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Homeschool kids and Public School Kids...

Do you ever find yourself worrying or feeling not so great about your homeschooling kids hanging out with kids that go to Public School?

So since my kids have been home and out of school they have changed soooo much mentally, emotionally, they are just such better, happier little guys.  With that said... I sometimes find myself worrying when they spend time with their public school kid friends.   Example.. when they started camp... I found myself worrying about them being made fun of, bullied, or just picking up bad habbits.  LOL  Maybe this sounds silly and I don't mean to sound mean as we all know it mostly goes back to parenting, etc... but I just find myself worrying about these things.  When you are a homeschoolers its just not something you deal with anymore.  Even when our homeschool co-op group gets together.. its a huge variety of ages and ALL the kids get along.. its really amazing!  We parents are always so amazed at the difference...  Am I alone here?

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by on Jun. 16, 2011 at 6:58 PM
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by on Jun. 20, 2011 at 1:18 AM

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You are not alone.  My kids always want to go to the free summer lunch program at the school, but I don't just want to send them out into that environment!  I don't mind them playing with the kids, I just want to be able to observe the interactions!  I know, over protective, but the bullying in that school is unreal.  My then 8 year old was having her pants pulled down on the playground everyday, and the "powers that be" would do nothing.  Even though her teacher stood up for her...she actually argued with both principal and the vice principal in front of me, which earned her a lot of points in my book, cause she's awesome, but the way that school is, I'm really surprised she still has a job.  My kids have only been homeschooling for a year and a half, but they have much better manners than most of the other children in our community.  

This is where I was going with the original post... I'm not about sheltering my kids by any means but I worry what happens when I'm not there to observe...... 

I agree completely.  I don't want to be the psycho homeschooling mom who is so protective her kids aren't allowed to have friends, but I know those kids.  Heck, I taught most of those kids, and while bullying wasn't allowed in MY classroom, there was plenty of it I wasn't catching in the hall and on the playground.  And we brought our kids home, largely because of the bullying.  So yes, it does worry me to just turn them loose in there.  I don't mind going to the park or the playground with them, just the abandoning them to the wolves thing is too much for me at this point.

You taught them? Don't you see the beauty in all kids then? Or you see your former students as just wolves and bullies? I know you don't...but can't we focus on the good kids?

We focus on the good kids that our kids meet WHEREVER, right? Kids have to learn to discern from people they don't want to be around or like, and ones they do. That's also a life skill, just like math.

My kid has wonderful, smart friends, and wonderful athletic friends, wonderful artistic friends....and some that are not so desirable, IMHO. One in particular. We had a talk. My son and I. We discussed this kid, why he was tough for me, etc. I told my child that I would NEVER dictate who his friends are, because I wouldn't want someone doing that to me, but I wouldn't have him ACTING like that kid. That if he started acting like that....then he'd have to wait to be friends again when he was old enough to handle it.

They are still best friends. My son talked this 12 year old into quitting SMOKING...staying involved in baseball, and now, due to my BUDDHIST child....this other one is involved in church....with his family. He's come a long way. Not that my kid was out to change him, my kid was simply out being his friend and speaking his mind. He influenced the other kid.

Now. If that family only let him hang with kids that knew god like they son wouldn't be allowed to be his friend. And if I thought "OMG, he's a bad one" kid would never have had the chance to find the confidence to be himself in the face of diversity.

There are positives everywhere....look for them. The people that are so afraid, or judgmental, well, it makes me sad.

by on Jun. 20, 2011 at 6:29 AM

I think, homeschooling or public schooling, Christian or not, as parents it is our responsibility to be the biggest influence in our children's lives. Part of that is monitoring who they spend time with.

As a Christian mom, I teach my son to value people as people, and to chose his friends based on their personalities, not what church they go to, or what school, or what they wear.

I don't want my son, or myself, judged by those things, or anything else. So why would I teach him to do that? That's one reason I pulled him out of school, so that he could better learn to make friends based on personality than some of the stuff he was befriending people for.

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