.  I hope that even though they feel that way, they still help their kids with homework... I don't know how it is really different except that it is all day.  I do know that homeschooling is tough that is not what I am saying.  I just feel it is a challenge some moms are ready to accept and others are not.  I am working on gettin a good rythm down with my kids... my daughter can be tough and stubborn and refuse to answer and we take a break, talk about it, try again.  SHe is learning that some things, though we don't like them, are necessary to life so that is helping.

by on May. 31, 2011 at 12:22 PM

Well what about if your kids never listened to you about anything? Would you send them to an orphanage? To live in a gorup home? To live with someone else?

I mean no relationship is ever perfect. Not even our relationships with our precious children. And kids do push boundries and buck the system at some point as they try to navigate and find their place in this world. They would do it in PS or private school too.

Not every parent is cut out to homeschool. That's okay. But because your child won't listent o you isn't a good reason not to homeschool, it's a good reason to work on obedience witht eh child no matter where (s)he gets their educatio

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